Canada’s student visa success rate improves after two years

Earlier, for 8-10 months or more, students had to wait to get visas and even unnecessarily good profiles were being rejected. But now the rejection rate has started improving at a very slow pace, which has brought relief to the students.

Students with a gap of 3 years have got study visas in the last few weeks. Consultants stated that high rejection from Canada led to a large number of students UK, USA And Australia Applied for a student visa of the U.K. which is one of the main reasons behind this improvement.

Narpat Babbar, consultant and owner of Jupiter Academy in Jalandhar, said that earlier, the rejection rate was very high. Around only four out of 10 Indian students were getting visas, but this has improved in the past few weeks and is now 5 in 10 applications. -6 The student is getting a visa.

Narpat Babbar said that, “The Canadian government rarely considers a study gap of more than two years, but now students with a gap of three years are also getting visas.”

Gurpreet Singh, consultant at Kapurthala-based i-Can, said that earlier good profiles were being rejected but now it is not so. However, the trend of choosing still continues.

Khilandeep Singh, Director, Can-Able Immigration Consultants, Ludhiana, said that despite the increase in visa applications now, a good number of students are getting visas.

Consultants said that a large number of Indian students mainly take admission in Punjabi Montreal (Quebec Province) colleges and this remained the same during the pandemic. However, during the pandemic due to the high admission rate of international students, the government made a list of 10 colleges to check.

Babbar said that some students took admission in these colleges in Montreal but due to the scrutiny process there was a hindrance. Three of these colleges are Montreal colleges.

Three of these Montreal colleges were allegedly adopting wrong practices in admitting international students and were blacklisted after investigation. Students seeking admission in these colleges were advised by the High Commission of India to file a complaint with the Ministry of Higher Education, Government of Quebec.

Babbar said that then these students were being reviewed negatively, but now they are being considered sympathetically by the High Commission of Canada.

Since Canada rejected applications, other countries such as the UK, Australia and the USA started receiving more applications. The British High Commission recently reported that the UK has issued 1,17,965 sponsored study visas to Indian students in a year up to June 2022, an increase of 215% compared to 2019. India is on top, leaving China behind Britain.

“The success rate of student visas in the UK is close to 100%,” said Chitresh Dhawan, owner of Dhawan Educational Consultancy in Amritsar. Sponsored student visa which is a major attraction among the students as it comes in less than a month.

The counselors have advised the students that to avoid rejection, they have to submit each document in the same order as they are called along with the letter received from their respective colleges. Also, students should mention the purpose of their studies in Canada with proper reason. If they face rejection, they can appeal and reapply with the help of professionals. Students can also seek help by visiting the official websites of the Government of Canada.

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