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Byju’s App: nowadays Internet But there are many learning apps available which make your studies easier as well as sharpen your mind and help you learn new skills. to each student computer And coding should learn.

Vedantu, Udemy, Unacademy And WhiteHat JR We have already told you about this. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about India’s biggest Byju’s The Learning app are about to tell.

Byju’s App The article will be very helpful for both the student and the parents. Through this article you will get complete information about Byju’s and all this information will prove to be very useful for you to use Byju’s.

So let’s start without delay and know What is Byju’s app in Hindi With full detail.

Byju's App In Hindi - Full Review

What is Biju’s – What Is Byju’s App in Hindi

Byju’s Is an online learning application. Where online classes are taught from class KG to 12 and along with IAS, CAT, GMAT, GRE exam preparation is done.

Byju’s App With the help of this, you can watch thousands of videos related to study sitting at home, which make your studies more easy. And with the help of video it is also easy for you to understand.

What is the tagline of Byju’s App?

Tagline/slogan of Byju’s App is – “Fall in love with learning” Which means in Hindi – “Falling In Love With Learning”

What is the meaning of Biju’s – Byju’s Meaning In Hindi

Meaning of byju in hindi “source of energy”

Byju’s Meaning In Hindi

Byju means in English “Source of energy”

When was Byju’s Learning App Launched?

The founder of Byju’sApp is from Kerala Byju Ravindran (Byju Ravindran Huh. Ravindran launched this app in 2015.

Byju Ravindran Earlier there was a school teacher. And today he is the billionaire of India. Byju’sApp brought immense success to Ravindran and at the same time made him a billionaire.

After completing his engineering studies, Ravindran started teaching children, his method of teaching was liked by the children, due to which the number of his students also increased. After this Ravindran started teaching thousands of students in the stadium.

Byju’s App Today is India’s largest Leaning App. In which 70 million students have registered and it also has 4.5 million Paid Subscriber.

Byju’s Most Valuable Education Company was in 2019. Today Byju’s Net Worth is 8 Billion Dollars.

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Byju’s. In 2019, Byju’s acquired the Indian Cricket Team and started running its ads on the jersey of the Indian Cricket Team.

What is Byju’s Product and Service?

Some things are free in Byju’s and for some we have to pay a charge. Mobile app is their biggest product.

Biju’s sells courses from KG to 12. And according to different classes, their prices are also different. Apart from this, IAS, CAT, GMAT, GRE Exams are provided. Byju’s main focus is in maths and science.

Byju’s Course Price Are a bit expensive.

Byju’s app Award

Byju’s app has also won many awards whose list you can see below.

Year Award Status
2017 CNBC TV18 Young Turks of the Year Winner
2017 Amazon Mobility Award for Established Education app of the year Winner
2017 Express IT Award – Individual award – Newsmaker of the year Winner
2017 Business Standard Start up of the Year Winner
2018 EY Entrepreneur of the Year – Startup Winner
2018 NASSCOM Design4India Design Award Winner
2018 Google Design Award Winner
2016, 18, 19 VC Circle Award for Education Company of the Year Winner
2020 EDtech Company of the Year at Indian Education Congress Winner
2020 ET Now Business Leader of the Year – Best Startup Winner
Byju’s app Award

Benefits of Byju’s App – Benefit of Byju’s App

In Byju’s, you explain things in the form of Digital Animation Video, which makes it easy to understand.

Here you get quiz along with class which makes your mind strong.

With the help of Byju’s, you can study online from home. This will save you a lot of time.

How To Download Byju’s The Learning App

Byju’s app lets you Play Store And will be available in App Store. To download it –

First of all go to your Play Store and search Byju’s in the search bar. You will see this app first. Byju’s has more than 50 million installations.

After that you download and install Byju’s app.


How to Register in Byju’s Learning App

After downloading Byju’s app, you have to register in this app. To register in Byju’s, you follow all the points mentioned below step wise.

1 – After installing Byju’s app in your mobile, you have to open it and allow Location Access.

2 – After this you have to select your class.

3 – Then you will get your name, mobile number, your Gmail IDand fill the name of your city and click on the Register button.

4 – After this an OTP will come on your Registered Mobile Number, you have to enter that OTP.

5 – Now you have to answer a question –

6 – Congratulations, now you have successfully registered in Byju’s Learning app.

In this app you can easily study online and watch thousands of videos related to learning for free.

  • Are you a parent? If you are a student then you have to do No and if you are a parent then you have to do Yes.

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How To Use Byju’s App – How To Use Byju’s Learning App

After registering on Byju’s app, you will see these features in its menu

  • Learning Analysis
  • Bookmarks
  • Notification
  • Parent Connect
  • Quizzo
  • Live Class
  • Share the app
  • Contact Us
  • Subscribe now

1 – Learning Analysis

With the help of this feature, you can do a complete analysis of your learning.

2 – Bookmark

All the bookmarks you have made in the Bookmarked option will be available here.

3 – Notification

In Notification, you will get to see all those you get through Notification Application.

4 – Parent Connect

In Parents Connect, you can connect your parent so that your parents know about your progress. For this, you will come to download an app in your parent’s phone.

5 – Quizzo

In this feature, you will get to see a lot of quizzes. You have to select the subject of which you want the quiz and then click on the option to play.

Now click on Continue, it searches your opponent and as soon as the match happens, it will tell you how many questions you answered correctly and how many were wrong.

6 – Live Class

In the Live Class option, you can know about all the Live Classes that are going on and you can also reserve these classes.

7 – Share the app, Contact Us, Subscribe Now

With the option of Share the app, you can share this app with your friends.

With Contact Us you can contact Byju’s Team.

You can subscribe to Byju’s with the Subscribe Now option.

Should I take Byju’s Course

If your English is very good then you should definitely buy Byju’s course. But if you are not good in English then you should not buy this course.

Because all the videos in Byju’s are available in English. And since it is a Bangalore based company, it has mostly teachers and supporting staff from South. And the people of South mostly use English only.

Byju’s If you take out your courses in Hindi language or Reginol language, then there is no problem in buying their course.

FAQ For Byju’s The Learning App

Who is the founder of Byju’s?

Byju Ravindran Founder of Byju’s,

Who is the Brand Ambassador of Byju’s App?

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Byju’s.

Are courses in Hindi also available in Byju’s?

No, currently courses are available in Byju’s only in English language, but very soon classes will be available in Hindi language also.

Are there 1 Month Trial Classes available in Byju’s, if yes then for which class?

In Byju’s, 1 Month Trial Classes are available for the students from 4 to 10, whose Fees is Rs 2000.

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Conclusion – What is Byju’s Learning App in Hindi

So friends, through this article we told you Byju’s app what is in Hindi And also shared a lot of information related to it with you. that you Byju’s app Full Review Would have got to know more about In Hindi.

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