EU and India took some important decisions regarding migration

In this recently held sixth meeting between the EU and India, many important issues were discussed, mainly related to migration and mobility. The purpose of this meeting was to make the process of migration safe and easy. Due to which professionals, students and skilled workforce should face less difficulties for migration. This information was obtained from the statement given by the Ministry of External Affairs on 28 October 2022.

Where in the last five meetings the European Union and India resolved various issues and reached many important decisions, this time in Brussels also many important aspects were discussed. According to the information given by the ministry, in this discussion, basically, important things were brought to the fore to promote migration, its safety and the irregularity coming in it.

Along with this, the discussion focused on those parts on which working conditions can be improved. It mainly focused on the interests and mutual benefits of the nation along with professionals, students and skilled workforce.

The discussion was co-chaired by Ausaf Saeed and Monique Pariyat. Wherein Ausaf Saeed is the Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs and looks after consular, passport and visa issues, Monique Pariyat is the Director General of the European Commission which is primarily responsible for handling Migration and Home Affairs.

Ausaf Sayeed, while explaining the specifics of the discussion, said that he highlighted the need to make travel easier for Indian students, businessmen and tourists. He also talked about the collaboration on Legal Migration Skill Mapping and the tie-ups between the renowned Educational Institution of India and the European Union.

Both the sides also expressed satisfaction in implementing the pledge taken in their previous edition which was Migration and Mobility Common Agenda (CAMM). In this agenda, decisions were taken regarding the mutual benefit of the people of both India and the EU. He also expressed suggestions for improving the issues related to migration. According to the statement, as India and the EU complete 60 years of their tie-up, this meeting will add a new dimension to their partnership.

EU is India’s third largest trade partner. According to the data, this trade stood at $ 86.75 billion in 2021, which is 10.8% of the total trade. About 8.5% of all Indian immigrants abroad live in Europe, with Italy being the most popular destination, followed by Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.

The two sides are also negotiating separate agreements on trade, investment protection and geographic indication, which are expected to be completed by next year.

Migration of professionals and students is now frequently involved in India’s trade talks with important countries of the world and recently External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar also highlighted that India and Australia are also working on similar deals. are.

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