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Passive Income Ideas in Hindi:- Friends, which person does not want that even when he is sleeping, his earnings should continue. Many people think that this is not possible. But it is absolutely possible, you can earn money even when you are sleeping. In this article you will get to know Passive Income Ideas Source Hindi – While sleeping how to earn money,

Through today’s article, we are going to tell you about 15 such ideas through which you can generate passive income.

But in the methods that we have told you in this article, you will have to use your brain along with hard work in the beginning, only then you can make passive income. So let’s know without delay passive income Ideas in Hindi.

but before that you will know What is Passive Income, Because many people do not have any information about what is called Passive Income, so it is also important to know this to clear their doubts.

Passive Income Ideas Source in Hindi – How to earn money while sleeping day and night

What is Passive Income?

passive income (Passive Income) This type of earning is called in which you do not have to work continuously to earn money, you just have to create earning sources by putting your effort once and then after that you earn continuously. lives.

Whether you go somewhere for a walk, or you are sleeping, still you will earn. This is passive income means you are earning money even if you keep sleeping or roaming around.

For example, if a person is doing a job, then he will earn only when he goes to work, but in Passive Income, any earning happens even when he is not working.

Passive Income Ideas Source

now we give you 15 This way passive income Thoughts source We are going to tell about from where you can earn a lot of money day and night.

To know in detail about Passive Income Idea, read this article till the end only then you can make Passive Income.

#1 – Make Passive Income from Stock Market or Share Market

The best way to make passive income stock market Where you can become rich quick. Stock market is a market where shares of companies are bought and sold. you belong to a company share You can buy and when the share price of the company increases, then you can earn money by selling those shares and become rich quickly.

But first you have to invest in the stock market, and it is also necessary to have a good understanding of the stock market. If you do not have money to invest or you do not know about the stock market, then do not invest money in the stock market.

Because there can be a risk in this, it is not necessary that the price of the shares of the company you have bought will increase, the price of the shares can also decrease, due to which the value of the money invested by you will also decrease.

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#2 – Mutual Funds are Best Passive Income Ideas

mutual funds You can also make passive income through. Many people do not know the difference between mutual funds and stock market.

In the stock market, you have to buy shares of the company directly, but this is not the case in mutual funds, here you have to invest money in mutual funds, and then the team of mutual funds, according to their understanding, invests your money in such a company, from where you get profit. meet. Mutual fund company has a team of expert people in finance.

If you invest money in mutual funds, then you can generate passive income.

#3 – Make passive income from real estate investment

Real estate is a great medium of passive income, from here you can earn a lot of money without working. If you have any property like house, hotel, office etc. then you can give it on rent. You will continue to get the rent every month, that too without any work. Real estate has become a big business in today’s time.

To earn money from real estate, you will need investment in the beginning, but later you can earn a lot of money without working and become rich quickly.

#4 – Make passive income from Money Lending

If you need a loan and for some reason you are not getting loan from banks, then in such a situation you have to go to peer-to-peer lending company to take loan.

If you have extra money then you can give it in P2P company. The company gives your money on loan to a needy person and later when you withdraw your money, you get your money at a good interest rate. Here also you do not have to do any work. Money Lending is a good way to do Passive Income.

5 – Make passive income from Google AdSense

Google AdSense Google is the product of the company which is an Ad network like if you see an Ad on YouTube or any blog, website then most of those Ads are shown by Google AdSense.

you too your can create a blog or one youtube channel Can create and monetize it through Google AdSense. When traffic will increase on your blog or YouTube channel means Youtube Video Viral If so, you can earn a lot through Google AdSense.

In the beginning, you will have to do a lot of work on your blog and YouTube channel, only then you will be able to earn well by going ahead.

#6 – Earn passive income from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing There is such marketing where you have to promote the product of another company through a link and when a user clicks on your link and buys the product, you get some percentage commission from the company.

To promote the product you facebook, InstagramYouTube Channel, Blog, website Or you can use any social media platform.

#7 – Make passive income by creating your own application

If you are a creative person then you can make passive income by making your own mobile application. In today’s time, creating an application is not a difficult task. There are many such platforms on the Internet on which you can learn to make applications.

If your mind is creative, then you can create such an application that keeps people entertained. or that can help people like Tik-Tok, As the popularity of the application increases, you will have more options to earn money.

#8 – Make passive income by making Education Course

In today’s time, E-learning is growing very fast, people prefer to teach online, learn things more. If you have any talent, then you can create and launch an online course.

After making the course, you can make it on Blog, Website, Udemy Or can publish on any other third party platform. if your Contents If I have guts then people will buy your course. From this you can earn well.

Later, when the popularity of your course will increase, then you can increase the rate of your course according to the market.

#9 – Earn money by writing E-book

If you have good knowledge on any topic, then you can write an e-book on that topic. And can share it on different platforms on the internet. The best platform to sell e-book is amazon kindle which is amazon Company’s product.

If people like the e-book written by you, then you can write and publish many e-books and make passive income throughout your life.

You can make the book in hard copy as well as in soft copy. You will have to invest a little bit in Hard Copy, but you can make Soft copy absolutely free.

# 10 – You can make passive income through mobile application

Friends, you get many money earning apps in Play store. You can earn a lot of money through these apps.

You have to create your account by installing such application in your mobile and complete the task given in the application. Tasks in most of the money making applications are like this –

  • Download and register in another app
  • watch video
  • play quiz online
  • online survey
  • refer with your friends

You can earn money by completing these tasks and transfer the earned money to your bank account.

here Best Money Earning Apps a list of You can earn money sitting at home.

#11 – Earn passive income by investing in cryptocurrencies

You can also invest in cryptocurrency and generate passive income. You must have heard about crypto currency, it is a currency which is not owned by any country, it is available on the online platform.

You can buy crypto currency at a low price and when its price increases, you can earn by selling it online.

#12 – Earn passive income from drop shipping business

In today’s time, people prefer to buy things online. In such a situation, Drop shipping is a good idea for passive income. In this, you have to create an E-commerce website of your own and here you have to list the products of any company that you want to sell.

You decide yourself how much commission you want on which product. And in this business you do not have any need to buy, store, shipping/delivery of products.

#13 – Earn money by selling photos online

You You can also earn money by selling photos onlineIf you are fond of taking photos or you take good photos, then you can earn through this too.

There are many websites online where you can sell photos such as Shutterstock. You have to create your account on it and then the team of Shutterstock checks your profile.

When you get Approval from Shutterstock, then if the user downloads a photo uploaded by you, then you get paid for it.

Apart from this, you upload your photo in Instagram, Facebook or any other social media platform by putting watermark and if a user likes the photo, then he will contact you, then you can earn money by selling the photo to him.

#14 – Earn passive income through URL Shortener

You will find many such websites on the internet where you can earn money by shortening any URL. To you URL Shortener You have to create your account on the website and shorten the URL here and put it on your social media.

When a user clicks on that link, first he sees 1 or 2 ads, after which he gets redirected to the main website. You get money in return for the ad that is visible to the user.

You can generate a lot of Passive Income by doing Sponsorship Post. You keep putting content of a Niche on any platform and get it to grow.

Like if you are fond of fitness, then you can create a blog related to fitness or create a Facebook or Instagram page. In which you regularly share only content related to Fitness.

When you grow your blog or social media page by yourself, many fitness-related companies will contact you and request you for a Sponsorship Post to promote your product. In return for which you can charge a lot of money.

read them and earn money

Questions Related to Passive Income Ideas

What is passive income?

When you earn money even without working, it is called passive income. In passive income you need to work initially but later you can earn lakhs of rupees a month without working.

What are the ways to earn passive income?

There are many ways to earn passive income, about which we have told you in this article.

How to earn money while sleeping?

You can earn money even while sleeping through passive income.

Conclusion – Ways to Earn Passive Money

Through this article we have given you Passive Income Ideas in hindi It has been told about which you would have come to know very well about the ways of earning passive income.

In this article, we have also told you such ways in which you will need investment in the beginning and have also told about such ways which you can start with absolutely zero investment.

Which of these methods do you like the best, do tell in the comment box to make passive income. And also share this article with your friends and help them in making passive income.

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