France became the first choice of Study Abroad students from Kerala

While Indian students used to consider English-speaking nations as their first choice, this trend seems to be changing. Academics of the International Institute of Population Sciences Bhagat R. B. and Suleiman KM. An interesting observation about the youth of Kerala has emerged from the recent study of The study included a sample size of 491 students, of which two out of three young people want to move to Abroad and take up jobs. The study also predicted that migration would continue to be a potential life choice for achieving life goals over the next 10 to 20 years.

According to the observations and predictions made in this study, the number of migrants seems to be going abroad from Kerala. In the last four years, the number of students going abroad for higher education has seen a doubling. Talking in numbers, this number has been seen more than 30,000. Along with this, it has also been seen that there are education consultancies available even in small towns of Kerala, with the help of which the youth of Kerala are able to arrange their admission and accommodation for the universities of Abroad. Not only this, some of them have also proved capable of providing part time work to the youth.

Language institutes that teach European and English languages ​​also seem to be making their way into the state. Most of these students resort to educational loans for their migration. As per the statistical data of State Level Bankers Conference (SLBC), it has been observed that the number of Educational Loans in Kerala Banks has reached INR 11,061 Crore as of March 2022.

Talking about educational activities, in October, many educational affairs witness was done in Kochi. On October 9, UpGrad conducted its ‘Global UniExpo 2022’ in the city. Two days later, the ‘Choose France Tour 2022’ initiative taken by the French government was held in Kochi. Also on October 18, Kochi hosted an educational fair in which representatives from 19 Australian universities attended to answer queries from students.

By convention, Indian students generally give more importance to English speaking nations, such as the UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, for their higher education. But this preference seems to be changing now. Countries such as France with more than 3.6 lakh foreign students and 1,700 academic programs in English have participated in this race. The Council General of France, Lise Talbot Barre, has commented in Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu and Kerala that they are trying to position France as a valuable alternative in the English speaking nations.

Lise Talbot Barre said that there are three advantages to studying in France, the first of which is high quality higher education in France. If you look at the QS/Shanghai University Rankings, we have two French universities out of the top 50 and 6 out of the top 200.

In addition, 15 of our French business schools have been awarded the Triple Crown by the Financial Times. In which we also have many Noble Laureates and Field Medals. This shows the high quality of our system. The second reason is that you don’t have to learn French to come to France. Here you will find more than 1,700 programs taught in English, and the fee structure of the university is much cheaper than in the US and UK.

France aims to have 20,000 students in French universities by 2025. French universities are also coming up with some partnership plans, which will also include local colleges and universities. This plan is mainly aimed towards promoting the exchange of students. On this, Barre says that we expect to see more scientific and research programs in the future.

Mr François-Xavier MORTREUIL Attaché for Scientific and Academic Cooperation, French Embassy, ​​South India said, Kerala is a promising place capable of producing excellent students. Along with this, France also welcomes more and more students to their city. He also said that students going for post graduation can get 1+1 stay back visa after PG.

If the candidate wants to come to India and do a job in a French company, then that option will also be available to him. He also added in his point that we will be happy to provide jobs to Indian candidates who have come from French school, know French culture and have lived in French environment.

After China, India is ahead in sending maximum number of students for Abroad study. An estimated more than 5 lakh students have gone Abroad, in which Kerala’s cooperation is considered to be the highest. At this time, the fever of migration is again on the verge of reaching its peak and even now if we look at it, for the convenience of the students, many problems are still being seen at the center and state level. Due to which most of the students are still seen to be dependent on private consultancies.

This nature of welcoming the students with outstretched arms and the best universities of France is getting much appreciation all over the world, due to which the students are also eager to study there. All that is needed is some important changes so that any student whether it is from Kerala or any other country of India does not have to make their future decisions by relying on any private consultancy.

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