Announcement of 5 new benefits in Canada for Indian students

Canada has announced special benefits to the students who choose Canada for their foreign education. Increasing student strength and removing restrictions on working horses are one of the changes introduced by Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Canada is considered one of the best places for international students. The reason for this is mainly considered to be the affordability, work and the opportunity of permanent residency here. In 2021, 620,000 students went to study in Canada. Apart from this, it is also worth noting that about 450,000 new study permits were included in it, which is a very beneficial step towards the future growth of international students.

Let us know about 5 important benefits given to Indian students in Canada :-

  1. According to the report of CIC News, Canada has recognized that the number of study permit holders will increase from 2022-2023. This number is likely to go up to around 753,000 international students. Which means that students going to Canada for the purpose of studies will see the presence of more opportunities.
  2. With this Canada is planning to explore the expansion of SDS i.e. Student Direct Stream. With this move, the study permits of candidates who are coming from other countries to study in Canada will be converted into fast track study permits. This planning can prove to be very beneficial for the students coming in future. Due to which the process of their study permit will be faster and less problems will come to the fore.
  3. To manage labor shortages in Canada, Canada is also planning to promote the transition of international students to permanent residence.
  4. Canada’s Immigration Authority has promised to publish data monthly in backlogs to help international students track their applications.
  5. The most important thing in the list of these benefits is that you are now able to work up to 20 hours off-campus in a week. But keep in mind that you can continue this job only on temporary majors. Foreign nationals can also enjoy this benefit if they have submitted their study permit application.

The good news is that these benefits add up to the countless benefits of studying in Canada. This step taken by Canada will prove to be very beneficial for both international and national students. To use all these benefits properly, it will also be necessary to pay attention to the guidelines given by your university.

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