10+ Blogging Tips in Hindi 2022

Blogging Tips In Hindi: Everyone Blogging to earn money sitting at home Wants to join the field. new blogger google But let’s search how to become successful in blogging.

so we you best blogging tips and tricks Will tell so that you can get inspiration to work your blog in the right direction and make a career in blogging, then let’s start successful blogging tips Hindi.

Successful Blogging Tips In Hindi

if you a successful blogger If you want to become, then you have to work hard and move forward in difficult situations in the blogging field. Many new bloggers think that blogging is very easy but it is not so.

In the initial days, many problems have to be faced in blogging, after that adsense approval There is a lot of difficulty in taking it.

25 Blogging Tips in Hindi 2021: Important Tips & Tricks for New Blogger

then to blogger seo Many errors related to it have to be faced. Apart from this, there is very little earning from low traffic. blogger When does one leave blogging in time from one year. That’s why whenever you adopt blogging in your life, then definitely keep patience and pessions.

If you do blogging properly then you too after 1 year Pro Blogger Can be made.

we have here you blogging tips and tricks Tell me you follow them blogging In success May be

#1 Choose the Right Blogging Platform

Many new bloggers to make their blog Blogger use the platform, but if you blogging you have to earn money from blogging for WordPress should go with and Spend money in Blog do your self host WordPress But have to start.

In WordPress you get a lot themes More plugins will be available which will make your blog a professional blog Will help you make. Apart from this, google will also give you a lot of attention in its search engine.

#2 Connect Blog to Google Search Console

Adding the block to google search console will allow you to Rank the blog in google Will help to do. Also, it is a Google developed tool which checks your blog and tells what errors are coming in your blog like – crawl error, ranking keyword and search position etc.

#3 Must submit Sitemap

To index your block in google you have to yoast seo plugin With the help of your blog in search console URL /sitemap_index.xml Must submit using.

Publish Quality Content on #4 Blog

If you want to bring your blog post to the first page of google, then you have to pay attention to your content. By writing the post correctly On Page – Off Page SEO If you do, it will also help you to rank easily in google.

Apart from this, good quality content of your domain Domain Authority And will also help in increasing Page Authority.

Whenever you write a post, do check that your permalink is not default. To change the permalink structure, you have to select the post name url by going to the permalink option in the setting in WordPress.

After writing the post, you have to put the main keyword of the post in the permalink and keep it short.

#6 Choosing the Right Blog Theme

you if new blog If you are making it, then you have to be very careful about its design.
If the theme of your blog is good and light weight, AMP and Responsive, then you are going to get a lot of benefit from it.

#7 Must increase the loading speed of the blog

Keep in mind that your blog its loading speed on wordpress is correct Are. Because Google always brings the same website on the first page which is opening very fast.

In the last post we wordpress blog loading speed How to increase it has been explained in detail.

#8 Must use CDN

If you want to increase the performance of your blog cdn i.e Content Delivery Network have to use. CDN keeps the Cache of your blog on its server and helps the content reach the user from the nearest server.

#9 Keep the blog updated

Blogging Tips This point is very important in this, if you will update your blog daily means publish post on it, then you will get a lot of benefit from it and Google will increase the impression of your content.

#10 Choose the right hosting

blogging many in Blogger They make this mistake that they are not able to choose the right hosting due to low cost or due to wrong information. If you want to be successful in blogging, then you should take the right, fast, cheap and trusted hosting.

in our opinion you A2 Hosting Hi Leven, it is very fast, we are using it only as a server for our blog. we on our blog Cloudways use hosting.

In addition to the below Blogging Tips follow also

  • Choose Top Level Domain Do not always take the domain similar to anyone because if you want to create your own new brand then do not copy others.
  • Write the paragraph of the post in short and simple language. It will be good for the user’s expiry.
  • Make sure to put the share button at the end of the post so that users can share your post with others.
  • In WordPress website, you should use only necessary plugins, unnecessary plugins will reduce the loading speed of your website.
  • Make the blog mobile friendly, for this you can choose a mobile friendly theme.
  • You can use pixabay website to use free stock image. On which you get non copyright photo and image.
  • You must install SSL certificate in blogging website, for this you cloudflare free ssl can also be used.

Conclusion – Blogging Tips in Hindi

In this way you can be successful in your blogging career. You will like this post of ours. Blogging Tips hindi Must have liked it. Do not forget to share Blogging Tips In Hindi with your friends. If you have any question regarding successful blogging tips, you can ask us in the comment box below.

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