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A lab technician is a person who specializes in working with complex medical machinery and performing various medical tests. There is a huge demand for a Lab Technician in the public and private sector around the world. In Lab Technician course, students are taught about anatomy, pathology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology etc. If you want to know in detail about lab technician course in Hindi, then definitely read this blog of ours, in this you will get all the information from lab technician courses to job career.

What is Lab Technician Course?

The Lab Technician course, which is done after 10th, 12th and graduation degree, is a high quality course included in the category of paramedical courses. If a person does a lab technician course, then subjects like blood banking, microbiology, pathology and biochemistry are taught in this course. This subject is not only bookish knowledge, but in this they are also shown by doing practical, so that they can read and learn the course of lab technician well. Its other name is also clinical science course.

Such people who successfully complete it, they also get a certificate after completing the course and through this certificate they can apply for a job in any laboratory. For your information, let us also tell you that Lab Technician is counted in such medical courses, in which you do not have to give any kind of entrance exam to get admission.

Medical Lab Technician Jobs

Medical lab technicians conduct tests to diagnose a disease. On the basis of which the doctors do the treatment. Lab Technician Body Fluids, Tissue, Blood Typing, Cell Counting of Human Body,
Microorganism screening, chemical analysis, etc., examines and analyzes them. Lab technicians work for samples, tests, reports and documents etc.

lab technician course

To become a Lab Technician, you should have complete knowledge about X-ray, Radiography, Chemistry etc. There are three types of courses available to you to become a Lab Technician, which are explained in detail below:

Diploma in Medical Lab Technician

The list of diploma courses to become a lab technician is given below-

  • Diploma in ECG Technology
  • Medical Imaging Technology Diploma
  • DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)
  • Radiography Technology Diploma
  • CVT Technician Diploma
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Assistants
  • Diploma in Clinical Analysis
  • Certificate in Laboratory Techniques (CPLT)
  • Certificate course in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT)

Bachelors in Medical Lab Technician

Below is the list of Bachelor’s degree courses to become a Lab Technician-

  • X-Ray Technology BSc
  • BSc Medical Imaging Technology
  • Bachelor Of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)
  • BSc In Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc. MLT)
  • BSc ECG and Cardiovascular Technology
  • BSc Clinical Laboratory Technology

Masters in Medical Lab Technician

The list of master’s degree courses to become a lab technician is given below-

  • MSc. Medical Laboratory
  • Master of Medical Laboratory Technology
  • M.Sc. Medical Imaging Technology
  • X-Ray Technology M.Sc.
  • MSc. ECG and CVT

Lab Technician Course Syllabus

Lab Technician Course in Hindi
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In Lab Technician course, you are also taught about Lab Anatomy, Pathology to Lab Management. The subjects taught in the Lab Technician course are given below-

  • Anatomy
  • pathology
  • biochemistry
  • physiology
  • microbiology
  • Lab Management
  • PSM
  • Advance Lab Management
  • communication skills


Immunology is a branch of biology and medicine that deals with the study of the immune system of all organisms. Immunology is an important part of microbiology, as some of the major dangerous diseases that are caused by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms in the human body. Immunology helps to develop treatments for these diseases and work on vaccinations to prevent these diseases, as well as to prevent the damage caused by these organisms.

clinical Pathology

Clinical pathology is a medical specialty that helps diagnose disease by laboratory analysis of bodily fluids such as blood, urine, phlegm, chemistry, microbiology, hematology, and molecular pathology. It is an important field of study for the students pursuing Lab Technician course.


This branch of microbiology deals with the study of microorganisms including unicellular, microscopic animal groups, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. This discipline is a major part of various research areas of biochemistry and pathology.


This field of chemistry looks at various chemical aspects of biological process. It also studies the various enzymes, proteins and other chemicals present in the body and its functional processes.

Top Abroad Universities

The list of top universities in the world offering Lab Technician courses is as follows:

Top Indian Colleges

To become a lab technician, you can take admission in diploma, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree courses, for which the list of top Indian colleges is as follows

  • AIIMS Delhi, Delhi
  • CMC Vellore, Vellore
  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune
  • Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi
  • Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry
  • St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Madras Medical College, Chennai
  • GGSIPU, New Delhi
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Chennai

Eligibility to become a Lab Technician

There are different qualifications according to the courses to become a Lab Technician, such as- Diploma, Bachelors, Masters.

Eligibility for Diploma Course

  • To take admission in the diploma course of Lab Technician, students must have passed 12th from Science stream with minimum 50% to 60%.

Eligibility for Bachelor Degree Course

  • Students must have passed 12th from Science Biology stream with minimum 50% to 60%.
  • Admission in Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT) course in India is given on the basis of 12th marks of the student. However, to get admission in top institutes like AIIMS and PGIMER, one has to clear some national level and state level entrance exams. There is no specific entrance exam for taking admission abroad.
  • Some Indian colleges also ask for a specific age for admission.
  • For English language proficiency for taking admission abroad IELTS either TOEFL Scores are also required.
  • for admission abroad SOP, LOR, CV/Resume And portfolio are also necessary.

Eligibility for Master’s degree course

  • Students must have passed 12th from Science stream with minimum 50% to 60%.
  • To take admission in Master’s degree in India and abroad, the candidate must have obtained Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology or other related field.
  • For taking admission in master’s degree abroad GMAT,GRE Score is required.
  • for English language proficiency IELTS either TOEFL Scores are also required.
  • for admission abroad SOP, LOR, CV/Resume And portfolio are also necessary.

Application Process

To take admission in any course, you must know its process. To take admission in Lab Technician course in India and abroad, you have to follow the step by step procedure given below.

Application Process for Lab Technician Course in India and Abroad

  • Register on the official website of the university. For UK admission you can visit the UCAS website (UCAS) to register. From here you will get the User ID and Password.
  • Sign in with User ID and select the course you want to choose.
  • In the next step, enter your educational details.
  • with educational qualification IELTS, TOEFLentrance exam score, SOP, LOR Fill in the information.
  • Fill the job details of previous years.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Finally submit the application form.
  • Some universities invite for virtual interview after selection.

Required Documents

Some of the required documents are listed below-

job after lab technician course

After doing Lab Technician course, you have many job opportunities to make a career in Lab Technology. This field has been part of research in medical science, which has led to a demand for more career prospects in lab technology. The popular job profiles in Lab Technician Course in Hindi are:

  • systems analyst
  • healthcare administrator
  • medical technician
  • lab assistant manager

Job Profile and Salary after Lab Technician Course According to the job roles and their salary after doing Lab Technician course are as follows:

job profile Salary Annual (INR)
systems analyst 6-7 lakhs
laboratory technician 3-lakh
healthcare administrator 4-5 lakhs
medical technician 3-4 lakhs
lab assistant manager 5-6 lakhs
lab manager 5-6 lakhs
R&D Lab Assistant 3-4 lakhs
assistant professor 3-4 lakhs


Can I take direct admission in BMLT course in India?

Yes, many colleges in India also give direct admission to the students on the basis of their 12th marks.

Can students take admission in BMLT course with PCM subject?

No, to take admission in BMLT course, you must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in 12th.

Can we take admission in BMLT course without NEET?

Yes, for admission in BMLT course NEET do not require. Most of the institutes in India give admission to the students on the basis of marks obtained in 12th.

Is there any internship opportunity after completing BMLT course?

Yes, many universities and colleges also offer internship opportunities for 6 months, where the students are exposed to the working environment.

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