Future Grow Penny Shares 2022

Future Grow Penny Stocks List 2022, List of Best Penny Stocks, Fundamentally Strong Penny Stocks 2022 | Fundamentally strong penny stock 2022, Best penny stocks to buy in India

Future Grow Penny Shares, Share Market In penny stock All attract investors because their price is very low. If you find penny stocks that will grow in the future, you too rich in stock market can become.

If you already know which stock is going to rise in the future, then you millionaire from the stock market No one can stop you from becoming.

If you too are looking to earn multibagger returns by buying the best penny stocks then you have come to the right place. Because today after doing a lot of research for you List of future rising penny stocks 2022 I have brought

Future Grow Penny Shares 2022
List of future rising penny stocks 2022

All the stocks mentioned in this list of penny stocks are going to give great returns in future. So let’s know about the best penny stocks in the stock market-

Future Grow Penny Shares 2022

You can buy all the penny stocks mentioned below for long term. cheap stock Despite this, these penny stocks have the potential to give the highest returns by becoming future multibagger stocks.

Let us now know one by one about the penny share which will become multibagger in future-

1. Kothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.

List of future growing penny shares first share in Kothari Sugars Ltd, At present the market cap of this company is less than 400 crores and the share price is less than Rs 50.

Apart from manufacturing sugar, this company also manufactures ethanol which is also used as fuel. The demand for this company’s product is going to increase in the future.

You would know that in the coming times, the government is preparing to use ethanol as fuel in place of petrol diesel in vehicles. Since this company also manufactures sugar itself, they do not have to depend on any other company to buy sugar in the manufacture of ethanol, which puts them ahead of the competition.

In future, along with the increase in the business of this penny stock, there will be a growth in the share price as well. Although it is still a very small company, yet its business fundamentally is very strong.

Can penny stock of Kothari Sugar Company turn multibagger in future?

Here are a few reasons that suggest that this penny stock can deliver great returns in the future-

  • The demand for the company’s products is going to increase in the future.
  • The company has a strong order book,
  • Launching new products to increase business
  • PE Ratio of Shares Very few (around 7).
  • The company is continuously reducing its debt.

Looking at the fundamentals, this stock looks strong, if the company shows good quarterly results in the coming time, then the stock can give good earnings. Looking at all the parameters, it seems that this penny stock can give profits in future.

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2. Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd.

The second penny stock to rise in the future is Indraprastha Medical. The company’s market cap is only 572 crores and the share price is around Rs 62. It is a penny stock of the health care sector which is a joint venture with Apollo Hospitals.

Health care is a sector whose demand will always remain in the future. That is why we have placed the Indraprastha Corporation share in our list of best Penny Stocks to grow in future.

Is Indraprastha Corporation’s stock going to grow in future?

  • The company is continuously expanding its business.
  • There is also an improvement in revenue and profit.
  • He has business with a big company like Apollo Hospitals.
  • In the Apollo pro health program, this company uses new technology like artificial intelligence and algorithms.
  • Right now 96% of the company’s revenue comes only from New Delhi but in future it is going to expand in many states.
  • The best part is that it is a debt free company.
  • The PE ratio of the stock is currently only around 9 and the promoters shareholding is also good (55%).

Penny stock of Indraprastha Corporation has the potential to give excellent returns in future. If the company shows good sales and profit growth in the coming times, then this penny stock can also become a multibagger in future.

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3. Saksoft Ltd.

Third company in the list of future growing penny shares Saksoft Ltd. The market cap of this company is only 1000 crores and the share price is trading around Rs 96.

This penny stock company works in the IT sector which provides digital transformation solutions. This company does business in countries like USA and UK.

Saksoft Ltd. The company provides various types of IT services such as-

  1. Application development
  2. Testing & quality control
  3. Cloud solutions
  4. Mobility
  5. Internet of Things (IoT)
  6. Information Management (IM)
  7. Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Why is this Penny Stock going to rise in the future?

  • Their business is quite diversified, so the company does not need to depend on a single product or service.
  • The company is expected to report good quarterly results.
  • continuously reducing debt
  • Now it has become almost debt free company.
  • Despite being such a small company, its sales growth is good.

in the long run Saksoft Ltd The company’s penny stock is likely to rise. If the company performs well in future, then the stock can become the highest return multibagger stock.

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4. InfoBeans Technologies Ltd.

Next on the list of best penny stocks is InfoBeans Technologies Ltd. The company’s market cap is only 1400 crores and the share price is around Rs 573.

InfoBeans is also the best penny stock in the IT sector. This company provides software development services.

This company mainly provides two types of services in IT services: 1. Digital Transformation 2. Product Engineering

Both these are services based on modern technology in which the company has vast experience.

Could InfoBeans Technologies Penny Stock Be a Multibagger in the Future?

Yes, this penny stock has the potential to become a multibagger in the future, which you can understand through these points-

  • The company’s client list includes big brands such as American Express, Wework, Amazon, Viatech, IQVIA, ALM Media and CoAdvantage.
  • It provides its services to 16 Fortune 500 companies.
  • It is trying to increase its business by acquiring other companies.
  • Despite being a penny stock, the ROCE and ROE of this company is quite good.
  • The company has seen good growth in revenue and profit in the last few years.
  • The company is continuously reducing its debt.

InfoBeans Technologies is a fundamentally strong penny stock whose share price is going to increase in future. By buying now in this low priced penny stock, you can get good profit in future.

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5. RPG Life Sciences Ltd.

The last share in the list of future rising penny shares is RPG Life Sciences. The market cap of this company is 1376 crores and the share price is ₹ 826. is a pharmaceutical company that manufactures API’s and formulations.

This company comes under RPG Group, which is owned by Harsh Goenka ji. The conglomerate is a large group with its business spanning across infrastructure, tyres, information technology, pharmaceuticals, energy and plantations sectors.

If we talk about business diversification, then 62% revenue of this company Domestic Formulations Segment From, 21% Revenue Intl. Formulations Segment from and 17% of revenue APIs Segment comes from.

STRENGTH of this fundamentally strong penny share:

  • Being a part of such a large group, this company gets a competition advantage.
  • Company’s product portfolio Azaron, Mofetyl, Lomitil, Arpimune, Imunotac, Serenace Like come strong brands.
  • they own Biotech APIs Business Due to not performing well, it has been sold to Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd for Rs 25 crore, thus the company will be able to focus more on the profitable segment in the future.
  • This company is almost debt free.
  • ROCE And ROE are great too.
  • Their profit growth is better than the sales growth of the company.
  • The best thing is that the promoters’ shareholding in this company 72% Which shows that the promoters of the company have confidence in the business of the company.

If investors look from a long term perspective, then this stock can give good earnings in future. It’s great to have such a good promoter holding in any small company that’s why I added it to the list of future growing penny stocks. RPG Life Sciences Stock is kept.

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List of future growing penny shares

No. share name share price
1. Kothari Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. ~50 Rs
2. Indraprastha Medical Corporation Ltd. 62 Rs
3. Saksoft Ltd. 96 Rs
4. InfoBeans Technologies Ltd. 573 Rs
5. RPG Life Sciences Ltd. 826 Rs

List of Best Penny Stocks with Fundamentally Strong – FAQ’s

Which is the best penny stock?

Kothari Sugars is the best penny stock in future growing penny stock list. Despite being a low priced stock, it can become a multibagger stock if you invest now. You can invest in this penny stock to get good returns.

Which are penny stocks with strong fundamentals?

Kothari Sugars, Saksoft Ltd, Infobeans Technologies and RPG Life Sciences are penny stocks with strong fundamentals. The business of these companies is going to grow in the future, which can give good return on investment to the shareholders.

Which Penny Stocks Could Be a Multibagger in 2022?

Indraprastha Corporation Ltd. and Saksoft Ltd. Both these penny stocks have the potential to become multibaggers in 2022. One can find multibagger stocks in the above given list of penny stocks to get tremendous returns in future.

Can You Get Rich With Penny Stocks?

Companies with penny stocks are very small (small cap or micro cap). The business growth potential of these companies is very high. If you invest money in penny stocks at the right time then you too can become rich from penny stocks in the long run.

Conclusion- (Penny stocks to become multibaggers in future)

keep in mind That penny stocks are very volatile, hence the risk is also high in them, but the good thing is that along with the high risk, the chances of getting high returns are also high. Therefore, invest only as much money as you can risk in penny stocks wisely.

today i got you Future Grow Penny Shares 2022 has been told about. hope you this List of best penny stocks 2022 Would have liked

Tell me by commenting below, which of the stocks mentioned in this list is in your portfolio and which one do you think was the best penny stock in this list?

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