GeneratePress Theme Review in Hindi 2022

whenever you wordpress But when you create your blog, then you choose a best theme for the attractive look of your blog.

By the way, you get many themes on WordPress, with the help of which you can give a very professional look to your blog.

But through today’s article, I will show you one of the Top 5 Best Themes of WordPress. GeneratePress WordPress Theme Review in Hindi I’m going to tell you about. You get many benefits by using this theme.

In this article we GeneratePress Theme I am going to tell about the benefits and its feature and if you like Generatepress Theme If I do not know how to install, I will tell you that too.

GeneratePress Theme Review in Hindi 2021 – Best WordPress Theme For Blogger

by the way our Hindi blog Techshole Too Generatepress Theme Designed on the same. That’s why we Generatpress I will also share my experience with you. Let’s start this article without delay.

GeneratePress Theme what is

Generatepress wordpress It is a very popular theme. Give this Theme a Canadian Developer Tom Usborne had developed.

Generatepress Theme a very Light Weight Theme Is. This theme has more than 1 lakh installations worldwide. The size of this theme is only around 10 KB.

Both Free and Paid Version of this Theme are available. You can buy its Paid Version for just 49 Dollars which is very less as compared to other themes.

GeneratePress WordPress Theme Advantage

GeneratePress Theme There are many benefits of using it, out of which I have told you about some of the benefits.


GeneratePress very Lightweight Theme Yes, its actual size is only 10KB. By using this Theme your Website loading speed It’s going to be great.

SEO Optimize

Today SEO has become very advanced. it’s only now Keyword And Content is not based on. Website loading time matters a lot in SEO.

GeneratePress Theme It has been designed in such a way that no Extra Java Script and CSS File has been added to it. That’s why this theme makes the website very fast. Due to which our website can be accessed by any other search engine or Ranking in Google benefit in.

Mobile Friendly

With the advent of smart phones, today most blogs are read from mobile only. so a blog Mobile Friendly It is very important to be GeneratePress Theme also a Mobile Friendly Theme Is.

GeneratePress Theme It fits very easily on any screen and there will be no decrease in the speed of your website in mobile.

Attractive Look

GeneratePress Theme The look of it is very simple and attractive, which makes your blog more attractive.

Support Any Page Builder

If you on your website Elementor, Thrive architect Like if you use Page Builder GeneratePress Supports these Page Builder well.

Generate Press And by using Page Builder, you can give a very professional look to your website.

Design Multiple Type of Website

GeneratePress WordPress Theme In this you can create multiple types of website. in this you BlogE-commerce, AffiliateYou can design many websites like Online Store.

Google AdSense Friendly

whenever a new bloggerWhen they come in the field of blogging, their first objective is that Google AdSense Get Approval and start earning.

But the new blogger has to face a lot of problems in getting the approval of Google AdSense. Rejection has to be faced again and again.

To get Google AdSense approved Theme also has an important role. GeneratePress Theme is an AdSense Friendly Theme. If you use this theme on your blog, then it will be easy for you to get AdSense approved.

Affordable Price

GeneratePress Theme If you want to buy the Premium Version, then you get it at a very affordable price. You GeneratePress Theme You can buy it at the price of 49 Dollar Per Year.

And you can apply this theme in your Unlimited Website. If you buy from the link given below, you will get a discount of 30 percent.

Customer Support

By the way, you will not need much customer support in this theme. If you still want support then you can through mail GeneratePress You can contact the team that they reply to your mail immediately.

Secure (secure)

This theme has been designed in such a way that it provides you the very best security. With which you can also avoid the dangers of hacking.

GeneratePress Free Vs Paid Version (GP Premium Plugin)

GeneratePress You get limited customization only in the free version of. But if you buy its Paid Version ie GP Premium Plugin, then you will get many Advance Features in it. With the help of which you can customize your website very well.

Know about the feature found in its premium version which will be very beneficial for your website –

Generatepress Paid Theme Feature – GP Premium Theme

After the GeneratePress Theme is activated, to customize it, you have to go to the Appearance option, and then go to the Customize option and give Premium Look to your website. Know in detail the things that come under GeneratePress Premium Theme Customize.


GeneratePress Premium Theme In this you get more than 60 colors, with the help of which you can make your website attractive. You can design your website with the color of your choice. You do not get color customization in its free version.


The font of the content attracts the attention of the visitor. If the font of your content is not good, then the visitor will not stay in your website for long. This will increase your Bounce Rate.

GeneratePress Premium Theme In the option of Typography, you get many great fonts. By using them in the website, you can grab the attention of your visitor.

GeneratePress You can use Navigation as a Header in the Premium Theme. Which makes the look of the website better. GeneratePress This option is not available in the free version of .


You can give a better look to your website by using Element. With the help of Element, you can change the design of your website. If you know Coding, then you can create small elements yourself like Author Box, Table of Content.

In Premium Theme, you can change Footer Credit and give it according to your website. Whereas you do not get this feature in the free version. Website looks professional with Footer Credit.


We can use this feature to do Advance Customization of our blog. With the help of this, we can customize the Color, Font, Feature Image Position etc. of our blog.


if you a Online Store If you want to create, you can customize your online store very well by enabling the Woocommerse feature.

Site Library

GeneratePress is a multiple theme, you can use it for different types of website design apart from your blog. Such as Business, E-commerce, Affiliate etc.

To use Site Library, you have to go to the Appearance option. GeneratePress You have to go to the option. There you will get the option of Site Library.

Here you will get 50+ templates. Now you can install any template. In this way the entire design of your website will change.

Import and Export

When you have more than one website then this feature will prove to be very useful for you.

If you have designed a website well and you want to use the same design in another website, then you can export the old theme to the new one with the help of this feature.

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Generate Press Premium Theme Installation Step by Step

Generate Press Premium Theme To install it, follow the below mentioned point step wise.

Video By Arup

GeneratePress of one Plugin GP Premium You have to purchase. To purchase it, click on the link given below.

As soon as you buy this theme you will get GeneratePress A License Key and a File will be received from you. this file itself GP Premium Plugin Is .

After purchasing the plugin, now you have to install it, its complete process is explained below.

  • First of all click on Theme in the Appearance option in your WordPress Dashboard.
  • After this you go to the option of Add New and search Generate Press in the Search Box. And activate it by installing its free version.
  • Now you have to go to Add New in the Plugin option and click on Upload Plugin.
  • now you GP Premium Plugin Install it here and activate it.
  • After activating the theme, you will get an option of GP Configure, as in the image, you can tick all these. And put your key in the option with License Key. You can update the theme only by entering the License Key.
Generatepres customize
Generatepress customize
  • Now your Generate Press Premium is fully activated. You can customize this theme according to you.

FAQ For GeneratePress Theme in Hindi

What is the size of GeneratePress Theme?

The Actual Size Without Customization of GeneratePress Theme is less than 10Kb.

Who is the developer of GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress Theme has been created by a Canadian developer named Tom Usborne.

What is the cost of GeneratePress Theme?

GeneratePress Theme is available at a nominal price of 39 USD.

Can only blog design be done in GeneratePress Theme?

No, we can design Multiple Website in GeneratePress Theme like – Business, E-commerce, Affiliate etc.

Which is the Best WordPress Theme for Google Adsense Approval?

GeneratePress is a very LightWeight theme and a Google Adsense Friendly theme. If you use GeneratePress in your blog then your chances of getting Adsense Approval increases.

How to Buy GeneratePress WordPress Theme at Low Price

To buy GeneratePress WordPress Theme at a low price, you have to buy GeneratePress Premium Plugin from the link given below and install the plugin on your WordPress site. After purchasing the GeneratePress WordPress Theme from this link, you [email protected] But share the screenshot so that we can send you the License Key. So that you keep getting free updates for 1 year. This file is absolutely original which we have been using.

conclusion , GeneratePress Theme Review in Hindi

through this article i GeneratePress WordPress Theme Review in Hindi have told you. After reading this article you must have understood that GeneratePress What a better theme for your website and blog.

Our suggestion is that you Generatespress Theme Must buy the features of its premium version are very outstanding. If you have benefited from this article, then definitely share this article with your friends and tell in the comment box which one you are. Theme make use of.

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