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Whenever it comes to designers, we only focus on Fashion Designer And interior designers But it goes on. But there are many types of designers in different fields. Automotive designers are one of them. Through today’s blog, we will tell you how to become an automotive designer as well as know all the information related to it.

What is Automotive Design?

Aerodynamics, aesthetics and ergonomics are of paramount importance in automotive design. An automotive designer is responsible for drafting the interior and exterior body of an automobile, which includes the shape, curves, wedges, and many more with the exterior design. Automobile design should not only be practical but also meet the comfort requirement.

Who are Automotive Designers?

Automotive designers are those people who present the structures of vehicles like buses, cars, trucks and jeeps in front of people with better design with their best creativity. They prepare a design and safety plan for each vehicle and make their design only after taking survey and consultation. Automotive designers do a lot of research in their designing process. They are responsible for determining the cost of production, the time of completion, the type and use of the vehicle, and the finalization of the design draft. They finalize their design only after using computer aided technology and AI technology.

Skills Required to Become an Automotive Designer

To make a better career in any film, you need some important skills. Similarly, the skills to become an automotive designer are given below.

  • Should have designing skills in (2D and 3D).
  • Must have mathematical and analytical skills.
  • business insight
  • Must have complex problem solving skills.
  • Should have interest in automobile design.
  • Should have up-to-date knowledge about latest designing software.

Top Courses for Automotive Designer

Automotive Designing Course is present for Bachelors and Masters level in Aerodynamic and Automotive Engineering. Students can opt for diploma and certificate courses to strengthen their designing skills. Some of the courses for Bachelors and Masters level are given below:

Bachelors Level Course

  • Bachelor in Automotive Engineering
  • Bachelor in Vehicle Engineering
  • Bachelor in Automotive Performance Engineering
  • Bachelor in Automotive and Transportation Design
  • Bachelor in Automotive Design
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive)

Masters Level Course

  • Masters in Automotive Computing and Communication
  • Masters in Vehicle Engineering
  • Masters in Automation Engineering
  • Masters in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering

world’s top universities

To become an automotive designer, students can make a better career by doing automotive designer courses from the world’s best universities given below.

Top Colleges for Automotive Designing in India

There are many colleges in India to do automotive designing course, in the list given below, we have told about the top colleges in India.

  • IIT Bombay
  • Dhanwantri Institute of Design and Technology
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing
  • National Institute of Design
  • KR Mangalam University
  • Strait School of Design
  • Industrial Design Center


To become an automotive designer, the following qualifications must be possessed by the aspiring students.

  • Candidates must have completed their 10+2 education from a recognized board and must have a bankground of Science and Maths.
  • For PG Course, the candidate must have Engineering OR Graduation degree in the field of Industrial & Transportation Design.
  • Other than this English Proficiency Test like-IELTS, TOEFL It is necessary to give etc. exam.
  • Apart from this, for taking admission in graduation course in some universities, students have to GRE Scores have to be submitted.

Application Process

The application process for admission to foreign universities is as follows-

  • The first step in your application process is to choose the right course for which you AI Course Finder You can shortlist your favorite courses with the help of.
  • After contact with experts they will start your application process of multiple universities through common dashboard platform.
  • The next step is to check all your documents like S.O.P.Dissertation, Certificates and Lor and required test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, act etc. is to collect and organize.
  • If you haven’t done your IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT, GRE etc. which is definitely an important factor in studying abroad, you Leverage Live Can attend classes. These classes can prove to be an important factor in getting you a high score in your test.
  • After submitting your application and all required documents, Experts Housing, student visa And start the scholarship/student loan application process.
  • Now it’s time to wait for your offer letter which may take around 4-6 weeks or more. The last step in your application process is to accept the offer letter and pay the required semester fee.

The application process in Indian universities is as follows-

  • First of all register by visiting the official website of your chosen university.
  • After registering in the University website, you will get a user name and password.
  • Then after sign in to the website select your chosen course which you want to do.
  • Now fill the application form with educational qualification, category etc.
  • After that submit the application form and pay the required application fee.
  • If the admission is based on the entrance test then first register for the entrance test and then wait for the counseling after the result. You will be selected on the basis of marks in the entrance test and a list will be issued.

required documents

Some of the important documents are listed below-

Jobs and Salary after doing Automotive Designer Course

Students can make their career in various fields. How much money they earn in these fields can be seen in the table below.

job profiles Estimated Annual Salary
automotive designer INR 44-73 Lakh
automotive engineer INR 44-64 Lakh
product designer INR 41-72 Lakh
drafter INR 23-35 Lakh
production engineer INR 41-57 Lakh
marine engineer INR 45-72 Lakh


How long does it take to become an automotive designer?

An MFA or Master of Industrial Design (MID) degree program can take 2-4 years and requires coursework with an emphasis on real-world experience with commercially-oriented projects.

Is automotive designing a good career?

Automotive designing requires creativity. Must have genuine interest and passion towards automobiles. They must have a vision and the ability to think out of the box. Automotive designing is a very competitive field; Higher-level academic degrees are useful when looking for entry-level jobs.

How do I become an automotive engineer?

To become an automotive engineer, you must have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and at least three years of experience. You must be able to resolve issues and evaluate problems. Automotive Engineer should have knowledge of computers and should have knowledge of machine welding, assembly and design software systems.

Is there a demand for automotive designers?

The demand for auto designers is increasing in the country. Experts say that there will be a requirement of 10,000 automotive designers in India in the next seven years.

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