Good News for Indian Students from Canada Visa Process

One more step in the work being done by the Government of Canada for Indian students and one more step being taken by Canada. On 30 November 2022, Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser stated that the country’s newly announced Indo-Pacific region will help bring more students and immigrants to Canada from India and other countries.

In his announcement, Shaun Fraser said that Canada will invest $74.6 million over the coming five years to increase the speed of visa application processing capacity in New Delhi, Chandigarh and other countries in India. This is a big news for the newcomers and students from India, which will greatly benefit Indians. The count of Indians in Canada is currently around 225,000.

In her announcement, the Immigration Minister confirmed that this funding will strengthen Canada’s International Student Program. He said that providing permanent residence and job opportunities to international students would attract them to the idea of ​​living in Canada. Also, this investment will lead to skilled students becoming workers in Canada. This process will help improve Canada’s present and future economy.

Shaun Fraser also said in his announcement that the Indo-Pacific region is very important for Canadian immigration and will remain so in the future. Today’s announcement is to boost Canada Visa application processing capacity. As we look to record student admissions next year and in the years to come, this funding will be of great benefit to those wishing to come to Canada to visit, study, work or live.

This funding is great news not only for international students but also for Indians looking to grow internationally. So if you are one of those who dream of working or living in Canada, then this step will give a boost to your dreams. Along with this, it is also a great initiative for Canada’s economy growth as well as overall growth.

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