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Astrologist, in common language we call as astrologer or astrologer, is one who interprets the position of planets, sun and moon to predict the future. The knowledge acquired at a time used for social service by a particular clan of the society has acquired the shape of a full-fledged profession in recent times not only in the Indian subcontinent but also in other parts of the world. So if you are fascinated by the stars, constellations, moons and other celestial bodies in the sky and are able to understand their relation to the phenomena on planet earth then this is the profession for you.

Who are Astrologists?

An astrologist is a professional who studies the relationship of various celestial bodies with humans on Earth and predicts their future life. If one is really interested in becoming an astrologist then one needs to study in many subjects including history, philosophy and science. One should be hardworking and dedicated to perform his duties with perfection. Astrologist career demands deep foresight as it involves the emotions of humans. It requires commitment, an open mind and the ability to work hard with clarity of thought. Thus doing their job most effectively requires special knowledge and training which can be acquired through a special kind of study and required training.

Astrologist’s job

An Astrologist has many responsibilities, such as-

  • An astrologer traditionally advises his clients on what will happen in their immediate and long term future. He usually bases his predictions on the belief that the positions of celestial bodies at birth and how they relate to each other from that point forward directly affect life events.
  • To properly understand the question of the client’s current state of mind and give advice based on that.
  • Taking care of the confidentiality of the customer’s personal data.
  • Clearly giving instructions, advice and other precautions.
  • Some astrologers predict future events based on the zodiac.
  • An astrologer’s analytical process usually begins by considering the client’s place of birth using longitude and latitude and considering the time zone in which the birth took place. This analytical step usually involves noting these aspects down on paper or on a circular chart on a computer screen. This instrument is commonly known as the Astrological Wheel.

Skills Required to Become an Astrologist

Here is a list of some of the skills required to become an Astrologist –

  • The Astrologist should have a solid basic knowledge of the meanings of signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits and progresses.
  • They must be able and willing to work on their personal development, as reflected by the need for individual therapy throughout the programme.
  • They should have adequate educational background.
  • Astrologists must have communicative abilities, have empathy, integrity and a sense of responsibility.
  • It is also necessary for the Astrologist to have extensive knowledge and experience.

How to become an Astrologist? (Step by Step Guide)

Follow the steps given below to become an Astrologist –

Phase 1

One can go for Bachelors degree in relative subjects like Philosophy or Astrology etc. or join Professional Astrology Institute offering one year training course in Astrology after getting their basic qualification. You must have a good educational background in astrology.

Phase 2

Once you complete your Bachelors degree, you can go for various Masters degree courses, and gain in-depth knowledge of the field of Astrology, which can prove to be very useful for improving your experience and skills.

step 3

After getting the formal qualification, you can start practicing with some senior astrologist so that he can get practical insight of the field he is planning to make his full career. By doing this you may have useful experience which can prove to be quite useful to enrich your thoughts and predictions.

Required courses to become an Astrologist

Being a multidisciplinary discipline in India, there are a lot of people who want to make a career in astrology. Some of the most prominent astrology courses are given below-

Certificate in Astrology

With this course of 6 months duration, both theoretical and practical skills of the students are developed in this field. Students are given fundamental education in astrology subjects like Horoscope Science, Predictive Astrology, Transit Science, Muhurta Shastra, Ashtakvarga and Remedial Astrology.

Diploma in Astrology

Students to read Introduction to Astrology and Horoscope, Diploma in Astrology is a short term course which lasts for a duration of 6 months to 1.5 years. Apart from the full time course, the diploma is awarded on both distance and part time basis. This course is the best option for those who have deep inclination in this field and who want to grow as Astrologist and Numerologist. In addition, students are required to understand the many complex terms associated with the stream and subsequently develop a project work to demonstrate understanding of the subject.

Bachelor of Arts in Astrology

BA Astrology is one of the most sought after three year astrology courses in which learners develop new skills to administer various medical treatments or remedies so that their clients can see various negatives through effective predictions and guidance associated with them. To help overcome life situations.

Graduate Diploma in Astrology

Students looking for excellent 3-year astrology courses can consider the Graduate Diploma in Astrology right after their Bachelors studies. Under this course, they are trained in Mathematical Astrology, Predictive Astrology, Astro Numerology, Remedial Astrology, and Hori Astrology.

Advanced Diploma in Astrology

Being one of the renowned 2 year astrology courses, Advance Diploma in Astrology allows students to understand the concept of Gochar and Ashtakvarga, Astronomy, Divisional cart (theory and practical) in Indian astrology and Panchang and Muhurtashastra.

Apart from the above mentioned astrology courses, the following are some traditional courses that students can consider opting for:

  • Acharya
  • Palmistry Acharya and Shiromani
  • Astrology Shiromani
  • Vedic astrology
  • Natal astrology
  • astrologer proficient
  • Jyotish Bhushan

world’s top universities

Some of the leading universities providing quality education for Astrology are –

top university in india

Some of the leading institutes in India for astrology are –

  • Maharishi College of Vedic Astrology
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • DAV Girls College
  • Panjab University
  • IVS School of Design
  • Shri Shivaji Science College
  • Government Arts College
  • Uttarakhand Open University
  • Shree Narayan Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya
  • Krishnaji Joshi Shiksha Shastri College

Eligibility Criteria for Required Courses

The eligibility criteria for Astrology are as follows:

  • Candidate must have passed 10+2 with good marks from a recognized institute or board.
  • For master’s degree, a bachelor’s degree is required in the relevant field.
  • Most of the universities give admission on the basis of merit.
  • In case of foreign universities, as a proof of proficiency in English IELTS either TOEFL either PTE Test scores are required.
  • In addition to these requirements abroad LOR, SOP, cv/resume, portfolio etc. is also required.

Application Process

The application process for Astrology in India and foreign universities is explained below:

Application process in Indian universities

The application process in the universities of India is as follows-

  1. First of all register by visiting the official website of your chosen university.
  2. After registering on the university website, you will receive a username and password.
  3. Then after signing in to the website, select your chosen course which you want to do.
  4. Now fill the application form with educational qualification, category etc.
  5. After that submit the application form and pay the required application fee.
  6. If the admission is based on the entrance test, first register for the entrance test and then wait for the counseling after the result. You will be selected on the basis of entrance exam marks and list will be issued.

Some of the required documents are listed below-

  • Marksheet and pass certificate of your 10th or 12th examination.
  • Proof of date of birth.
  • school leaving Certificate
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate / Residential Proof or Certificate
  • provisional certificate
  • character certificate
  • SC/ST/OBC Certificate
  • Proof of disability (if any)
  • Migration Certificate (Migration)

Abroad Application Process

The application process for admission in foreign universities is as follows-

  • The first step in your application process is choosing the right course and university.
  • After selecting the course and university, research the eligibility criteria of that university for that course.
  • Collect the required test scores and documents.
  • Fill the application form by visiting the university site or you can Leverage Edu You can also take help of experts.
  • Wait for the offer and prepare for the interview once selected.
  • After clearing the interview round, pay the required tuition fee and scholarship, student visa, education loan And apply for hostel.

a charming SOP From writing to visa application, you can take the help of Leverage Edu experts to help you with the complete application process.

Required Documents

Some of the required documents are listed below-

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Career and Salary as an Astrologist

An unorganized sector still holds great potential as a career for the budding astrologist. Due to the increase in restlessness in the busy life of man and with no other alternative means, man has become more prone to shortcuts or astronomical interventions to rectify or solve his problems, thereby sustaining the demand for these professionals. With the global demand for astrologists and the supply being very low compared to the demand, astrologists can bargain for a hefty fee per question asked to them. It all depends on the reputation of the astrologist and the success rate of their prediction. The average astrologist salary for a beginner in India can start from Rs 5,000 per query or forecast, while experienced and qualified professionals can ask for anything they want for their forecasting services. The salary of Astrologist in different countries is given below-

Country Estimated Annual Salary (In INR)
India 2 lakh to 5 lakh
UK 1 lakh to 2.42 lakh/month
USA 12.76 lakh to 57 lakh
Canada 15 to 25
Australia 15 to 30 lakhs


What is an Astrologer or Astrologist?

An astrologist is a professional who studies the relationship of various celestial bodies with humans on Earth and predicts their future life. If one is really interested in becoming an astrologist then one needs to study in many subjects including history, philosophy and science. One should be hardworking and dedicated to perform his duties with perfection.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the study of the relationship of various celestial bodies with humans on Earth, on the basis of which the life of man is predicted.

What does it take to become an Astrologist?

You must have an educational background in astrology. Also, you must have experience working with an experienced astrologer.

Who is the author of astrology?

Astrology as a subject has its roots in Brahma (the creator of Indian religion). According to Garg Rishi, Brahmaji had asked him to publicize it to the common people. At present, this astrologer, astrologer, astronomy and astrophysicist are all considered the same.

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