Big news for international students studying in UK

The UK Home Office has given approval for students interested in a job to secure a job offer from an employer. Have applied to switch from Student Route Visa to Skilled Worker Visa on the fly. As such there is no longer a requirement that international students studying at United Kingdom universities have at least a university degree qualification before gaining employment.

Long-term work authorization is granted by the UK Skilled Worker Visa for up to five years. It allows firms to employ non-UK residents to fill certain qualified, skilled positions. The Skilled Worker Path allows you to extend your visa before it expires and then apply for citizenship in the UK a year later after meeting the five-year requirements.

Compared to the graduation path, which requires high course fees and maintenance for the duration of their education before students can access the job market, this new approach offers a more affordable and fair track to full time employment in the UK .

Have a quick look at the eligibility to apply-

  • Students who already have another type of visa and are in the UK may be able to apply to switch to a skilled worker visa.
  • Students must be able to read, write, speak and understand English.
  • Students must be paid at least £10.10 per hour (INR 1,011) or at least £25,600 per year (INR 25.63 Lakh).
  • Some health service positions, where the going rate is determined by the national pay scale, have separate pay guidelines.
  • The visa is only good for as long as the applicant works with the employer who sponsored them.
  • If they want to change jobs or employers, they will have to apply for a new skilled worker visa.

Due to high demand, the Home Office currently recommends an average of 11 weeks to make a decision on a Skilled Worker visa.

Employing international students currently living in the UK can help fill the labor deficit in critical service industries affected by BREXIT, such as healthcare.

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