Germany reduced visa fees for Indians

Germany authorities have announced a decision that the fees for national and short term tourist visas coming from India will be reduced. This amount reduction will be available only and only for the candidates having citizenship of India.

The Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Mumbai said that now Indians will have to pay only the reduced amount for Schengen and National Visa.

According to the consulate, this fee will amount to INR 6,400 (€80) for adults, while the amount has been reduced to INR 3,200 (€40) for minors.

Talking about the national visa, the consulate said that this amount has been reduced to INR 6,000 for Indian adults, while minors will need to pay only INR 3,000 for their application.

In the statement of the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mumbai, he said that the visa fee has changed. In which the amount of Schengen visa fee has been reduced to 6,400 INR for adults and 3,200 INR for minors. Whereas for National Visa, Adults will have to pay 6,000 INR and Minors have to pay 3,000 INR.

A candidate can apply for a short term Schengen visa according to their purpose and duration of visiting Germany. In this short term visa you can do only 90 days stay plan whereas for Germany national visa you can plan stay for more than 90 days.

A candidate applying for a Schengen visa must carry the necessary documents, such as an application form, a declaration, two passport size photographs, a copy of the previous visa, a round trip itinerary, proof of recommendation, proof of financial funds, during the application. Keep in mind, a cover letter, proof of civil status and submitting to Germany Travel Health Insurance.

Along with this, you may also need employment status, additional documents like employment contract, current bank statement and leave permission etc.

Along with all this information, you also need to know that Schengen visa usually takes a period of 15 days, you can find this information on the official website of German Missions in India. If this process cannot be done quickly, then you have to plan your process accordingly.

The German missions in India said in their statement that due to the peak season, the Schengen visa application process currently takes a period of 15 days in some German missions. Please keep this in mind before filing your application. Try postponing your trip if your travel date is close or two weeks away from the application date. Neither the German mission nor the service provider can expedite this process.

With regard to the change in National Visa, it is also stated that it will prove beneficial for Indian candidates. This is because every year a large number of Indian students come to Germany for the purpose of completing their studies. In addition to the drop in the amount of student visa fee applications for Indian students, including those on national visas, the German authorities have also mentioned new appointments that will be announced soon.

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