How to Create a Winning Team in Fantasy App

IPL Me Best Team Kaise Kaise BanayeIPL is going on nowadays and everyone want to earn money from cricket And trying their luck by forming a team. Because today you must know that the person who is ranked number 1 in Fantasy Game gets crores of rupees as prize money.

If you also play Fantasy games by making a team in Dream11 or any other Fantasy App and want to earn crores of rupees, then through this blog post of today we will give you IPL In crew How make information about. In this article, we have tried to make such a team for you which can rank at number one.

If you make a team for an IPL by following the tips mentioned in this article, then you can also win crores of rupees by getting your team ranked at number one.

So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article IPL In Good crew How make,

How to make a winning team in IPL in any Fantasy App Team Kaise Banaye

How to Create a Winning Team in IPL in Fantasy App

if you Want to earn money by making your team in IPL So follow the step wise process given below. Here we have given you a roadmap, you can make a team by following these easy process and earn money by bringing number 1 rank.

#1 – Select a good Fantasy App

Seeing the increasing popularity of fantasy games, many fantasy game applications come in the market day by day. You have to choose the best application out of all these fantasy apps, which on winning will transfer money to your account immediately.

By the way, there are many Fantasy game applications in the market which are reliable and the star cricketers of India themselves promote these applications. Some of these applications have sponsored the IPL, while many applications sponsor the dress of an IPL team. Following are some of the best Fantasy Gaming Apps.

You can download any one Fantasy Game App like – Dream11, MPL, Winzo App, Myteam11 App and create a team for Upcoming IPL matches by creating your account in it. To know more about Fantasy App you can visit our blog post cricket team making app can read.

#2 – Build your own team

Today, to participate in any IPL Fantasy League, you have to make a team by mixing the players of both the teams playing the match, in which 11 players have to be included. Make a good team in your team with the combination of Batter, Bowler, All Rounder and Wicket Keeper.

In the fantasy game, you get 100 points to choose the team, and depending on the performance of each player, the points for taking him into your team are different. Those who are international players have more points and those who are domestic cricketers, you have to spend less points to include them in the team.

You can take players only on the basis of 100 points. And after making your team, you have to choose a Captain and a Vice Captain. Captain and a Vice Captain are most responsible for the No. 1 rank of your team because good performance of Captain gets 2X points and good performance of Vice Captain gets 1.5X points.

You have to create your team on Fantasy Gaming App like this –

  • Batsmen – 3 to 5
  • Bowler – 2 to 5
  • Wicketkeeper – 1
  • All Rounder – 1 to 4

#3 – Understand the rules of team building

There are some rules to make an IPL team on Fantasy App, which is also important to understand.

  • You cannot choose more than 4 foreign players in an IPL team.
  • You must have an Uncapped player in your team.
  • You can choose up to 7 players from a team.
  • You cannot choose a team with more than 100 points.

#4 – Understand the Point in the IPL Team

When you make your team in the Fantasy League, you start getting points after the match starts. And the topper in each contest gets the highest price money which is in crores. If your team stays in the first rank then you can become 7 crorepati overnight from fantasy game.

In IPL team you get different points according to batsman, bowler, wicketkeeper and all rounder which is as follows –

Batting Point System

  • 1 point is given for every 1 run.
  • Hitting a 6 gives 2 bonus points.
  • A 4 kill gets 1 bonus point.
  • 10 bonus points are given for scoring runs between 30 and 49.
  • For scoring 50 to 99 runs, you get 20 bonus points.
  • For scoring 100 or more runs you get 30 bonus points.
  • 2 points are reduced in getting out on 0.

Strike Rate Point System

  • If the batsman’s strike rate is from 0 to 49.99, then your 15 points will be reduced.
  • 10 points are reduced from 50 to 74.99.
  • From 74.99 to 99.99, 5 points are reduced.
  • Strike rate from 100 to 149.99 gives 5 bonus points.
  • 10 bonus points from 149.99 to 199.99.
  • 200 or more gets 15 bonus points.

Bowling Point System

  • Each wicket gets 20 points.
  • Taking 3 wickets gets 10 bonus points.
  • Taking 4 wickets gets 20 bonus points.
  • 5 or more wickets get 30 bonus points.
  • For putting a Maiden over you get 20 bonus points.

Economy Rate Point System

  • If the economy rate of the bowler chosen by you is between 0 to 5 then you get 15 bonus points.
  • 10 bonus points are available at Economy Rate between 5.1 to 8.
  • 5 points are available on the economy rate from 8.1 to 10.
  • From 10 to 12, 5 points are reduced on the economy rate.
  • 10 points are reduced on an economy rate higher than 12.

Other Point System

  • If the player selected by you is in playing 11 then you get 3 points.
  • If the wicket keeper is dismissed by stumping, then 15 points are given.
  • A player gets 10 points for catching a catch.
  • 15 points are given for running out.

By the way, the point system can also be different in different Fantasy Apps, but most of the point system remains the same in most of the apps. In this way you can make your team in IPL.

After reading the article till here, you must have understood that IHow to make a team in PL And how the point system is determined in IPL. Now know how you can make a team that can be at number one and earn you good profits.

How to get 1st rank of your team in IPL (How to get 1st rank in Dream11)

In IPL, many people make teams on Fantasy League, but they do not have much knowledge about how to make a winning team. There are very few lucky people who have become millionaires from Dream11 or Fantasy games. But if you make a team after doing complete research, then you also have a chance to win crores of rupees.

In this article, we have told you some tips by which you can make a good winning team. We don’t guarantee that your team will be number one by following the methods we describe. We are trying to give you the best suggestion from our side.

#1 – Do your research before the match

Do your research thoroughly before the upcoming match for which you are going to make a team and only then select your player. During the research, you can find out the following things.

  • Bowling is wicket or batting.
  • Whose performance is good on the ground where the match is taking place.
  • Which player is playing in the form.
  • How will the wicket play in the first innings and how will it play in the second innings.
  • See the record of the last few matches on that ground whether the Bowler dominates more or Better.

Only after doing this kind of complete research, you select the team. If Bowling is Wicket then make the best bowler from both the teams as captain and if there is Batting Wicket then select the top order batsmen and make any of them captain and vice-captain. It means to say that you make your final team only after doing good research on the field, pitch and player.

#2 – Add more all-rounders

T20 game belongs to all-rounder players, these players are expert in turning the dice of the match with both ball and bat. If you can include such all-rounder players, then they are capable of bowling 4 overs along with batting fast in the middle order. Like Sunil Narine, Andre Russell, Hardik Pandya, Rabindra Jadeja etc.

#3 – Involve good batsmen

In Fantasy League, you should include such batsmen who consistently perform well. You can see the past records of all the batsmen, see their performance in any recent tournament and then select the best batsmen for your team based on that. Batsmen like Faf du Plessis, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Lokesh Rahul, David Warner can get you good marks.

#4 – Involve the Finisher

The role of a finisher in a T20 match cannot be ignored, as the role of a finisher is most important to win the match or take your team’s score to a good total. That’s why in the IPL auction, all the teams make big bets on the finisher. Finishers bat very fast in the end and get runs very fast. Finishers like Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Hardik Pandya, Glenn Maxwell get good points.

#5 – Involve good bowlers

You should choose such a bowler in your fantasy league who can play well when given a chance to bat. You can choose 2 specialist bowlers in your team who specialize in bowling overs with low economy rate, like Jasprit Bumrah, Kagiso Rabada, Rashid Khan etc. And with this choose 2 such bowlers who also have batting ability like Jofra Archer, DJ Brabo etc.

Apart from these, you should also choose such bowlers who can get wickets by bowling well in the last over, because in T20 most of the wickets fall in the last over.

#6 – Pick an Uncapped player

According to the rules of Fantasy Game, you are required to choose an Uncapped player in your team. You can select such Uncapped player whose recent domestic performance has been good. Or who is a good player of T20. There are many such uncapped players who perform well in IPL and win Orange Cap and Purple Cap.

In the IPL of 2021, Rituraj Gaikwad won the Orange Cap and Harshal Patel won the Purple Cap and both of them were uncapped players at that time.

In this way, you can create such an IPL team that can rank you at number 1 and make you a millionaire overnight. To win in Fantasy Game, 20 percent knowledge and 80 percent luck are required. The day your luck favors you, you will become a millionaire by making a team in Fantasy League.

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Conclusion: How to make a team in IPL in Hindi

In this article, we have told you the complete process of making a team in IPL and also provided you information about making a team that can rank at number. You can build a winning team in IPL by using your past experiences and doing a good research.

So friends, that’s all in this article, I hope you like this article written by us. How to make a team in IPL Must have liked it. Also share this article with your friends on social media and also help them to make a best team in IPL.

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