Benefits of government and private jobs

Nowadays, many thoughts come in the mind of the students from job to job. They do not understand which one is better between Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs. The main reason for this is the old-fashioned thinking of the people of India. They feel that life becomes comfortable if they get a government job. This blog has been told about Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs. From which you can decide that why computer is being used more in the present time, which of the two jobs is good.

government job

Nowadays all the students government job Let’s prepare for. Because of this the competition has increased a lot. Many people think that getting a government job is easy, but it is very difficult. The exams taken by the government are very difficult, for that one has to work hard and hard. In earlier times government jobs were available but now the times have changed. For the last few years, the work load of the employee working in the government job has started feeling a bit more.

private job

Private job is a job in which we have to work under the boss. This is the job in which no payment of any kind is made by the government. Or there is such a company inside which work is done without government. The employee who works is paid by the company or the founder. This type of job is called private job as well as temporary job.

benefits of government job

The advantages of a government job are given below-

8 hour job

The biggest advantage of a government job is that you have to work for 8 hours. After getting 8 hours you can do anything in free time. You can read books, do your favorite things. If you look at the private job in front of this, then you have to work for 10-12 hours inside it.

Free health care will be available

A person doing a government job gets free medical facilities. Along with the person, his family members also get this facility. Government employees working in healthcare are also given a house to live in the city. Government takes care of personal life very much.

  • dearness allowance
  • travel allowance
  • house rent allowance

Similar facilities are available. The government takes care of all these things till the last breath of the life of an employee doing a government job.


A person working in a government job has more leave than a person working in a private job. India is such a country in which there is a festival once in every two months. Along with this, summer vacation is also available and winter vacation is also available. An employee doing a government job gets leave for more than 3 months in a year.

  • 16 days national holiday
  • saturday-sunday
  • vacation

pension scheme

The biggest advantage of doing a government job is that he serves the whole life together with the government and in return gives them pension. The biggest advantage is that the employee gets pension, but even after his death, his wife and children also continue to get pension. But there is no such scheme in private jobs.

respect in society increases

Government job is such a job which automatically increases respect in the society. The one who has car, bungalow, money, property, then who will not respect him, you tell me. Money is a distant thing, but a government job is enough to rule the hearts of people. On hearing the name of a government job, one gets a different kind of impression in the eyes of the people.

Lifetime Job Security

The biggest advantage of a government job is that this job is for lifetime. Within which the government employee has to work for 58 years. The government has made a different rule, but it is best that the lifetime income continues.

family benefit

You must have heard that if one person does a government job in the house, then the whole family is happy. There is a department inside many such government jobs which gives convenience to the family-

  • The government also bears the expenses for the education of the children.
  • Loan is also available easily
  • Medical department does not even cost
  • There are many similar benefits

less work pressure

This is the biggest advantage in a government job that there is very less work pressure here. Here it is not necessary to complete the work today itself. There is no deadline of any kind here.

Wage Hike and Positions Policy Promotion and Salary Increment

Salary increment and promotion within a government job is fixed for a time. No extra work is required for salary increment. As soon as the time is over, you get promotion and salary increment.

Benefits of private job

The advantages of private jobs are mentioned below-

better facilities

Nowadays many big private companies provide better facilities to the employees. This facility is not available to the employee doing government job. The following facilities are given to the employee doing a private job to stay in the private sector-

  • flat
  • Vehicle
  • eating facilities


The biggest advantage of doing a private job is that you can change your job according to your salary. On the strength of your ability, you can move forward a lot in life.

working abroad

Private job also has a big advantage that you can do job even after going abroad. But inside the government job, you have to do the job within your city, you cannot go outside.


It is also a great advantage of a private job that after gaining his experience, one day he can start his own company.

Private job employee also has this benefit

It happens that he always gets to learn new things. Which he finds very interesting. It has been said that great men, the more you keep learning in your life, the more you will keep moving forward. That’s why every human being should learn something everyday in his life.

Source: Mahatmaji technical

disadvantages of government job

The following has been done about the loss of government jobs-

limited salary

In a government job, although every salary keeps on increasing, but there is a limit to it. Employees working in government jobs can become very rich. Within this, the income keeps on increasing according to the salary time. There is a disadvantage in a government job that one has to do the same work every day, due to this life starts getting boring and the interest in work decreases.

work within the country

There is also a disadvantage in government jobs that most of the postings are available within the country. You have to work in one place all your life, sometimes the posting changes in the state but you never get outside the country.

there is no competition

There is no competition of any kind in government jobs. We don’t get to do anything new. Government jobs do not give us a chance to learn anything new.

Disadvantages of Private Job


Inside a private job, there is a boss or a senior officer over you. In this you have to work under him, he always monitors your work. They keep interfering in all your work, due to which you also have mental problems.

more time

There is also a disadvantage inside a private job that sometimes you have to work extra time. You can get a call from your boss anytime. You always have to pick up their phone.

no secure job

Our job is not secure inside a private job. If we don’t do our work well, our boss can even throw us out of the company. Sometimes it also happens that if the employee working below us starts doing good work, then he can also get the post above us.

Competition in government and private jobs

There is a lot of competition in private jobs. Because of this, it takes a long time to get a promotion. Only the person who has self-confidence can work inside it.

salary in government job

Salaries in government jobs are given below-

salary of civil service officer

His estimated salary is as follows-

  • Basic Pay – INR 90,000
  • DA – INR 96,300
  • HRA – INR 27,000
  • TA – INR 5,280
  • Total: INR 2,18,580


Entry Level Scientist / Engineer ‘SC’

  • Basic Pay – INR 21,000
  • Dearness Allowance (DA) – INR 23,790
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) INR 6,300 (varies from 10% to 30% depending on the city you live in)
  • Traveling Allowance (TA) in Bangalore INR 3,200 (varies with city)
  • DA on TA – INR 3,616
  • Total- INR 57,906

Salary increment and promotion within the salary job are fixed for a time. There is no extra work to be done for salary increment. As soon as the time is over, you get promotion and salary increment.


There is a little less salary in the starting time inside the private job. But there are many big companies in which freshers also get good salary. The biggest advantage in private jobs is that as your experience increases, your salary keeps on increasing. You get salary according to your knowledge and experience.

Source: Mr Thin

Why government job is better than private job?

In Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs, it is often seen that people give more importance to government jobs than private jobs. Know why this happens-

  • no pressure to work
  • You are not at risk of being fired from the job at any time
  • have healthcare facilities
  • only 8 working hours left
  • get many holidays
  • Status increases in the society
  • pension after retirement

Why private job is better than government job?

You have many benefits in a private job, which are not available in a government job. Which we will know in Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs-

  • You get better and modern facilities
  • Promotion is quick and it is according to your performance
  • every moment there is something new to learn
  • You get opportunities to travel abroad on behalf of your company


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What is government job?

Working in any organization or government and any organization is like doing a job. Jobs can be of many types. For example, there are government jobs, private jobs and semi-government jobs. This is a page of multiple choice words: ie a list of articles with the same title.

What is a private job called?

Private jobs are also called temporary jobs. Because in this the owner can fire you anytime or you can also leave the job anytime. There is more work in this than a government job.

Know, how to find private job (apply for private job):

Prepare a resume that includes the desired details for the job you are looking for.
Upload your resume by registering on the online job portal.
Search jobs on social media and send your resume here too.

how to get government job

You should always keep an eye on the online application website so that as soon as any government job vacancies come, you can fill the form on time by taking complete information about it. Apart from this, you should have complete information related to new practice paper and new country world.

What are the highest paying private jobs in India?

Marketing and Sales
digital marketing
software developer
Chartered accountant
Business Consultants

What is the difference between private and government?

There is a vast difference between government and private jobs. On the one hand where the government has control over government jobs. In the same private jobs, the founder of the company has control. There are many differences between these two types of jobs.

Hope you have liked the blog on Govt Jobs vs Private Jobs. to read similar blogs Leverage Edu But stay

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