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a lot of people nowadays Google search on Mera Birthday Kab Hai, Mera Janamdin Kab Hai, Google when is my birthday, when will my birthday come But they do not get the right answers to their questions. If you are also not getting the answer to this question, then read this article till the end. After reading this article you will know that when is my birthdayie yours.

Birthday is such a day in the life of any human being that everyone is eagerly waiting, on the occasion of their birthday, people party, go for a walk, cut the cake and entertain the whole day. If you attend the birthday party of any of your friends or relatives, then you must also think that I will also have a similar party on the occasion of my birthday.

But if you do not know the birthday, then your entire plan will be left in the ground, or you may celebrate your birthday on a day on which you have not even been born. That’s why it is important to know your birthday. That’s why in this article we have told you an easy way to know your birthday.

So friends let’s start this article to know when is my birthday when is my birthday,

Google when is my birthday - Mera Birthday Kab Hai - Happy Birthday Kab Hai

When is my birthday (My Birthday Kab Hai)

There are many such people in the world who do not know their birthday, so they consider that date as their birthday when they make their Aadhar card, Voter ID card or any other document.

Although the date of birth is written correctly on the documents of the people who know their birthday correctly, but the date of birth is wrong on the documents of those who do not know their birthday.

People who do not know their birthday, they often consider January 1 as their birthday and celebrate their birthday on the same day.

Many people in the world have their birthdays on the same date, because the population of this world is more than 700 million and there are 365 days in a year. That is why it is obvious that many people have their birthdays on the same day.

when is my birthday? Talking about myself, my birthday is on 27th December. Many of you may also have a birthday on this date and many may have a different date. If it’s your birthday today, I wish you all the very best.

Now the question comes that how can you find out your birthday.

How to know Mera Janamdin Kab Hai

You can use the following methods to find out your birthday.

  • To find out when is my birthday, first of all ask your parents. Because no one knows about your birthday better than your parents.
  • Many times it happens that even your parents forget your birthday, then you can also find out your birthday from your closest relative.
  • Birth certificate is made by everyone, you can also know the exact address of your birthday by your birth certificate.
  • If you knew your birthday earlier and have forgotten it now, then you should check your documents which you had created earlier.

In this way you can know the exact address of your birthday.

google when is my birthday

A lot of people ask google when is my birthday And they don’t get the right answer. because google search engine Doesn’t tell you when your birthday is. but if you ask this question Google Assistant If you ask, Google Assistant tells your date of birth correctly.

actually when you google account If you make it, then at that time you have to give some of your basic personal information, which includes birthday. When you ask Google Assistant when is my birthday, Google Assistant tells you the same birthday, then you have Gmail ID given at the time of making.

To ask Google Assistant your birthday, first you have to open Google Assistant and activate Google Assistant by saying OK Google. After this ask Google Assistant when is my birthday, Google Assistant will give you the correct answer.

In this way you can ask google What is my name,

how to find friend’s birthday

When your special friend has a birthday and you do not know about his birthday, then you are not able to wish him a happy birthday, which can cause bitterness in your friendship. But we are going to tell some such amazing ways, with the help of which you will know your friend’s birthday.

  • To know friend’s birthday you can use your friend’s name Facebook, Instagram Or you can view the profile on any other social media platform, and find out the birthday of your friend. When your friend’s birthday comes, you get the notification.
  • You can find out your friend’s birthday from your friend’s close friend who is also your friend.
  • You can save your friend’s birthday by writing on notes in your mobile.

By these methods you can easily find out the birthday of your friend.

Tell me when is my birthday (I can tell your birthday)

We will tell you when your birthday is through a Math Trick.

  • First of all, whatever your birthday date is, multiply it by 2. (Suppose our birthday date is January 5, then we multiply 5 by 2, then we will get the number 10)
  • Add 5 to the number you got after multiplying the birthday date by 2., (ie 10 + 5 = 15)
  • Whatever number you get after adding 5, multiply it by 50., (eg 15*50 = 750)
  • Now you have to add the number of the month of your birth to the number you got, (Like in this example if our birthday is in January then we will get 750 + 1 = 751. Similarly if your birthday is in February then add 2, if it is in December then add 12)
  • Now subtract 250 from the number you got, (eg 751 – 250 = 501.
  • In the end you must have got some 3 or 4 digit number. In this, the last 2 digits are your month of birth and the first 2 or 1 digit is your date of birth.
  • Like we got 501 then it means that our birthday is on 5th January.

Isn’t it really funny, you must try it with your friends.

Birthday of some special people of India

names of famous people date of birthday
Narendra Modi 17 September 1950
Ram Nath Kovind 1 October 1945
Yogi Adityanath 5 June 1972
Amit Shah 22 October 1964
Sachin Tendulkar 24 April 1973
Kapil Dev 6 January 1959
Mahendra Singh Dhoni 7 July 1981
Rohit Sharma 30 April 1987
Virat Kohli 5 November 1988
Yuvraj Singh 12 December 1981
Kapil Sharma 2 April 1981
Salman Khan 27 December 1965
Shahrukh Khan 2 November 1965
Akshay Kumar 9 September 1967
Arijit Singh 25 April 1987
Mahesh Babu 9 August 1975
Priyanka Chopra 18 July 1982
Ratan Tata 28 December 1937
Most Popular People Birthday date

FAQ: Mera Janmdin Kab Hai

How to know your birthday?

To find out your birthday, you can ask your parents, or you can also check your birth certificate and other documents in which your birthday is written correctly.

Why cut cake on birthday?

Actually this history started from ancient Greece. Earlier, the Greeks used to make round cakes on the occasion of their birthdays in honor of the moon and also respected the light of the moon by placing candles on it. From here the custom of cutting cake on the occasion of birthday started and gradually it became a tradition to cut the cake on the birthday.

When is Google’s birthday?

Google celebrates its birthday on 27 September, because it was on 27 September 1998 that Larry Page and Sergey Brin together created the Google search engine.

Why is birthday celebrated?

Birthday is an important day in the life of every person which comes once in a year. On this day a person comes to know about his true age. The person is happy that one more year has passed and people congratulate him. On the occasion of birthday, a person gets a lot of gifts, love, and affection.

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Conclusion: When is my birthday in Hindi

After reading this article you must have come to know that When is my birthday and how do I know my birthday? Also in this article, we have also told you how you can know your friend’s birthday and also told you the birthday of some special people of India. Hope you guys liked this article, also share this article with your friends on social media.

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