How many types of human skeleton are there, know in detail here

The strength and shape of the body of any organism depends on its skeletal system, whether it is a human being or an animal, the reason for its straight walking is its skeletal system. There are 206 bones in a human body and a variety of different joints. Kankal Tantra can be divided into two components: the axial skeleton and the appendicular skeleton. In simple language, the function of the skeletal system is to give shape to the body, provide support, contribute to movement and provide protection to soft organs, etc. All the muscles of the body together form the muscular system. Muscles give movement to the body and also produce beats in the heart. Know in detail about Kankal Tantra through this blog.

skeletal system

In addition to the bones in the composition of the skeleton, at some places cartilage or cartilage is also present. Kankal Tantra is divided into two main parts-

  1. Axial Skeleton : In which the bones present in the long and long axis of the body come. It has cranium or skull, sternum and ribs, spinal cord, hyoid bone.
  2. Appendicular Skeleton : The skeleton consists of upper and lower branches and their mekhelas. Apart from these, there are three small bones in the middle part of each ear. Bones are divided into long, short, flat, irregular and sejmoid bones.

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types of human skeletal system

According to the bones available in the human body, there are two types of skeletal system:

  1. exoskeleton: The skeleton found on the upper surface of the body is called exoskeleton e.g. skin in human body, feathers in birds, hair in animals. The function of the exoskeleton is to protect the internal organs of the body.
  2. Endoskeleton: The skeleton found in the internal part of the body is called endoskeleton. This forms the main structure of the body. Endoskeleton is made up of two parts:
    1. bone
    2. cartilage

Bone:- Bones are solid, hard and strong, which we commonly call bones. Being made of calcium and magnesium, bones are so solid and strong that they can carry the weight of the body. Thick and long bones are hollow from inside, in which a fluid is found, which is called bone marrow. There are two types of bone: articular bone and cartilage bone. In the adult stage, there are 206 bones in the human body, while about 300 bones are found in the newly born child.

Cartilage:- Cartilage is formed from the connective tissues of the skeleton. It is semi-solid, flexible, transparent.

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parts of the human skeletal system

The Human Kankal Tantra has two parts:

  1. axial skeleton
  2. appendicular skeleton

axial skeleton

The axial skeleton is formed around the central axis of the body and thus includes the skull, spine and ribcage. It protects the brain, spinal cord, heart, lungs, esophagus and major organs like eyes, ears, nose and tongue. The axial skeleton consists of about 80 bones including the skull, spinal column, ribs and sternum. Which is divided into two parts:

  • Skull
  • vertebral column
  • ribs


  • It is divided into two parts, in which total 22 bones are found.
  • Cranial (cranium) – It consists of 8 bones.
  • Facial Bone – It consists of 14 bones.
  • Apart from this, there are 3-3 pairs of ears.
  • Apart from this, there is another one called Hoyd.
  • The ear bones are located in the middle part of the ear. The stapes bone of the ear is the smallest in our body.

main bones of the skull

  • frontal
  • parietal
  • occipital
  • temporal
  • mailer
  • maxilla
  • dental
  • Nasal

vertebral column

  • Its length is 70 cm and there are 26 bones, the total number of vertebrae is 33.
  • The name of the first vertebra is atlas and the name of the last one is coaxial, it is also called tail vertebra.
  • Vertebrates have a hole through which the spinal cord or spinal cord passes.

The vertebral column is divided into the following parts:-

  • Neck- It consists of 7 vertebrae and 7 bones
  • Chest – It consists of 12 vertebrae and 12 bones
  • Lumbar – It consists of 5 vertebrae and 5 bones
  • Sacral – It consists of 5 vertebrae and 1 bone
  • hyoid – it consists of 4 vertebrae and 1 bone
  • Thus there are 33 vertebrae and 26 bones in total. There is only 1 bone in the sternum.


Their total number is 24 or 12 pairs, it makes a cage which is called rib cage.

  • These ribs are made up of ribs, sternum and thoracic vertebrae.
  • Ribs from 1 to 7 are called true or true ribs.
  • The 8th, 9th, and 10th pairs are called false or accessory ribs.
  • And the 11th and 12th pair are called floating or mobile ribs.
  • In this way, the axial skeleton is made up of 80 bones in total.

appendicular skeleton

The appendicular skeleton includes the bones of the arms and legs. There are a total of 126 bones in it.
1.beltsLeg bones come in this.
2.Unchained This includes the bones of the hand.


It connects the steps to the main axis, as well as it is divided into two parts.
1. Ansh Mekhla
2. pelvic girdle

  • Ansh Mekhla: There are total 4 bones in it, it connects the front feet to the main axis. There are two types of bones in it.
  • clavicle boneIt is also called collar bone or sometimes it is also called beauty bone. It has one bone on both sides. It connects the hands to the sternum.
  • scapula – It is called shoulder bone or shoulder bone. It connects the clavicle to the humerus.
  • coxal bone This is called hip bone or hip bone. There is one on both sides. There is a pubic arch or angle in the pelvic belt, it is 90 degree in male and 100 degree in female, this is the difference in the skeletal system of both.

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skeletal system functions

Following are the main functions of Kankal Tantra :-

  • Along with strengthening the body of the skeletal system, there are many other functions which are mentioned below:
  • The skeletal system provides strength and shape to the body.
  • The outer skeleton protects the internal organs.
  • It provides movement to the whole body with the help of muscles.

functions of bones

  • Bones help the body to stand upright.
  • Provides strength to the body.
  • Bones give shape to the body.
  • Protects other internal organs of the body.

major joints of the human skeletal system

The bones of Kankal Tantra that connect with each other are called Sandhi. In common words, the joint of elbow, knee, neck etc. is called joint. There are 2 types of treaty:

  • floating treatyThe joints which provide movement to the bones are called movable joints like knee, neck, elbow, shoulder etc.
  • permanent contractThese joints provide protection to the delicate parts of the body like mouth, skull, chest etc.

skeletal system pdf


Question- What are the parts of the skeletal system called?

Answer – Bones

Question- In which two parts is the study of the skeletal system done?

Answer – exoskeleton and endoskeleton

Question- What cells are bones made of?

Answer – Meizenkaim

Question- By whom does the bone develop?

Answer – Mesoderm

Question- Which substance released from the cells makes up the osteoblast?

Answer – Ocean

Question- What is the outer skeleton of insects made of?

Answer – Chitin

Question- Who makes the middle base of the skeleton?

Answer – vertebral column

Question- By whom is the space between two vertebrae filled?

Answer: fibroid pad

Question- How long is the spinal cord in an adult human?

Answer- 60-70 cm

Question- How many vertebrae are there in the spinal cord?

Answer- 33

Question- What other name has been given to the vertebral column?

Answer – spinal column

Question- With what is the conch bone, frontal, animal bone, jhajhara bone, parietal bone related?

Answer – Skull

Question- Nasal, cranial bones, lacrimal bones, bummer, palate, maxillary, mandible, spongy bones are associated with?

north face

Question- What are the vertebral column, chest bone, ribs related to?

Answer – Torso

Question- Ribs are made of how many bones?

Answer- 24

Question- Whose bones are finger bones, humerus, radius, ulna, carpus, metacarpals?

Answer: hand

Question- Whose bones are patella, tarsus, metatarsus, femur, tibio fibula?

Answer – foot

Question- What is the number of bones in the brain cell of our body?

Answer- 8

Question- What is the number of sternum?

Answer- 8

Question- How many bones are there in our anan?

Answer- 14

Question- What is the number of Januka in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- How many parshukas are there in the body?

Answer- 24

Question- What is the number of kanthika in the body?

Answer 1

Question- How many branches are there in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- How many fractions are there in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- How many Jatrukas are there in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- What is the number of radius in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- How many bones are there in the body?

Answer- 10

Question- How many gems are there in the body?

Answer- 16

Question- What is the number of finger bones (hand)?

Answer- 28

Question- What is the number of hip bones in the body?

Answer 1

Question- How many bones are there in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- What is the number of internal organs in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- How many exocrine glands are there in the body?

Answer- 2

Question- How many polyps are there in the body?

Answer- 14

Question- How many clavicle bones are there in the body?

Answer- 10

Question- How many bones (feet) are there in the body?

Answer- 28

Question- What is the sum of all the bones of the body?

Answer – 206

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