GD Hindi Topics for Placement for Students

Gone are the old days when you used to get a job only through an interview. Far from the job, now you have to give an interview to study further. In today’s era, whether it is a matter of job or admission in college, or any competitive exam, selection does not depend solely on your academic performance and skills. Today your personality, language skills, communication skills and many more are seen in different ways. In today’s era, Group Discussion has become an integral part of the selection process. Through Group Discussion, the knowledge of the candidate as well as his style of conversation, ability to present it with facts is also revealed. So if you are going to complete your degree soon and take part in the placement process of your college, then we have prepared a list of GD Hindi Topics for Placement for you. This list will help you to get the job of your choice. Let us know GD Hindi Topics for Placement in detail in this blog.

GD Hindi Topics for Placement

Questions can come from any topic in Group Discussion. You must be ready for this. Sometimes it can be a little difficult. But most of these topics are related to latest affairs, general knowledge, global politics, popular personality, popular ideas and social issues. We covered GD Listed so that you can easily understand them. Some important GD Hindi Topics for Placement are given below –

  1. New Education Policy 2022 in India
  2. How to create more jobs in rural areas?
  3. Open Book Exam- Advantages and Disadvantages
  4. Steps to revive Indian economy
  5. Do deadlines negatively affect creativity?
  6. Work From Home- Advantages and Disadvantages
  7. abrogation of article 370
  8. India-China border conflict in Ladakh
  9. electric vehicles in india
  10. higher education in india
  11. future of higher education in india
  12. India-Russia Relations
  13. Is Artificial Intelligence Replacing Humans?
  14. difference between democracy and dictatorship
  15. women in the workplace
  16. cryptocurrency
  17. Digital India
  18. mental health in india
  19. Gay Marriage in India – Progressive Thinking or a Threat to Indian Culture?
  20. future post covid-19
  21. Is social media killing our creativity?
  22. Should censorship on films be abolished in India?
  23. Impact of online education during the COVID-19 pandemic
  24. Can India get a permanent seat in UNSC?
  25. Cashless Economy – A Success Or A Failure?
  26. Lack of work and life balance in the present day
  27. Effect of Me Too

Types of GD Hindi Topics for Placement

GD topics for placement The types of courses can vary by region, domain or theme such as business and economy, social issues, international affairs and abstract topics. There are different types of GD topics for placement, such as-

business and economy

If you are in search of GD Hindi Topics for Placement for MBA, then you must study the main issues trending in the business and economy sector. Here are the major GD Hindi Topics for Placement in terms of Business and Economy:

  1. Corona’s impact on the Indian economy along with the business sector
  2. The gig economy: pros and cons
  3. Cryptocurrency: a boon or a curse?
  4. Impact of Bank Merger on Indian Economy
  5. Startup India
  6. E-Business and E-Commerce
  7. Importance of social media marketing for every business
  8. Benefits of social media for businesses

social issues

Do research on those top GD Hindi Topics for Placement in terms of social awareness. For whom do you think these issues may come up-

  1. Women’s Empowerment and Gender Justice
  2. women in the workplace
  3. Are CCTV cameras effective in workplaces?
  4. fake news
  5. Browsing in the Workplace: Does It Kill Creativity?
  6. pure fairness
  7. What is the role of social activism in a democracy?

GD Hindi Topics for Placement for Engineers

The GD subjects for the placement drive for engineering graduates can range from topics based on technology to current affairs as well as general knowledge. Important GD Hindi Topics for Placement for Engineers are given below-

  1. E-learning: Benefits and Challenges
  2. How technology is changing the face of education
  3. benefits of co-education
  4. Science: a boon or a curse?
  5. Is technology making us less capable humans?
  6. Online gaming: advantages and disadvantages
  7. Cyber ​​Crime and Cyber ​​Security
  8. How can ecotechnology save our planet Earth?

Abstract Topic

Apart from these specific topics, here are some abstract GD topics for placement-

  1. hard work is the key to success
  2. hard work vs smart work
  3. Facts vs. Opinions: No Facts Is Only Opinion
  4. leader or follower
  5. Innovation vs Invention: What’s Important?
  6. Is work-life balance just a myth?
  7. haste makes waste
  8. good things come from good thoughts
  9. There’s no right way to do the wrong thing
  10. The Borderless World: Is It a Myth or a Contemplative Reality?

GD Hindi Topics for Popular Placements

If you are wondering how to prepare for GD, then we have given in detail some key GD topics for placement drive, which will teach you to put your arguments in a better way-

work from home

The currently popular ‘Work from Home’ adoption by companies and organizations around the world has given people a new opportunity to save on their time as well as travel expenses between office and home. By doing work from home in the pandemic, you can do your work without falling prey to virus or untoward incident. At the same time, this has greatly increased the burden on the employees because due to the flexibility of the working time, they can be given more work, in some cases even being given. Not only this, for all the meetings done online through video calling, it has become very necessary to have a strong internet connection, as any problem in this can lead to stoppage of work and up-and-down in the schedule, if internet is available someday. If it is stalled due to rain or storm, then it can put a real strain on your low.

open book exam

The open book exam is one of the main topics of debate within academia across the country. Many countries have also implemented it in their universities. It is one of the popularly asked GD topics for placements. Here is a summary of the topic-

The biggest advantage of open book learning is that it will effectively remove the rote culture and it will give a better understanding of the different ideas of the students in a more concrete way. But, this will cause many students to take the exam lightly and distract them from studies and this can adversely affect the students’ training in memorization, which is also wrong.

Does time frame negatively affect composition style?

It is commonly seen that employees in an organization compromise on the quality of their work simply because they have to complete their tasks within a stipulated time frame. Time-limit forces employees to complete a particular task in a specified time or by a certain date and there is less scope to use creative ideas for higher quality. Deadline delays and does not allow business operations to run normally.

Impact of MeToo

Another important topic in our list of GD topics for placement is the MeToo movement. It is imperative to research its history and how it brought many women and their untold stories to the fore on a global platform. Here are some important pointers for this topic. Many women feared that criminals might be avenged if they spoke their mind, but this mass movement gave them the opportunity and courage to tell their story. Now people in powerful positions will not be able to take advantage of women in return for getting them work. On the other hand unfortunately, many people used it as a weapon to gain personal gains and falsely accused people of taking revenge and destroying their careers.

Should censorship on films be abolished in India?

The debate in India has been going on for several decades that Indian cinema is exploring taboo subjects. But, in a society like India where age-old traditions and religious sensibilities are kept sacred, distributing unfiltered content is not a practical idea. Censorship in films should be abolished or limited in a way, so that Indian films can make their commentary on progressive subjects, which is not happening due to this censorship. This can be a necessary step towards promoting rational and progressive societies and India should waive some degree of censorship, which has no place in modern times. Censorship not only reflects a conservative mindset but it kills the voice of the artist.

Tips and Strategies

While participating in the group discussion, your behavior, gestures, personality as well as speaking skills are all closely examined, and it also reveals a lot about you. The following points should be kept in mind while preparing for GD Hindi Topics for Placement-

  1. Maintain eye contact while expressing your thoughts.
  2. Make your point clear and concise and avoid any kind of pressure.
  3. Listen carefully to others and let everyone speak.
  4. Make a clear and rational statement.
  5. Try to submit your ideas within the allotted time.
  6. Follow and respect a professional code of conduct.
  7. Do not interrupt when others are speaking.
  8. Be patient while speaking, avoid keeping your voice high.


What is the full form of GD?

The full form of GD is Group Discussion.

What are the GD Hindi Topics for Placement?

Given below is the list of GD Hindi topics for placement-
1. New Education Policy 2022 in India
2. How to create more jobs in rural areas?
3. Open Book Exam- Advantages and Disadvantages
4. Steps to Revive Indian Economy

What are the GD Hindi Topics for Placement for Engineers?

GD Hindi Topics for Placement for Engineers are as follows:
1. E-learning: Benefits and Challenges
2. How technology is changing the face of education
3. Benefits of Co-education
4. Science: A boon or a curse?

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