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Whatsapp Se Paise Kaise Kamaye – “how to earn money for free, For you have an Android or iOS smartphone, then you must have WhatsApp running in it. Everyone in the village, street and city, whether they are educated or illiterate, all run Whatsapp and share videos, photos and documents in it. But apart from this, you can earn money sitting at home from Whatsapp.

If you want to earn money sitting at home from Whatsapp Messaging App, then definitely read this post completely, because we are going to tell you in this article. – WhatsApp From Pennies How earn These Hindi,

In today’s time, earning more and more money has become the need of every person. At the same time, now getting any kind of job is also a very difficult task. that’s why how to earn money living in village A very big question has become here.

In today’s digital era, every work is done online such as talking to family members on video call from mobile or sending them photos, sending documents etc.

How to earn money from Whatsapp online sitting at home - How to earn money from Whatsapp In Hindi

All you will know is that Whatsapp is a messaging app. We use Whatsapp to talk to our relatives and friends. Friends, by using Whatsapp correctly, you You can also earn money from online internet sitting at home,

Nowadays most of the people give their time to Whatsapp but do not think that how to earn money from Whatsapp. To give a solution to this problem, we have written this article today.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article WhatsApp From Pennies How earn in hindi,

Important things to earn money from Whatsapp

To earn money from Whatsapp, you will need the following things.

  • you will need a mobile phone this mobile phone Android If there is mobile, Iphone or Jio too, it will work.
  • After this you have to download the Whatsapp application, I think you will already have the Whatsapp app.
  • Apart from this, you will need more and more Whatsapp Contact.
  • In the end, if you have more Whatsapp Groups in your Whatsapp then even better.

ways to earn money from whatsapp

You can join 5 – 6 groups to earn money from Whatsapp. Or even if you have a good number of contact numbers available, you can still earn money from Whatsapp.

You cannot earn any money directly from Whatsapp, but you can earn money by sending traffic from Whatsapp to other platforms. You can use the 6 methods mentioned below to earn money from Whatsapp.

Although through these methods you cannot earn lakhs – crores of rupees from Whatsapp, but you can definitely earn as much money as your monthly expenses.

#1 – Earn Money from Whatsapp by doing Affiliate Marketing

To earn money from Whatsapp affiliate marketing A good way. This is such a marketing in which you have to promote the product of other company and when a user buys the product from you, the company gives you some percentage of commission, this is your earning from affiliate marketing.

To do affiliate marketing, first you have to join the affiliate program and when your request is approved, then you can promote the product of that affiliate program through a link (affiliate link) on Whatsapp. When a user from Whatsapp buys a product through your link, then you get some percentage of commission.

Following are some popular affiliate programs that you can promote through Whatsapp.

Although there are many affiliate programs apart from these, but you cannot earn money by promoting them only through Whatsapp. To sell them, you have to learn proper affiliate marketing.

#2 – Earn money from Whatsapp by selling products

internet But there are many reseller applications available, whose products you can earn money by selling through Whatsapp. It is very easy to sell this type of product.

You have to first go to the website and select the product and then share the catalog of the product with the group or your friends on Whatsapp. If a user likes that product, then you can order that product for the user by adding your commission from the website.

In this, neither you have to store the product nor delivery. The company does all this work. You only have to order the product at the user’s address. Following are some of the Best Reseller Applications.

#3 – Earn money from Whatsapp through Refer and Earn application

Play Store But there are many such applications out there by which you can earn a lot of money by referring. You have to find these applications first, which is very easy, after that you have to create your account in the app.

After creating an account in the application, you can share your referral link or referral code on Whatsapp. When a user signs up in the application using your referral link or code, you can earn a lot of money.

Following are some of the best Refer and Earn applications –

If you want to know Which is the highest earning app, then definitely read it –

#4 – Earn Money from Whatsapp with URL Shortener

You can also earn money from Whatsapp through URL Shorting or Link Shorting website. URL Shortener Means to shorten any URL. There are many such websites on the Internet, through which you can shorten the link.

You can share the shortened link through the URL Shortener website in the Whatsapp group. And when the user clicks on that link, first he sees an advertisement and then he is redirected to the main website. You get paid for the user who sees this ad.

Some of the major URL Shortener websites are as follows –

#5 – Earn money from WhatsApp through PPD Network

The full form of PPD is Pay Per Download. You can also earn money from Whatsapp by joining such network. In the PPD network, you are paid to download each website.

To earn money from PPD network, first you have to create your account on PPD website and then you have to upload some files on the website. After this, you have to share it by taking the link of the file and when the user downloads the file from your link, you get paid for it.

The more users download the file through your link, the more you will earn. You can share the link of the uploaded file on the PPD network in the Whatsapp group. Following are some of the famous PPD networks where you can create your account.

  • Usercloud
  • FileBucks
  • Daily Upload
  • Upload Cash
  • Dollar Upload etc.

#6 – Earn money by sending traffic from Whatsapp to website and YouTube channel

if you have a blog/website Or if you have a YouTube channel, then you can earn money by sending traffic through Whatsapp group. There are many ways to earn money from blogs and YouTube, about which we have told you in our previous articles.

You Google AdSenseYou can earn money from your blog or YouTube channel through Paid Promotion, Affiliate Marketing etc. But to earn money through them, you need traffic. You can take help of Whatsapp group to get traffic. But to promote blog and YouTube channel on Whatsapp group, you will have to contact the group admin.

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Conclusion: How to earn money from WhatsApp in Hindi

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this article Whatsapp Se Paise Kaise Kamaye Must have liked it. Through this article, we have told you about 6 such ways by which you can earn money online from Whatsapp. But to earn money from Whatsapp, you need to be patient.

If you have any query related to this article or you want to give any suggestion, then you can write it in the comment box below and do not forget to share this article with your friends as well.

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