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Entertainment is an important part of human life. Entertainment helps us to do something new and complete a task. Entertainment is like a medicine for the tiredness of the day. Life without entertainment is like a car without petrol, so entertainment is necessary to move forward. In the essay on modern means of entertainment, we will give you detailed information about it.

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Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment – ​​150 words

I love entertainment, whenever I am free from work, I find ways to entertain myself. Entertainment means ‘keeping the mind happy’, when you are tired after completing some work, only entertainment fills you with freshness. The importance of entertainment in life is as important as having a true friend in your life. If someone stays away from his near and dear ones, then he can stay away from boredom by taking refuge in entertainment. The importance of entertainment is no less than a priceless gift. Entertainment is an important part of our life. Entertainment is like Sanjeevani Booti in a way. Being entertained makes life fun to live and you spend that time without any hassle. Your mind remains calm due to which new ideas are generated.

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Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment – ​​300 words

Man takes the support of entertainment to reduce the fatigue of the day due to work or studies. Life without entertainment is just a waste of time. To amuse the heart, only entertainment is useful in the end. This brings energy to your body and increases the ability to work. In earlier times, there were no means of entertainment as they are today. Nevertheless, whatever his means were, they are still used today. The means of entertainment have changed a lot with time. In today’s era, there are new and modern means of entertainment. Radio, television and cinema are the best sources of entertainment today. But there are some entertainments for which one has to go out of the house like cricket, tennis, circus, theatre, football etc. There are many ways today for entertainment sitting at home, in these many ways like TV, video, writing work, chase, painting. Internet has played the biggest role in furthering the fun of entertainment.

When TV was new then it told people what entertainment is. Smart TVs, which have become popular of late, have taken entertainment to new heights. The meaning of entertainment is different for people, some find reading, playing, singing, dancing etc. as entertainment. For elders, watching religious texts or any serial gives them the pleasure of entertainment. Some healthy people consider exercise as entertainment for their health. Entertainment is part of your life, you can decide it according to your own way. Whatever your mood, be it happiness, sadness, curiosity, etc., once you do the thing of your choice, that is the only entertainment for you. Entertainment is calming your mind, that’s all that matters.

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Essay on Modern Means of Entertainment – ​​450 words

  • Preface
  • Need and importance of entertainment
  • means of entertainment in ancient times
  • modern day entertainment
  • State of the Means of Entertainment in India
  • Epilogue

Whenever I get bored or tired of doing some work, I take myself to the shelter of entertainment, after that I feel like doing everything. Man has to work hard to achieve certain things in life and it is natural to feel tired after hard work. Apart from hard work, a person is also worried about his career or studies, to get away from which he takes the help of entertainment.

Entertainment gives rest and support to the tired mind, gives a new energy and for a moment forgets the tiredness and worries. Man has needed entertainment since primitive times. Tired of the struggle of life, man wants to find such a means by which both his body and mind get away from tiredness and it gets filled with new energy. Without entertainment, his mind does not get involved in any work and neither does the person get success in the work. In such a situation, the need for entertainment becomes necessary.

In ancient times neither man had developed so much nor the means of entertainment. He was close to nature and animals. In such a situation, his means of entertainment were also limited to him. He used to keep animals and birds like parrot, myna, pheasant, dog, sheep etc. and used to entertain himself by fighting cock, goat, buffalo etc. He also used to entertain himself by hunting. Apart from this, he used to entertain through wrestling, drama, drama, circus etc. On the occasion of festivals and other events, he used to be happy by singing and dancing.

Entertainment also changed due to development and expansion of science. People get a lot of entertainment in theatres. Cinema is a popular means of entertainment in modern times. It is everyone’s favourite. Wherein smart phone, TV has given a new boon to entertainment. Music players, tablets, computers have also been adding to the fun of entertainment over the years.

As technology is expanding, here the methods of entertainment are coming out even more. But due to increasing population, these resources are becoming expensive and their availability is getting limited. Earlier, along with entertainment, exercise was also done, but for the last few years, people are enjoying entertainment sitting comfortably or lying down, due to which their body is becoming unformed.

Entertainment is very important for human life. We should also keep in mind that we get so lost in the pursuit of entertainment that our work gets affected by it and we become lazy. We should always avoid such a situation.

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