Australia limited the working arms of international students

Australia has reinstated the limit on the working hours of international students. Australia lifted the restrictions last year in view of the growing shortage of skills.

However, this is a welcome move for the industry and business. This is because it will give thousands of international students a balance between their studies and work. Last year’s policy change left many in the international education fraternity deeply concerned.

Stakeholders feared that this limit could seriously compromise students’ studies and result in lower academic performance. Doing so may affect the quality of education in Australia’s universities.

The Pie reported earlier this year that re-limiting working hours for international students could have serious long-term implications for the higher education sector in Australia. Many stakeholders still feel that this will distract the students from studies.

To address some of these concerns, the Australian government has announced its decision to hold back limits regarding maximum hours that international students are allowed to work.

The Australian government said in a statement that “from July 2023, the number of working hours for international students will be again limited. The number of hours will be revised with a view to find the right balance between work and study.

Until recently, international students in Australia could work more than 40 hours in a fortnight.

Australia’s Education Minister Jason Clare said in the past that currently, only 16% of international students remain in Australia after the end of their studies.

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