Canada removes limit on working arms of international students

On 7 October 2022, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister Sean Fraser announced that Canada Removing the 20-hour limit for international students to work off-campus.

This new policy will be applicable to students studying full time only. This removed deadline will be effective by the end of November 15, 2023.

International students working in Canada say the 20-hour long hours of work by many without protection has left them vulnerable to exploitation.

The removal of the limit on working hours for international students by the Government of Canada is a right step in the interest of students. By which the students will avoid being exploited and they can also feel safe.

The job vacancy rate in Canada was 6.0% in April 2022 which fell to 5.4% in July 2022. Canadian employers were looking to fill about 1 million jobs.

Sean Fraser said, “Almost every community in Canada has more job opportunities than workers, while some will work in international student service jobs they hope will find employment in their field of study.”

Fraser also said that removing the working hours limit would give students more employment options, making them less likely to fall prey to “dishonest employers”.

Fraser goes on to say that “This will give a new opportunity to those students so that they do not fall prey to the individual employers they work for. This will lead them to the best opportunities.”

Fraser also announced a pilot project to automate some of the approvals for study permit extension applications to address the backlog.

Canada has become increasingly dependent on international students and temporary residents due to its labor force needs. Advocate And Economist This can affect wages and working conditions for all employees.

Canada has become an increasingly sought-after destination for international students and is often visited by people with the intention of obtaining a permanent residency. The growth in temporary residents has been particularly rapid due to students coming to Canada to study.

Fraser said he is working with international students on improving the permanency pathway for undocumented people, but could not provide further details at the moment.

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