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Perhaps many of us seem to have forgotten the importance of exercise in human life. In this busy world man neither has time for himself and forget for others. Where school going children are told more about the importance of education, they are told less about their health. For the last few years, it has been seen that small children have mobiles, tablets in their hands. Where these kids should be playing, exercising in the park, they are busy with their smartphones. Similar is the condition of youth and elders. We have to change our lifestyle. Everyone should understand the importance of exercise in such a way, so let’s take complete information about exercise.

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What is exercise?

Exercise means taking care of your body. Pushing your body beyond its limits with a daily regimen. Exercise is very important for health. By exercising, not only the health of a man and his mind also remain healthy. This is the best way to cure every disease. Exercising gives us many benefits. Exercise helps us the most to keep fit and healthy. We know the importance of exercise only by doing exercise.

the right place and time to exercise

Plenty of light and clean air are essential for exercising. So open areas are the best places to exercise. Open air flows in this space. The importance of exercise increases by exercising in open space. Morning and evening are the most beneficial times for exercise. Especially morning time is considered most favorable for exercising. Exercising late at night and in the afternoon doesn’t do any good.

types of exercise

Everyone should exercise regularly in their daily routine. We can do different types of exercises. Such as getting up early in the morning and walking, cycling and doing yoga etc. Jumping rope, sit-ups, long jump, shot put all these are also types of exercise. Wrestling, sports, cycling, and participating in various sports like football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, kabaddi, etc. are exercises. Even swimming, running or walking long distances is part of exercise. The importance of exercise in these ways increases even more.

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benefits of exercise

Exercising is as important for our body as eating or drinking water. Regular exercise keeps us fit not only physically but also mentally. Getting into the habit of exercising regularly is not an easy task, but it is not difficult either. Know the importance of exercise and its benefits –

  • Regular exercise not only keeps the muscles healthy, but also improves the blood flow in the body.
  • By exercising regularly, along with improving metabolism, calories also burn faster and weight remains under control.
  • Diseases like diabetes etc. do not flourish in the body due to which your lifestyle remains better.
  • Exercising regularly reduces problems related to blood pressure. Experts say that women who exercise daily reduce their risk of high blood pressure by 75 percent.
  • Exercise proves useful in keeping not only the body but also the mind sharp. Many problems like stress, headache and depression can be reduced or cured with the help of regular exercise.
  • Cholesterol levels in the body can also be normalized by exercising daily. By exercising, the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body decreases and the amount of good cholesterol increases.

Essay on Importance of Exercise (in 250 words)

It is thus misleading to think that food, clothing and shelter are necessary to maintain the body, but that the benefits are sufficient to have a beautiful and well-balanced body and a stable mind. There is no doubt that a person with a thin body and a depressed mind can lead a happy life. Regular exercise is essential for the well-being of body and mind. It is the duty of every human being to take care of the safety of this precious life. Mental development depends on the proper structure and growth of the body. It is difficult to imagine a healthy body without exercise.

definition and form

Exercise is another name for regular limb movement for physical growth and development. In all those works in which different parts of the body keep moving continuously, due to which the body becomes strong and all this work is exercise. Farmers working hard in the field of agriculture, workers engaged in various physical activities in factories and construction workers exercise daily. In short, it can be said that exercise is a continuous way of being engaged in physical activity.

To keep our body fit, we have to give up on ourselves from today itself, we should make our body resistant with exercise in such a way that no disease can even touch our body.

Essay on importance of exercise (400 words)

Almost every person in this world is surrounded by some or the other disease all the time and to avoid those diseases, every person goes to a doctor or a doctor. Doctors and healers cure that disease or illness but no one corrects health. Exercise is the way to maintain your health. People who do exercise and yoga never fall ill easily. Disease attacks a weak body and a person who exercises always remains fit and strong. Exercise is the only solution to avoid illness or disease.

Exercising daily gives strength and energy to the body. There will be no need for medicines, vitamin syrups and injections given by doctors if we adopt exercise. A great doctor has said that the doctor who improves the health of his patient without relying too much on medicines, is called the most intelligent and good doctor. Big researchers say that in today’s era humans are dying less due to diseases and more due to medicines. Man has to strengthen his health not with medicines but with exercise and yoga.

There is nothing more precious than health. The body of a person who exercises properly is always fit and the mind and mouth are always energetic. By exercising, the digestive system also works properly and it also increases appetite. By doing exercise, the body and mind of a person always remain calm and good thoughts also arise in his mind. All great men have also considered exercise as the first duty of life. It is the effect of the power of exercise itself that those great people contributed for the welfare of man and the development of the country.

You will read about many types of exercise in many books. On the other hand, if you are not able to do much running exercise, then the best way of exercise for you is to do yogasanas or yoga exercises. You can start your daily exercise by doing some easy yoga poses in the beginning. If you want, you can also do running exercises. Man’s health is in his hands, he can make or break it if he wants. Exercising regularly will make you happier, and watching you exercise will inspire more people.

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Precious thoughts on the importance of exercise

The importance of exercise in human life is very important. It is like being a student without a teacher. Come, let us tell you 10 valuable thoughts related to exercise.

  1. “Educated person is health conscious and this is also the main reason for his success.”
  2. “A healthy person is definitely happy and a person who is not happy is definitely sick physically or mentally.”
  3. “When sick, a person just wants to be healthy and makes efforts, but when he is healthy, he does not try to avoid the disease.”
  4. “Early rising makes a man healthy, prosperous and wise.”
  5. “Living a healthy life should be the goal of every individual.”
  6. “Living a healthy life is also an art which makes a person happy and prosperous.”
  7. “Hard work is required to reach the goal and hard work makes a person healthy.”
  8. “Being healthy means giving nectar to the soul and worrying is its poison.”
  9. “The one who is physically and mentally healthy is the richest in this world, the rest are poor.”
  10. “Good thinking and good health both are the blessings of God.”


Question 1: How many types of exercise?

Answer: some form of exercise
isometric and isotonic
Anaerobics – Rapid Exercise Type
Aerobics – Breathing Exercise Type

Question 2: What is the importance of exercise?

Answer: Regular exercise proves useful in keeping the metabolism fast. By exercising regularly, along with improving metabolism, calories also burn faster and weight remains under control.

Question 3: How should the exercise be done?

Answer: Exercising between 10 am and 11 am is more beneficial than exercising before sunrise or waking up early. At this time your metabolism is correct and you are more active. If you want to workout in the evening, then 3 to 5 pm is the best time for this.

Question 4: How to do morning exercise?

Answer: First, lie down straight on the stomach and keep both the hands under the forehead. Keep the toes of both feet together. Now lift the forehead towards the front and keep both the arms parallel to the shoulders so that the weight of the body falls on the arms. Now lift the front of the body with the help of the arms.

Question 5: Which exercise should be done to stay fit?

Answer: The set can be started with jumping jacks. Thighs and legs can be benefited through wall sits. Along with this, it helps in balancing the body. You can do these hard-working exercises according to your ability.

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