150+ Interview Questions

101. What can be the best way to increase your website traffic?

Answer – If you are presented with this or a similar question, list below methods such as making the user experience more engaging, performing on-page and off-page SEO, targeting long-tail keywords Targeting, building referral traffic, etc.

102. Describe five elements of camping marketing.

Answer- To this question, you can mention the features due to which a marketing campaign performs well such as compelling call to action message, value proposition, delivery method, targeting, follow-up, etc.

103. What according to you are the limitations of online marketing?

Answer- Amongst all the marketing interview questions for freshers, this one is the toughest. As per your knowledge and current trends, you can also list the possible limitations- It takes time to generate results, Online marketing requires more investment of money, It takes time to develop audience trust, Cyber ​​attacks And so on is likely.

104.Are you familiar with some PPC tools?

Answer- PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click and some of its popular tools are-

Campaign Watch, Search Monitor, Ahrefs, SEMrush, iSpense, Similar, Word Tracker, etc.

105. What would be your approach to increase the organization’s content reach?

Ans- For this question, you can always explain the methods using which you will be targeting more audience. Some common ways to do this are email broadcasting, influencer marketing, social media promotion, backlink strategy, forum and question answer posting.

106. According to you what is word of mouth? And how do you maximize word of mouth marketing if necessary?

Answer-Whether large scale or small scale business, it is necessary to adapt the strategies of word of mouth marketing which helps them to reach maximum audience. Researching customer preferences, providing excellent customer services, seeking feedback and referrals, providing links to social media, etc. are some of the methods leading to word of mouth marketing.

107.What type of publications and blogs do you like to follow?

By asking this question, the interviewer is interested in knowing about your preferences so that they can understand your knowledge and preferences in the field of marketing.

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