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India is a country that adapts itself to every situation with time, India is one of those developing countries that is climbing the stairs of progress the fastest. We all are proud to be Indian. The oldest civilization and rich in ancient culture, India has a proud history. India is not called a golden bird just like that, India has always been a peace loving country and always believes in building friendly relations with its neighboring countries. Through this blog, we will make you aware of many proud things of our India. Mera bharat mahan hindi nibandh often comes to write essays on this in examinations, let’s get to know my country India closely.

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essay on my india great for class 2 and 3

Many great men have taken birth in the holy soil of my country India. Like- Vivekananda, Dayanand Saraswati, Iron Man Sardar Vallabh Bhai PatelChandrashekhar Azad, Ashfaq Ullah Khan, who gave freedom to India, Bhagat Singh, who was martyred at the age of 23, Rajguru, alone took iron from the British Rani Lakshmi Bai, Subhash Chandra Bose Don’t know how many brave sons lost their lives in saving this holy soil. Swami Vivekananda gave a speech in Hindi language at the Chicago session and made India proud. Writers have also played a special role in making India famous like –TulsidasKalidas, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Sumitra Nandan Pant, Harivanshrai Bachchan etc. All these have made India proud at the level.

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Essay on my india great for class 5-7

The national flag of India is the tricolor which was designed by Pingale Venkaiah. The ratio of the tricolor of India is 3:2. Consisting of three colors, the saffron stripe on the top symbolizes strength, the white color stripe in the middle symbolizes honesty and peace, and there is a Dharma Chakra in the middle. At the end there is a green stripe which symbolizes greenery, culture. in india only Mohenjodaro And traces of old civilization like Harappa are also found. If we talk about the weather here, as much diversity is there in our language and dialect, the same diversity is there in the weather here. Whether it is snowy mountains in the north, dense forests in the south, plateaus, you will find such a beautiful form of nature only in India. The national anthem is Vande Mataram, the national anthem is Jana Gana Mana, the national bird is the peacock. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, many famous things are found in India like Taj Mahal of Agra, famous Khajuraho Temple, Nilgiri Hills, Ellora Caves and don’t know how many things are there.

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Essay on my india great hindi in 250 words

My India is great, and we are proud to be Indians. Where people of different religions, castes, languages, colors and forms live together with great love. Where the sweet sound of bells and conch shells while worshiping in the temple will give you a feeling of purity, Azaan in mosques, prayer of God in church, all these make my India different from the countries of the whole world. India has always respected every culture. Where Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid Every festival is celebrated by itself. The reign of the Mughal rulers and the British in India has always been a part of our culture. Guests are like God: There has been a culture of The Mughals and the British ruled over us for many years but we Indians also welcomed them whole heartedly. They adopted the policy of dividing India many times but India, being unity in diversity, forced them to run away from here. Despite all this, there was no change in our culture, values ​​and belongingness.

The culture of India is really wonderful, people from far and wide also study the culture and civilization of India. We are told from childhood the importance of family and how to keep the family in the thread of love as well as how to live with everyone in brotherhood. India is also famous for its various dance forms.

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essay on my india great hindi essay in 400 words

India is named after Bharata, the son of King Dushyanta. India is known by different names like Hindustan, Hind, India etc. In ancient times it was known by the name Aryavrat. India faced many major aggressions but always maintained its calm loving image. India is an agricultural country where food production has been done since the time of the Indus civilization. 70% of the farmers live in India. Even if the farmer himself remains hungry, he does not let the people of our country go hungry, that is why he is called Annadevata. of India Farmer Provides food not only to the residents of India but to people all over the world. Many developed countries also export food grains from India.

If we are talking about Annadevta then how can we forget our army brothers who protect my beloved country India day and night and save this holy India from every major trouble. India is not only ahead in the field of agriculture but has also made a lot of progress in science. Aryabhata, Ramanujam, Abdul Kalam, Jagdish Chandra Basu And CV Raman Like big scientists have given. All of them have contributed a lot in the field of science.

India’s heroic land has given birth to many bravehearts like Chhatrapati Shivaji, Maharana PratapHeroes like Bhagat Singh saved India from invasion many times. My India has heartily accepted every religion whether it is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, has made every seemingly impossible task possible.

It is not that my India has become prosperous today itself, it has been prosperous for almost 600 years, India was under many foreign powers, at that time India was called the golden bird, but because of India’s prosperity, the one who came to India became that India. They looted all the treasures of India, but even today India is a developing and prosperous country. Here the soil is seen not only as soil but as a mother. With love between them like a house is built when people live in it with love. My India is really great which is a unique example of unity despite so many diversities.

Essay on My India Great Hindi Essay in 800 Words

Below is the essay on Mera Bharat mahan Hindi nibandh in 800 words:

Indication mark:

  • mountain range
  • Law and order
  • sightseeing
  • legend
  • rivers

I am a resident of India, in the holy country where God also takes birth in different forms, even though Maryada Purshotam Shri Ram and Krishna had incarnated. It is a country with an ancient culture and great culture. 80 percent of India’s population lives in villages, our country has given us the gift of freedom, which is our duty to protect. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” From this we can tell about the civilization of our country.

When India became independent in 1947, the foundation of democracy was laid in India. With the independence of India, the foundation of the constitution was laid, in which, the constitution of India is considered as the best constitution. Where a human being is considered as a human being by keeping aside the religion, caste, color, appearance, costumes, some rules have been made for equal behavior in my country India, which are necessary for the citizens of the country to follow. Whoever does not follow it, the judiciary punishes him. Beautiful holy rivers flow from the Himalayas in my India like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Tapi, Krishna, Godavari and many other rivers. There are many mountain ranges here, Aravali mountain range is the most famous and oldest mountain range, this mountain range is in Rajasthan. Many great people were born in the soil of India like Chanakya, Tulsidas, Kabir Mahavir, Mahatma Gandhi etc. who made India proud.

Many states of India have different languages, costumes, food, yet people live together. There are 28 states and 8 union territories in India. Due to diversity, our country does not have any national language. India is a storehouse of beauty. Tourists come from far and wide to visit. From west to east, from north to south, new beauty of India is seen everywhere. There is no dearth of religious places in India. Lives

India is also considered to be the originator of Yoga and Ayurveda. Yoga was promoted by Patanjali and today it is India’s only strength. Yoga certification has been achieved globally. Rishikesh situated in Uttarakhand is considered as the yoga capital. My India comes second in population and seventh in area. India has never tried to intimidate anyone, has always played the role of non-alignment on international issues and stands by the slogan of live and let live. My dear India is a country of geographical diversity. Here there are greenery, forests, snow-capped mountain peaks and deserts. Our beloved country India is a unique example of unity in diversity.

Mera Bharat mahan Hindi nibandh Which is the symbol of beauty, how many words can be written on it, it will be less. From independence to war, how many pains have been contained inside India, yet it has not lost its sweetness, nor has it given up in every difficulty. My India has faced it bravely, I am proud that I am a part of this India.

10 important lines on my India great

After knowing Mera bharat mahan hindi nibandh, now know 10 important lines on Mera Bharat Mahan, which are as follows:

  • India is the oldest country in this world. Indian culture is the oldest culture in the world.
  • India is one of the fastest growing economy of the world.
  • Our country was named Bharat after the name of Bharat, the son of King Dushyant.
  • Bharat has many names such as India, Hind, Aryavarta and Hindustan.
  • In the past our country faced many crises of war, but they did not have any effect on our culture.
  • India is also called the land of heroes.
  • The economy of our country at present mostly depends on agriculture.
  • In terms of population, India is at number two, China is at number one.
  • People of all religions and cultures live here, despite being such a big country.
  • India is not only a country but also an idea, which is moving towards becoming a Vishwaguru in the whole world.


How to make India great essay?

My India country is an agricultural country: – My India country is an agricultural country, here all kinds of grains are produced like maize, jowar, wheat, millet, etc., my agriculture in India is being done since the time of Indus Valley Civilization. Agriculture is done on about 51% of the land in India, total 52% of the people run their livelihood from agriculture.

How to write my India great?

My India is great, I am proud to be an Indian. Where people of different religions, castes, languages, colors and forms live together with great love. Where the sweet sound of bells and conch shells while worshiping in the temple will give you a sense of purity, Azaan in mosques, prayer of God in church, all this makes my India different from the countries of the whole world.

Why is my India great?

My India is great because there are many cultures in India. There is a lot of unity here, the culture here is very unique. Here the cultural heritage in the country of India is fully implemented. Even today people promote our culture, our culture has attracted many countries.

India is a great country What is India in the sentence?

‘India is a great country’ is a common noun in this sentence.

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