From July 2023, there will be a ban on the work forms of students in Australia

In January 2022, the Australian government had temporarily relaxed the number of working horses, which will now see a change in the month of July next year. Although this slack this year was given due to workforce shortage, now the Australian government wants a change in this decision.

The Australian government will soon impose restrictions on working hours for immigrant students. The right to work for unrestricted hours will expire on 30 June 2023.

The working horse of international students will be reduced again from July 2023. The Government of Australia says that this number has been reduced to maintain the right balance between the student’s studies and work. However, in January 2022, this number was relaxed due to which the reason for the workforce shortage was considered. Before relaxation, international students had 40 hours of working hours in 15 days (fortnight).

Recently, Australia has announced its new budget, in which allocation of AUS$36 million has been made. It is being told that this allocation has basically been done to improve the visa process and reduce the delay in visa related decisions. Due to these developments, it is expected that Australia will see an increase in Study Abroad Applications, which has seen a decline due to the global pandemic COVID-19.

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