Here’s The Complete Guide To How To Pass TOEFL In 90 Days

TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language is one of the most popular exams to assess a candidate’s command over the English language. As a part of their admission criteria, most universities around the world require scores for the TOEFL exam which is conducted by the ETS (Educational Testing Service). So let us tell you in detail about TOEFL and know that TOEFL Kaise Pass Karen in 3 months.

full form Test of English as a Foreign Language
purpose english language proficiency test
conducting body Educational Testing Service (ETS)
accepted by Universities in USA, Canada and UK
level of exam international
Mode of Examination internet based and paper based
sections reading, writing, listening and speaking
Duration approx 3 hours 30 minutes
TOEFL Fees -TOEFL iBT Fee: USD 185 (INR 13,652)
-TOEFL PBT fee: USD 180 (INR 13,283)
score range -Reading: 0–30
-Listening: 0–30
-Speak: 0–30
-write: 0–30
TOEFL Testing Center 4,500 worldwide
TOEFL Helpline -1-609-771-7100
fax 1-610-290-8972

How to Prepare for TOEFL Test in 3 Months?

  • Set a TOEFL score you want to achieve: This is extremely important because if you have a specified goal to reach, you can effectively identify your strong and weak points and then design the right TOEFL preparation strategy accordingly. You must set a target score that meets the requirements of the educational institution you are applying for.
  • Take enough time to prepare: Usually, 2 months is the recommended time period for preparing for TOEFL, but if you want to honing your English skills by starting with the basics of the language, you will need 3-6 months for your preparation. Have to keep it separate.
  • Select Preliminary Exam Date: Opt for a test date approximately 6-10 weeks (or as per the admission intake deadline of your chosen educational institution) before you need to submit them for your application because by then you can have your TOEFL results and Can provide them later.
  • Learn to take notes: This is one of the important TOEFL preparation tips as missing important details in various exam sections can lead to losing valuable marks. Train yourself to take notes by putting down pointers, especially while listening, speaking and writing.
  • Do not leave any questions: Since there is no negative marking in this exam, you should always answer each question with the best possible option or use the process of elimination to find the right one.

TOEFL exam pattern

The first step in TOEFL Kaise Pass Karen in 90 Days should be a critical analysis of the TOEFL Exam Pattern. Once you know which section requires more time, you can easily time accordingly. The main features of TOEFL Exam Pattern are given in the following table in full –

sections Types of Questions number of questions Duration score
readings readings
30-40 questions 54-72 minutes 0-30
writing Essay Writing; writing in response to an argument 2 questions 50 minutes 0-30
speaking Responding to audio clip Task 4 17 minutes 0-30
listening Lectures,
class discussion in audio form
30-35 minutes 30-35 minutes 0-30

please pay attention: Educational Testing Service (ETS) has planned to discontinue the TOEFL paper based test.

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Make a study plan according to the sections

To score well in the TOEFL exam, one must prepare well for the TOEFL course. Read the section-wise syllabus, identify your weak areas, and divide the topics into two categories-

  1. One that is completely new to you.
  2. which you already know.

After this assessment make a plan and proceed accordingly. Following are the section-wise strategies on TOEFL Kaise Pass Karen in 90 Days-

writing section

There will be 2 questions in this section, one is Essay and the other is Integrated Writing. You have to show your writing ability to score well in both the questions. So let’s know about the writing section –

  • Grammer Start by practicing the rules of. Practice different types of grammar based questions daily for at least 2 weeks and focus on sentence structure.
  • Read some TOEFL sample essays to understand the structure.
  • The tone of conversation should be strictly avoided. You should practice writing in a formal tone.
  • Start solving beginner level writing questions by week 3.
  • Switch to advanced level writing questions at the beginning of the second month of your preparation and practice them thoroughly throughout the month.
  • In the third month, practice 2 questions daily and start solving TOEFL sample tests.

Sample Question:
Question 1: What are your thoughts on the effects of widespread use of the Internet?
Question 2: Movies and television make certain assumptions for an ideal lifestyle/human personality. How would you explain this?
Question 3: Do you agree or disagree with the idea that young people can teach older people?

reading section

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In this section questions will be framed on 3-4 comprehension passages which candidates have to complete in 54-72 minutes. TOEFL Kaise Pass Karen in 90 days with a special focus on the reading section is a weekly plan on-

  • The most important thing is to read the newspaper thoroughly every day.
  • For the first 2 weeks go through the comprehension packages of mock tests and get a grip on their structure.
  • After the third week, practice a few samples daily. This will help in increasing your speed and accuracy.
  • From the second month onwards, practice the entire paper daily within a stipulated time frame.
  • Finally, with only 1-2 weeks left, check out blogs and articles on common topics.

speaking section

In the speaking test, the response will be recorded through the microphone. 2-3 questions on familiar topics will be put forward and candidates will have to solve them in 20 minutes duration. If you also want to know that TOEFL Kaise Pass Karen in 90 days, especially in this section, then here is a plan that you can analyze-

  • Take out at least 20 minutes every day from day one and read aloud an excerpt from any newspaper, book or magazine etc.
  • Pay attention to your pronunciation.
  • At the end of the first month start watching debates and bulletins on English news channels to familiarize yourself with TOEFL speaking topics. Try to understand their style, tone and accent.
  • Beginning with week 9, practice various TOEFL sample speaking questions in front of a mirror and continue this process until the day of your test.
  • Make sure you only use the formal tone and include appropriate examples where necessary.

Sample question:
Question 1: What kind of behavior would you be inclined to do? Be a carefree, adventurous or you believe in avoiding taking risks and sticking to the plan.
Question 2: Which do you consider the best place to spend time with your friends and family? Is it in the comfort of your own home or the adventures of the outside world?
Question 3: How do you make career choices? What are the three most lucrative career paths for you so far?
Question 4: Where will your next trip be?

listening section

Mainly 3-4 recordings will be played in this section. In this, applicants will be allowed to take accurate notes from the recording and will be given around 60 minutes to answer all the questions. Following are some tips for TOEFL Kaise Pass Karen in 90 days-

  • Play them twice for the first 2 weeks to get a hold on the accents and accents.
  • From week 3 onwards, start practicing at least 2 audio recordings daily.
  • Play audio only once between 5th to 8th week.
  • In week 9, practice two non-stop mock audio recordings daily and evaluate your answers.
  • Practice this step for the entire third month.

General Tips for TOEFL

Here are some general tips for TOEFL Kaise Pass Karen to succeed in your TOEFL exam-

  • Know the TOEFL format thoroughly and be clear with your subjects.
  • Make sure you have a personalized program with a dedicated amount of time daily for effective learning and practice.
  • To help you score better Leverage Live And use best resources like best study material.
  • Read everyday and improve your vocabulary.
  • Watch movies or listen to podcasts to improve your English proficiency.

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