Complete Guide to LLB in Canada

When it comes to studying abroad, Canada is ranked number one for international studies. This is because of the great job opportunities available there, the amazing universities, the super friendly and welcoming people who happily welcome international students, and the excellent safety. Because in this blog we are going to talk about law related courses, then let us tell you that Canada is very cautious and disciplined about its policies and laws. You must have got an idea from Better Law that how much importance is given to a course like LLB in Canada. So for information related to studying law in Canada and to know how to do LLB in Canada read this blog till the end.

Benefits of doing LLB in Canada

The advantages of pursuing LLB in Canada are as follows:

  • Law studies are very affordable as compared to other countries.
  • If you are topper in this field then you are also given some amount while studying so that you can live outside the country.
  • Canada is considered the best in the law field.
  • Due to better law there is always growth in the law field as well as no wrongdoing is encouraged.

Top Universities for LLB Specialization in Canada

Many accredited universities constitute advanced programs to study LLB in Canada, which gives students a chance to choose better career options. Some of the higher LLB specializations from top universities are as follows –

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Top Universities for LLB in Canada

The names of Top Universities for LLB in Canada are given below –

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Eligibility for LLB in Canada

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer then Canada is a very good option for you. To do LLB course in Canada, your eligibility should be as follows –

  • It is mandatory to score at least 50% marks in 12th.
  • Undergraduate degree is mandatory. You can do graduation in any field.
  • Must have sound knowledge of English, Philosophy and Sociology.
  • English language test like IELTS, TOEFL Points of
  • Better analytical and thinking skills can ease you in the process of admission in any university.

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How to apply for LLB in Canada?

To study LLB in Canada, you have to give a common paper called – LSAT (Law School Admission Test). After this, to apply for LLB, you have to take care of the things mentioned below –

  • Complete undergraduate.
  • You must score between 120 and 160 to pass the LSAT Admissions Test.
  • Let us also tell you that every university LSAT The cut-off varies.
  • IELTS,TOEFL It is mandatory to qualify the exam.

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required documents

Along with knowing how to do LLB in Canada, the list of documents required for taking admission in universities is as follows:

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LLB Fees in Canada

Every institute has different fees for education in Canada which depends on its degree. Similarly, the fees of LLB in some of the best universities are as follows-

cost of living

The cost of living in Canada depends on the lifestyle of the students, below are the cost of living-

types of expenses Cost (CAD)
Accomodation 5,000-10,000 (INR 3-6 Lakh)/annum
transportation 80-110 (INR 4,800-6,600)/month
health insurance 300-500 (INR 18,000-30,000)/month
Food 300-500 (INR 18,000-30,000)/month
Entertainment 750 (INR 45,000)/month

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Scholarships for LLB in Canada

Some of the Scholarships for LLB in Canada are as follows –

scholarships Amount (CAD)
Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship 12,583 (INR 7.55 Lakh)
Alberta Scholars 4,516 (INR 2.71 Lakh)
Golden Key Graduate Scholar 3,133 (INR 1.88 Lakh)
International Student Entrance Scholarships 10,050 (INR 6.03 Lakh)
QS Undergraduate Scholarship 12,583 (INR 7.55 Lakh)
Jared J. Davis Grand 1,220 (INR 73,240)

Job Profiles & Salary

Following are the job profiles and salaries you can get after doing LLB in Canada:

job profiles Annual Salary (CAD) annual salary (INR)
law clerk 52,800-54,850 31.68-32.91 Lakh
legal assistant 61,900-65,840 37.14-39.50 Lakh
research assistant 87,700-90,091 52.62-54.05 Lakh
associate 1.1 -1.20 Lakh 68.40-72 Lakh
lawyer 2-2.20 Lakh 1.2-1.3 crore
Lawyer cum Paralegal Instructor 91,800-95,900 55.08-57.54 Lakh
associate attorney 1.5-2 lakh 90 lakh-1.2 crore
Intellectual Property Specialist 1.2-1.5 Lakh 72-90 lakhs
solicitor 1.1-1.4 Lakh 70.16-84 Lakh

other career options

After completing LLB, you can also get guidance by choosing the following careers –

  • advocate
  • legal adviser
  • advice worker
  • Chartered accountant
  • civil service administrator
  • forensic computer analyst
  • human resource officer
  • stockbroker
  • trading standards officer


How much does it cost to do LLB in Canada annually?

The annual cost of pursuing LLB in Canada is CAD 14,000–28,000 (INR 8.40-16.80 Lakh).

How long is the LLB course in Canada?

LLB in Canada is a 3 year course.

Is Canadian LLB valid in India?

Yes, the Canadian LLB is recognized in India as per the National Accreditation Committee (NCA).

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