270+ Best Hindi ASL Topics for All Classes

The full form of ASL is Assessment of Listening and Speaking and Hindi ASL Topics, Hindi Speech Topics is a subject introduced in CBSE schools. It has been added to the syllabus of Class IX and Class XI grades. Hindi ASL Topics (Hindi Speech Topics) assesses the listening, speaking and communication skills of the student in Hindi. Read this blog completely to know about Hindi ASL Topics in detail.

What is ASL Topic?

ASL topics are spoken topics in Hindi, which assess the student’s listening, speaking and communicating. It is in a way the form of an essay, which can be discussed. These have been included in the compulsory subject for CBSE Class IX and Class XI.

270+ Hindi ASL Topics

Hindi ASL Topics also helps in assessing the critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills of the student through various questions. The list of important and rational 270+ Hindi ASL Topics is given below-

relating to national and national leaders

  1. India of my dreams
  2. Duties of students towards the nation
  3. Patriotism
  4. need for national integration
  5. India peace loving country
  6. country of villages india
  7. Urban Life
  8. Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi
  9. My India is great
  10. National unity
  11. Our country India and our duty towards it
  12. Sarojini Naidu
  13. Pandit jawaharlal nehru
  14. Lal Bahadur Shastri
  15. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  16. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
  17. Indira Gandhi
  18. National language hindi
  19. patriotism
  20. Indian Culture Unity in Diversity
  21. PM Narendra Modi
  22. Indian farmer
  23. my dear india
  24. Place of women in Indian society
  25. village to city migration
  26. history of India
  27. Make in India
  28. Digital India
  29. Indian National Movement
  30. salt movement

related to student life

  1. student and discipline
  2. Ideal Student
  3. aim of education
  4. Decreasing human values ​​in students
  5. students and mobile phones
  6. qualities of a good student
  7. first day at school
  8. benefits of continuous exercise
  9. Suzanne was in the rut of doing practice.
  10. coeducation
  11. ideal of my life
  12. Role of teacher in upliftment of moral values
  13. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan a necessity
  14. education is priceless gem
  15. good use of time

environmental progress and problems related

  1. six seasons of india
  2. Global warming
  3. Forest and Environment
  4. outbreak of progress
  5. drinking is a fatal addiction
  6. growing industries shrinking forests
  7. we will stay forest
  8. growing population is a problem
  9. terrorism a canker
  10. Dowry system a curse
  11. World of plastic
  12. drought problem in india
  13. Spring season
  14. summer season
  15. Rainy Season
  16. importance of forests
  17. Corruption problem and solution
  18. unemployment problem
  19. inflation problem
  20. earthquake a natural disaster
  21. Reservation problem and solution
  22. pollution problem
  23. black money problem and solution
  24. science boon or curse
  25. pollution means natural imbalance
  26. Forest Festival


  1. autobiography of the bird
  2. autobiography of beggar
  3. autobiography of a soldier
  4. autobiography of rupees
  5. autobiography of a prisoner
  6. Autobiography of river
  7. autobiography of book

Entertainment & Sports Related

  1. importance of sports
  2. exercise and health
  3. my favorite sport hockey
  4. my favorite sport cricket
  5. my favorite sport football
  6. Advantages and disadvantages of cinema
  7. modern means of entertainment
  8. The impact of cinema on the younger generation
  9. importance of sports in life
  10. benefits of exercise
  11. eye saw match
  12. PV Sindhu my favorite player
  13. badminton player saina nehwal
  14. a colorful cultural program
  15. The thrill of cricket rising t20 match
  16. modern means of entertainment
  17. my favorite player sachin tendulkar

Scenery & Travel/Tourism Related

  1. my unforgettable journey
  2. Delhi Sightseeing
  3. eye view of a match
  4. description of a fair
  5. when i came first in the exam
  6. when i lost the race
  7. platform view
  8. view of examination hall
  9. visit museums
  10. when i went on a picnic
  11. my first train journey
  12. let’s go to the mountains
  13. moon night
  14. boating in moonlit night
  15. view of polling station

related to festivals

  1. festival of colors holi
  2. light festival diwali
  3. Rakshabandhan, the festival of brother and sister love
  4. vijayadashmi
  5. eid ul fitr
  6. Christmas
  7. onam
  8. Pongal
  9. independence day
  10. Republic day
  11. Festivals are carriers of our culture
  12. let’s celebrate eid together
  13. national festival of india
  14. India the country of festivals

relating to folklore or miscellaneous subjects

  1. Bad to see what I went to bad, no millia koi
  2. The defeat of the mind, the victory of the heart
  3. Courage where there is accomplishment
  4. effort and luck
  5. Like the company, sit like the fruit day
  6. prohibition of alcohol
  7. Where Sumati Tahan Property Nana
  8. Promising Birwan’s hot smooth leaves
  9. Bahujan good, Bahujan happiness
  10. People with half knowledge speak more.
  11. calamity test
  12. Parhit Saris Dharma Nahi Bhai
  13. called god lazy
  14. It’s easier to preach than really act
  15. be male don’t disappoint the mind
  16. spread your feet long distance solar
  17. Dependent dreams are not happiness
  18. Movies

literary and interest

  1. My favorite poet Maithilisharan Gupta
  2. Literature is the mirror of society
  3. Characteristics of Hindi Literature
  4. Hindi literature a boon
  5. Role of writers in Hindi literature
  6. writer of hindi literature
  7. poets of hindi literature
  8. Saint Kabir Das
  9. great poet surdas
  10. Goswami Tulsidas
  11. My favorite author Suryakant Tripathi Nirala
  12. Harivanshrai Bachchan
  13. Compositions of Mahakavi Jaishankar Prasad

Other Hindi ASL Topics

  1. Gupta Empire
  2. study in canada
  3. hindi poetry gulzar sahab
  4. Bonafide Certificate: Application Process and Documents
  5. Best IIITs in India
  6. How to prepare for the exam?
  7. how to become a singer
  8. how to become a fashion designer
  9. gk in hindi
  10. Syllabus vs Curriculum
  11. Rowlatt Act
  12. Life Story of Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi
  13. diploma course
  14. History of Emperor Ashoka
  15. Library Science Colleges in India
  16. motivational quotes in hindi
  17. Motivational Poem in Hindi
  18. Introduction to Maurya Empire
  19. CBSE vs State Board
  20. forensic science after 12th
  21. How to become IAS?
  22. Success Story of Star Chef Vikas Khanna!
  23. Ranjeet Ramachandran’s struggle story
  24. How to become a scientist?
  25. principles of child development
  26. revolution of 1857
  27. Lord Buddha
  28. BA Sanskrit
  29. BA Hindi Information
  30. MBBS in Italy
  31. JEE Mains
  32. engineering entrance exam of 2021
  33. best aerospace engineering colleges in india
  34. Bill Gates success story
  35. How to become an interior designer?
  36. What is SSC?
  37. how to become a government teacher
  38. Shahrukh Khan Biography
  39. speech on women empowerment
  40. importance of value education
  41. what is yoga?
  42. Precious Habits of Successful People
  43. How to become a motivational speaker?
  44. Personality Development Tips
  45. how to become a singer
  46. popular poets of india
  47. educational quotes in hindi
  48. consumer Rights about
  49. How to become an air hostess?
  50. How to learn to speak English?
  51. how to become a doctor
  52. How to become a Risk Manager?
  53. rivers of india
  54. Know the world’s oldest language
  55. UP Board Exam 2021
  56. Right to Education
  57. Advantages of the board
  58. MA Hindi
  59. political science books
  60. motivational book
  61. exam quotes in hindi
  62. essay on importance of water
  63. Priyamvada Birla Scholarship
  64. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is an example of courage and bravery
  65. self introduction in hindi
  66. What is Article?
  67. How to do MBBS in Australia?
  68. great indian freedom fighter
  69. How to become a Risk Manager?
  70. Fear of exams
  71. COVID-19
  72. lockdown
  73. computer
  74. our school
  75. our dear teacher
  76. Life is the name of struggle
  77. physical education
  78. Friendship
  79. Television
  80. globalization
  81. india golden bird
  82. wonders of science
  83. Internet
  84. Cleanliness campaign
  85. save girl child
  86. Why is it important to study chemistry?
  87. my dear grandpa
  88. My favorite actor: Salman Khan
  89. healthy lifestyle
  90. Green India Clean India
  91. Action speaks louder than words
  92. practice makes man perfect
  93. importance of adult education
  94. failure is the stepping stone to success
  95. Positive thinking
  96. enjoy reading
  97. importance of rain
  98. my favorite tv show
  99. effect of privatization
  100. labor development
  101. Child labour
  102. money can’t buy happiness
  103. child abuse
  104. beauty in simplicity
  105. safety precautions at home
  106. Developing India
  107. benefits of travel
  108. Pet
  109. The pen is mightier than the sword
  110. importance of newspaper
  111. gentleman
  112. problem of overpopulation
  113. Krishna Deewani Meera
  114. Hindu pilgrimage sites
  115. Multimedia resources as learning resources
  116. right or wrong to take commerce career
  117. positive thinking is a kind of power
  118. non corporation movement
  119. Swami Vivekananda
  120. how to become a police,
  121. A great cricketer Rohit Sharma
  122. Ashok Ramachandran
  123. Arjun Tendulkar: Success Story
  124. English singer Ed Sheeran

motivational speech topic

  • speech about dreams
  • speech about life
  • timely speech
  • speech on discipline
  • speech on happiness
  • speech on kindness
  • speech on the value of time
  • speech on health and fitness

How do you start a subject in ASL?

  • Your introduction is the most important, so it should be impressive.
  • Gotta get everyone’s attention.
  • Add data.
  • Content should be simple and authentic.
  • Practice continuously.
  • Write down the factors you want to say about your topic.
  • Practice speaking consistently.

How to choose a subject for your ASL?

There are a few things you should keep in mind to choose the right ASL subject, which are mentioned below-

  • Phase 1: Identify the purpose behind the event you want to speak for.
  • Phase 2: Keep your target audience in mind.
  • step 3: Think about your personal interests, knowledge, and experiences.
  • step 4: Keep in mind the current events happening in the country and abroad.
  • Step 5: Consider all possible topics.
  • Step 6: Make a short list of possible topics.
  • Step 7: Make a decision and commit to it.

Things to do while writing Hindi ASL Topics

Precautions while writing on Hindi ASL Topics are given below-

  • Don’t write unnecessary things.
  • Provide facts to support your argument.
  • Don’t repeat the same thing over and over again.
  • Avoid making grammatical mistakes.
  • Use phrasal verbs and idioms in the proper place.
  • Don’t use harsh words or words.
  • Keep in mind the predetermined word limit.


Which is the best subject for ASL?

Here are the major ASL topics you can prepare for:
1. India of my dreams
2. Indian Tourism
3. India: The Land Of Great Personalities
4. Poverty in India
5. The Changing Face of India
6. Piracy Problem in India
7. Film Censorship in India

What is ASL in CBSE Class 11?

ASL stands for Assessment for Speaking and Listening. It is a subject which is compulsory for all those who study in CBSE board school or which is affiliated to it.

What is the full form of ASL?

The full form of ASL is Assessment of Listening and Speaking.

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