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SEMrush Review in today’s time Blogging I have a lot of competition. So a successful blogger To become one you need to work very smart way.

If you do blogging without research, then there is very little chance that you will ever get success in blogging. Research is the most important thing in today’s blogging.

We should know about our competitor before starting a blog. It should be known that the keyword we are on writing articles How many people are searching that keyword. Our How is the SEO of the website,

If we do all this then one day we will definitely get success in blogging. In today’s article we will give you the best Best SEO Tool SEMrush Review are about to tell. By reading this article you will understand that SEMrush SEO Tool How much better for you.

SEMRUSH Review in Hindi 2021: Best SEO Tool with 7 Days Free Trial

SEMrush a such SEO Tool With the help of which we can optimize our website or blog content according to the search engine.

Through SEMrush Tool, we are used for Keyword Research as well as Backlink Check, Search Volume, SEO Audit, Ads research, Traffic Check etc.

SEMrush was started in the year 2008. Oleg Shchegolve And Dmitry Melnikov had done.

Features of SEMrush – SEMrush Feature in Hindi

The features of SEMrush are amazing. We will talk about all one by one in this article.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Research SEMrush is a very best tool to do this. Through SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool, we can find a Profitable Keyword for our content. Along with this, you can find out how much search volume is on which keyword, how much is its SEO difficulty, what is the CPC.

Like I did a random keyword search Mobile, You can see its full report in the image below. Along with this, you also get to see Keyword Variations, Questions related to this Keyword, Related Keyword.

Which you can write a great article by adding to your article and get your website ranked on that particular keyword.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Along with this, you can get a list of many keywords through Keyword Magic Tool. Through which you can easily start a Micro Niche Blog. Which will give you a lot of profit in the future.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

So you saw how easily we can find the topic for our article through SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

SEMrush updates its data on a daily basis to keep accurate information about Keyword’s Ranking, Position, Volume, CPC etc., which is a great advantage of using SEMrush.

SEMrush Competitive Research

By using this feature, you can completely analyze your competitor’s website, how it is performing. Through SEMrush Competitive Research, you can keep an eye on your competitor.

It can be seen that how much is the Monthly Traffic on his website, how much traffic is coming from which country. How many of its keywords are ranking.

This feature is most used by bloggers, they always keep an eye on their competitor in a SPY way. in the image below ‘s Performance.

SEMrush Competitive Research

To rank any website in Search Engine backlink There is an important factor. You can check your competitor’s backlink with the help of SEMrush and from the website from which they have taken backlink, you can also take backlink from there and get your website ranked on any keyword. The most important thing about SEMrush is that the data it shows is absolutely accurate.

SEMrush Backlink Checker Tool

With the help of SEMrush you can High Quality Backlink You can make it, with the help of which it will be easy for you to rank in the top position in the search engine. And Organic Traffic will start coming to your website.

SEMrush Rank Tracking and Position Tracking Tool

With the help of this tool of SEMrush, you can find out which of your keywords are ranking in which position in the search engine, on which keyword traffic is coming to your blog.

You can do all this type of tracking with the help of this feature of SEMrush. And also you can track Top Ranking Keyword Country Wise in Desktop and Mobile.

SEMrush Site Audit

We have to do SEO audit of our site from time to time. Because sometimes such SEO errors come in our website, due to which our ranking goes down. Therefore it is very important to fix such error.

You can do Full Site Audit in Premium Plan of SEMrush. And then by fixing all the issues and warnings you are getting, you can improve the SEO of your blog.

If the SEO of your blog is perfect then you should Website Rank in Google It will help a lot to get it done.

SEMrush Social Media

of SEMrush Social Media Poster Tool With the help of this, you can make the social connectivity of your blog easy. You can post anything in all social media platforms at the same time. And at the same time, you can keep all this information, on which date did you post on which social media platform.

Social Media Tracker Tool With the help of this you can see the performance of all the posts shared on your social media platform. Like how many Likes, Comments, Shares is there on a post, how many Impressions, Engagement the post has got. You can track the overall performance.

SEMrush Local SEO

This feature of SEMrush is very perfect for any business. If you want to sell a product in your area, then with the help of Local SEO Tool you can find out how many customers you can get in your area. Who is your competitor in your area, you can do all these types of analysis through Local SEO.

Apart from this, there are other features of SEMrush which are very beneficial for business. Like Lead Generation Tool, Marketing Calendar, Client Manager which will help a lot in taking your business forward.

SEMrush Plans and Price

There are three different plans of SEMrush.

SEMrush Plans and Price

SEMrush Pro Plan

This plan of SEMrush comes with 119 Dollars Per Month. Most bloggers buy this plan. If you are a blogger then this plan is best for you.

SEMrush Guru Plan

This plan of SEMrush comes with 229 Dollars Per Month. In this plan you get extra features. Like Content Marketing Platform, Historical Data etc.

SEMrush Business Plan

This plan of SEMrush comes with 449 Dollar Per Month. In this plan, you get all the features of Guru Plan and along with it you get some extra features like API access, Extend Limit and Sharing Option, etc.

Some features of all the plans of SEMrush are mentioned in the table below.

SEMrush Feature Pro Guru Business
Domain and Keyword Analytics , , ,
Result Per Report 10000 30000 50000
Report Per Day 3000 5000 10000
Keyword metric Update Per Month 250 1000 5000
Historical Data No Yes Yes
Product Listing Ads NO NO Yes
Projects , , ,
Projects 5 15 40
Keyword To Track ( Daily Update ) 500 1500 5000
Target Per Project 1 10 Unlimited
Mobile Ranking Yes Yes Yes
Share of Voice Metric No No Yes
Keyword Cannibalization Report No Yes Yes
Page to Crawl ( Per Month ) 100000 300000 1000000
Page to Crawl Per Project 20000 20000 100000
SEO Ideas Unite 500 800 2000
Page Per OTL Campaign 30 40 50
Social Profile For Mentoring 50 100 300
Social Profile For Sharing 10 30 50
Share with Edit Access Yes Yes Yes
Pricing , , ,
Pricing 119.95 $ P/M 229.95 $ P/M 449.95 $ P/M
SEMrush Plans and Price Table

You can take a free trial before buying any plan of SEMrush.

To take SEMrush Free Trail, you have to fill Credit Card and Debit Card Detail. If you do not like this tool then you can cancel Free Trail anytime within 7 days.

Incase, even if you forget to cancel, you can calm within 7 days for whatever money is deducted from your account and you get all your money back in the account.

How to Take the 7 Day Free Trail on SEMrush

Step 1 First of all, with the help of the link given below, you come to the website of SEMrush.

Step 2 Now click on the option of Start Your Free Trail here.

7 Day Free Trail on SEMrush

Step 3 – Now you have to create your account. Gmail ID Create an account from Password You can keep anything you want.

semrush – create your account

Step 4 – A Confirmation Code will come in the Gmail ID from which you have created the account. After filling it, you proceed.

Step 5 After this the option of plan will come in front of you. You can also choose its Pro Plan and also choose Guru Plan. After choosing any one plan, click on Get Free Trail.

choose your trial plan on semrush

Step 6 Now you have to fill the details of your Debit Card or Credit Card and then click on the option of Place the Order.

SEMrush 7 Day Free Trail

After doing all this process you will be able to get 7 Day Free Trail of SEMrush.

Now let’s know about some advantages and disadvantages of SEMrush. By the way, the disadvantages of SEMrush are not such that it should not be bought. Even if we ignore its loss, it will work.

SEMrush Pros (Advantages of SEMrush)

  • This is an All in SEO Tool. After buying this, you do not need to buy any other SEO tool.
  • With the help of this, you can easily identify your competitor.
  • We can find out those keywords in which the most organic traffic comes.
  • You can find out the top content of your competitor.
  • We can easily find out about High Quality Backlink Website.
  • You can fix the SEO error of your site through Site Audit.
  • Its keywords are absolutely accurate.
  • This tool is updated on a daily basis.

SEMrush Cons

  • It is a bit costly. But its prices are fine compared to the convenience that SEMrush provides.
  • A beginner will have to give some time to understand SEMrush. Because there are many advance things in it. You can also watch its training videos to understand SEMrush.
  • If you have a laptop or computer If not, then you cannot use it easily.

FAQ For SEMrush

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a very powerful Digital Marketing Tool is. This is an all in one tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily reach your customers or readers.

Why is SEMrush used?

With the help of SEMrush, we do SEO, SMM, Keyword ResearchCompetitive Research and Analyzes, Content Marketing, Campaign Management, Marketing Insight etc.

Is SEMrush Free?

SEMrush is a Paid Tool but you can use it for Free in 7 Days Free Trail.

What is the cost of 1 Month Plan of SEMrush?

SEMrush comes with 3 plans which are priced as follows – Pro – 119.95 $ P/M, Guru – 229.95 $ P/M, Business – 449.95 $ P/M.

Should I buy SEMrush?

Yes, you must definitely buy SEMrush. If you read this article completely then you must have understood how powerful SEMrush is. If you want, you can use its 7 Day Free Trail first. Then if you like then you can buy its premium plan. If you want to use SEMrush only for blogging, then you buy its Pro Plan only, which you get for $ 119 per month.

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Conclusion – SEMrush Review In Hindi

So friends, you saw how powerful SEMrush is the best tool, with the help of which we can easily get success in blogging and can find customer for our business.

SEMrush Review 2021 After reading this, if you are also thinking about taking it, then definitely buy it. This tool will prove to be very beneficial for you. And it will not take long for you to reach your success.

But our suggestion is that you first use its 7 Day Free Trail, then if you like it, then you buy its plans.

Hope you must have liked this article written by us. Do share this article with your friends also.

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