25 Blogging Tips in Hindi 2022

successful Blogging Tips in Hindi: mostly new Blogger Understand that there is a trick to get success in blogging and no one shares that trick.

If you also believe the same, then this article is for you only, through this article I will tell you 25+ Blogging Tips for Blogger I am going to tell about, with the help of which you can get success in Blogging.

Well if you Learning Blogging from scratch If you want, then all these tips will prove to be very beneficial for you. By following all these tips, you can learn Blogging from Beginner to Advance Level. Let’s know what is Blogging Tips Which is necessary for every blogger ,

Successful Blogging Tips in Hindi

Let us now know what are those 25 tips which can give you success in the field of blogging.

25 Blogging Tips in Hindi 2021: Important Tips & Tricks for New Blogger

1 – Choosing the right Niche

Most of the new bloggers leave the topic of their choice and choose such topics in which a blogger is earning, so in such a situation they are neither a Quality Articles They are not able to write nor remain consistent in Blogging and leave Blogging quickly.

The first tip to get success in blogging is to choose a Niche about which you have good knowledge and you can write Quality Articles on that Niche.

2 – Buy Unique Domain Name

Domain Name Should always be unique. Buy a domain name that can easily get on people’s lips. If the word related to your Niche is in your domain, then it will be a Plus Point for you.

3 – Create Blog on WordPress

Two best for blogging Popular Platform Blogger And there are WordPress. If you are serious about blogging then make your blog on WordPress only.

Whoever you follow to learn blogging, they would also advise you to make a blog on WordPress. Because many plugins and themes are available to customize your blog in WordPress. So WordPress is Best for Blogging,

If Blogger vs WordPress Compared to Blogger, you do not get any Extra Feature for Advance Customize of Blog. That’s why always choose WordPress to get success in blogging.

3 – Choose the right hosting

New bloggers mostly run after cheap hosting which is not right at all. You buy a cheap hosting, but after that you have to face a lot of problems and your blog is not able to grow.

Whenever one goes to buy hosting Buy best hosting only, If you want to get the best hosting then Cloudways Hosting is the best.

If you want to buy Shared Hosting then Hostinger either Bluehost Hosting You can buy these three hosting, the speed of your website will remain correct.

4 – Use Light Weight Theme

Website Speed ​​is very important in today’s time to get traffic. Therefore, to keep the loading time of your website correct, you should use a Lightweight Theme only.

Generatepress is a very Lightweight Theme, using it in your blog will increase the speed of your website. We also in our blog generate press Used this is a Best WordPress Theme. And most bloggers also use Generatepress.

5 – Choose the Best Plugin for your Blog

Choose the best Plugin for whatever type of blog you are about to create. If you want to create a Simple and Attractive Blog, then you can follow the steps mentioned by us. 18 Best WordPress Plugins can be used.

All these 18 plugins of your website seoWill boost the speed and your blog will also look attractive and at the same time will secure your blog.

6 – Create Logo for Blog

Logo is an important factor to make any business or blog popular. If you also want your blog to become a brand, then make an attractive logo for your blog.

And the logo should be such that its picture should be made in the mind of your readers.

7 – Create Account in Social Media Platform

You all must know the power of social media. If anything becomes viral in social media, then it becomes popular very quickly.

That’s why after creating a blog, make sure to create an account in the name of your blog in different social media platforms. With this you will get the advantage that in less time more people will be able to know about your blog.

8 – Submit Domain to Google Search Console

Whenever we make a blog, we search engines Have to tell that we also have a blog. So to tell Search Engine about your blog, we google search console I have to add my domain so that Google can show our blog in Search Engine Result Page.

9 – Submit Sitemap to Google Search Console

After adding the domain, its Sitemap has to be submitted so that the Webpages of our blog can be crawled properly.

10 – Create Robot.txt File

Robot.txt File is the one with the help of which you instruct Search Engine Bots that which of our pages to crawl and which not.

Whenever Search Engine’s Bots come to Crawl our website, they first find Robot.txt File and then do Crawling accordingly. Therefore, to stop the crawling of unnecessary pages of your blog, create a Robot.txt file.

11 – Create important pages for Blog

Our Create important pages for Blog, Like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer. All these pages are mandatory for a blog.

12 – Do Keyword Research

Well before writing the first post in your blog Do Keyword Research, Because without Keyword Research Good Traffic on Blog Can’t come. And hardly ever grow your blog.

That’s why Proper Keyword Research is very important before writing an article.

13 – Write the first Blog Post

After processing all this Write first blog post, You have made your blog post User Friendly and Have to write SEO Friendly, Due to which there will be good growth of your blog.

While writing the first blog post, some things have to be kept in mind. If you do not know how to write Blog Post then read this article of ours – How to write first blog post,

14 – Use Media

You must also use media in your post. Use Image according to your post. Please attach at least one image.

if you Video in You Tube If you make then add the video to your post as well.

15 – Do On Page SEO

Our Blog’s On Page SEO Doing it right is the best way to get Organic Traffic on Blog. You can follow some tips to do On-Page SEO better.

  • Optimizing Keyword properly. Write your Focus Keyword maximum 0.5 times in the entire article.
  • Making the title Catchy.
  • Using Keyword in Meta Description.
  • Making Permalink SEO Friendly.
  • Use of Alt Text in Image.

You can keep these things in mind while doing On-Page SEO.

16 – Write Quality Content

Always publish quality content in your blog, a quality content is one that contains complete information and readers get some knowledge by reading that content.

If people get to learn from your content, then the popularity of your blog will also increase and the one who reads your blog will become your regular reader.

in off-page SEO High Quality Backlink It is a very big factor, so from time to time keep making backlinks for your blog, it will give you a lot of benefit in ranking.

Backlink Never create from Spam Website. Always make backlink from such a website which Domain Authority And Page Authority should be correct and Spam Score should be very less.

18 – Share your post in Social Media

Social Sharing also comes under Off Page SEO. We should keep sharing our post on social media as well. The biggest advantage of sharing your posts on Social Media is that we get Instant Traffic.

19 – Increasing the speed of the website

Website speed is an important ranking factor. In today’s time, if the speed of your blog is not good, then you may have to face loss in Search Engine Ranking.

There are many such plugins available in WordPress, using which you can boost the speed of your website. Some of which are mentioned below. ,

  • Use Cache Plugin.
  • short pixel Use for Image Compress.
  • Use WP Lazy Load Plugin.
  • Use CDN.

By using all these you can Website speed can be increased.

Sometimes such links are created in our blog, in which 404 error comes. It is very important to fix such a link. Broken Link puts Negative Effect in our SEO.

21 – Doing SEO Audit

We should do SEO audit of our website once a week. If we have errors in Google Search Console in SEO Audit, then fix them. If there is any Spam Link in our website, then remove it.

22 – Analyze

We should also analyze one day in a week how much our blog is growing. Who are our competitors? How much traffic is coming on which Keyword?

Analyzing all these is very important in today’s time, until we do not know properly who are our competitors, till then we cannot get success.

23 – Build Authority of Blog

If you proceed by following all the things mentioned above, then after 5-6 months your blog will grow a lot. And your Domain Authority and Page Authority will also increase. And good traffic will also come in your blog.

24 – Monetizing Blog

After 6 months you have to think about monetizing your blog. You Google AdSense either affiliate You can monetize your blog through.

If you follow all the things mentioned above then you will get Approval of Google AdSense will definitely be available, And if you do Affiliate Marketing, then your link will also start selling.

25 – Earning from Blog

Now you will start earning from your blog. And in this way you will also get success in blogging.

if you want to know How much money can be earned from Blog So you can read this article of ours –

Some More Important Blogging Tips

These are some other tips which if you follow then you will definitely get success in blogging.

1 – Keeping Patience

Success in Blogging It is very important to have patience to get it. Blogging is not a scam in which work today and money will start coming tomorrow.

It may take you about 1 to 2 years to earn money in blogging, but you will have to continue working with patience.

2 – Do not make Multi Niche Blog

Always keep the blog in Single Niche. It will take you a lot of time to get your website ranked with Multi Niche Blog. Because even Google does not understand what type of topics are written on this blog. There are many advantages of creating the same Single Niche Blog such as –

  • You become a specialist in any one subject.
  • Your ranking improves.
  • The authority of your blog builds quickly.
  • Search Engines start trusting you.

3 – Keeping updating the blog

Keep updating your blog regularly. Always write some new post. When you do not have time to write, then keep updating your old post. This will benefit you a lot in future.

4 – Read yourself before publishing the post

Before publishing your post, read yourself once that there is no mistake left in it. Or there has been a spelling mistake. Or any difficult word has been used.

Publish the post only after seeing all these things. So that you do not need to edit that post again and again.

Conclusion – Successful Blogging Tips in Hindi

So friends, through this article we have given youSuccessful Blogging Tips In Hindi) 25+ Blogging Tips for Blogger Told about whom you can start earning money from your blog by following in your blogging career. You just have to keep working hard, you will definitely get success.

I hope you like this article written by us Blogging Tips in Hindi: Important Tips & Tricks for New Blogger You must have liked it and you must have got to learn valuable things in this article. Do share this article with your blogger friends so that they too Tips to get success in blogging To know

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