France made an important announcement related to training international students

French country minister for digital transition and telecommunicationDuring his visit to IIT Delhi, Jean Noel Berrot announced that by 2025, France is aiming to provide training to 5 lakh international students. This report, which came on 18 November 2022, also included other things said in the visit made by Berrot. Mainly this visit was done for the purpose of exploring Indo-French collaboration.

Berrot said that France opens its system of higher education and research to the brightest scientific and innovative minds from around the world so that by 2025 we can reach the goal of hosting and training 500,000 international students.

Berrot also added to his statement that the number of international students in France is already 4,00,000 and according to the vision of President Emmanuel Macron, then the number of Indian students will be 20,000. IIT Delhi is involved in our project of a new Franco-Indian campus on health, which will be put into operation next year.

During the visit, students and faculty of the institute showcased their research projects including Autonomous Last Mile Vehicle (ALIVE), Autonomous Precision Landing of Drone, Real-world AI for Healthcare, E-Sahayatri – Your travel buddy, Smart and sustainable mobility , Vision for Wildlife, Facial Image Retrieval using Similarity-Driven Feedback, Federated Automated Deep Learning (FedAuto MoDEL) etc. were also included.

Berrot also said in his speech that France is going to give importance to a lot of international collaborations in the coming days in which India plays a big role. In fact, scientific exchanges between our two countries began several centuries ago, and in the history of exchanges, Science and Technology has become one of the most steadfast and enduring bonds between France and India. This objective created by France is a good news for Indian students and all other international students, which will see an increase in the number of admissions they get in French universities.

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