How to earn money from Paytm in 2022 (Daily 500 Paytm Cash)

Hello friends, today we are giving you Paytm Se Paise Kaise Kamaye gonna tell. That’s why today’s article is going to be very special.

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Well there are many ways to earn money from Paytm but today we are going to tell you Unlimited Ways to Earn Money from Paytm gonna tell. By earning money in these ways, you can also transfer this Paytm Cash to your bank account.

But friends, to earn money from Paytm, first of all it is very important for you to have a Paytm Account. So we first know that, How to Create Paytm Account,

How to earn money from Paytm 2021 – Complete information in Hindi

how to download paytm app

To create a Paytm Account, you must first install the Paytm App. To install Paytm App, we have told you the steps below, follow them.

Step #01 : First in your mobile Play Store Open the

Step #02 : Now you have to search by typing Paytm in the search bar.

Step #03 : After searching, the Paytm app will come in front of you. Now you have to install by clicking on Install button.

how to create paytm account

We have told you below the process of creating an account in Paytm App. Follow this well so that you do not face any problem while creating the account.

Step #01 : After downloading the app, you have to open it.

Step #02 : Now you will see the option of Login to Paytm in the left side in front of you. You have to click on it.

Step #03 : After that you will see 2 options,

  • Login
  • Create a new Account

You have to create a new account, so you have to click on Secount option means Create a new account.

Step #04 : Now you will be asked your mobile number. Here you have to enter the correct number on which you want to create your Paytm Account. After entering the number, you have to click on Proceed Securely.

Step #05 : Now an OTP i.e. One Time Password will come on the number you had entered. You have to put that there and click on Done.

Step #06 : Now you will be asked your details. You have to fill it. such as,

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Birth Date

After entering all this, you have to click on Confirm. By clicking, your Paytm Account will be created. Now you can use Paytm for transactions in your daily life.

History of Paytm – Paytm History In Hindi

I think there will be no one who does not know about Paytm app. Paytm has become so popular today that it is being used everywhere from village to city. Paytm is an app through which you can do online transactions.

Paytm has helped our country a lot in becoming a Digital India. Because with its help all the shopkeepers, employees and business people have benefited a lot. With this help, we are doing the smallest transactions easily.

You can do a lot more than just transactions with Paytm. If you want to buy gold or do shopping, recharge, then you can do it with its help.

Not only this Paytm gives you credit card And Debit Card also provides the facility of . In such a situation, if you can earn Paytm Cash, then how good it will be for you.

Let us tell you that Paytm was started in 2010. Its founder and CEO is Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

What are the benefits of using Paytm

  • If you use Paytm, then many offers keep running in it. So if you do any transaction then you are given cashback.
  • If you have Tv in your house then you can also do DTH Recharge and Mobile Recharge sitting at home from Paytm.
  • If you are fond of gold or want to buy gold for the future, then Paytm is the best way for you to buy gold. You can buy Gold in 1rs from Paytm.
  • You can also shop with Paytm. With this you can shop for groceries and other products.
  • If you do business or you have an office, then you can use it for transactions. With the help of this, you can reach the payments to the people in a secure way.
  • No Charges are deducted for sending money in Paytm.

So let’s know that Paytm se Unlimited Paise Kaise Kamaye,

How To Earn Money With Paytm App – Free Patym Cash Kaise Kamaye

We have told you all the ways to earn Free Paytm Cash below. That’s why you read them carefully so that you too can earn money from Paytm like us.

Earn money by becoming Paytm Seller Partner

This is the best way to earn money from Paytm. If you have a shop or you get cheap things here, then you Paytm Seller Partner You can earn good money by joining.

You can earn a lot of profit by selling your products here at your favorite price. If you do this business for full time, then you can earn from Rs 40,000 to Rs 1 lakh with ease. But for that it is very important for you to have some knowledge.

earn money with free cashback in paytm

Friends, I have already told you that whenever you use Paytm for any transaction, Paytm gives you cashback. So if we want to earn money from Paytm Cashback then it will be very difficult for any common person.

Because no matter how hard we try, we are not able to do more transactions in a day.

So if you are going to start a Recharge Shop in the future then you must definitely use Paytm. With this, you will continue to do many transactions daily and you will also get a lot of cashback.

earn money from paytm by affiliate marketing

Our Affiliate Marketing Have heard a lot about it. Amazon and Flipkart Just like Paytm has also started Affiliate Marketing Program.

In which you can earn money by selling Paytm’s products. After creating an account, you have to share Paytm’s products on your social media. As soon as someone clicks on your link and buys that product, you will get commission from paytm.

We have given you the links of Paytm’s Affiliate Programs below. You can join Paytm’s Affiliate Program by clicking on them.

Earn Money from Paytm by Unlocking Lock Screen

Do you know that, you can print money by unlocking the lock screen of your phone. There is an app on the Play Store called Slide. With this app you can earn Paytm Cash by unlocking your Lock Screen.

Earn Money by Refer and Earn Money

Paytm also gives you the option of Refer and Earn. With the help of this, you can earn up to 1000 rupees by sharing the link of Paytm App with your friends and family.

earn money from paytm mobile by creating video

You will get 4Fun app on play store. If you make videos in this app, then you get paid according to Per Likes.

You can transfer these money to your Paytm. Also in this app you also get the option of Refer and Earn. If you want to earn money by sharing this app, then by sharing this app you will get Rs.80 to Rs.100 Per Refer.

Earn Unlimited Money from Paytm by Playing Games

You know how much everyone likes to play games. Seeing this Paytm also Paytm First Games has made. Paytm First Games With this you can earn Paytm Cash by playing games and can also transfer it to your bank.

Paytm First Games To earn money from it, you have to go to Play Store, after that you have to download Paytm First Games by searching Paytm Games.

If you do not find it on Play Store, then you can install this app by visiting their official website and start earning money.

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money making apps in paytm

In this way, there are many apps available to earn money from Paytm and we have told you above about some of those apps. Right now we are going to tell you about some such apps, with the help of which you can earn Paytm Cash very soon.

Dream 11 App is the app to earn money from Paytm

Dream 11 You must have heard a lot about the app. Many contests are going on in this app, with the help of which you can earn Rs 30,000 to Rs 1 lakh in a month very soon. In this app, the Sports Contest is going on, in this you have to create your own sports team.

Complete information about Dream 11 in Hindi

If the players of that team perform well then you can earn around Rs 500 to Rs 10,000 from 1 contest. But it all depends on which contest you are participating in.

You will find the Dream 11 app on Google from where you can download it. Dream 11 You can easily transfer the money won from Paytm to Paytm.

Bazinow App Paytm Cash Earning App

Bazinow app is the best app to earn money from paytm. Because you do not need to do much to earn money in this. To earn money from this app, you just have to answer some questions by installing this app K9 and participating in the contest in it.

If you answer all the questions correctly then you can earn money from this app for free. There are many apps like this app, you will find it on play store. You will also find this app on Play Store.

Mcent Browser is Paytm Cash App

Mcent Browser The app is also nothing short of earning money. I myself have earned Rs 1,000 in 3 days with the help of this app. In this app you only have to do browsing, for which you get Points.

When you have more then you can recharge your phone from this app or you can also take these money in your Paytm Wallet.

This app is the best to earn money because one or the other of us keeps searching for something every day. In such a situation, if this app is paying us just for searching, then it is a very good thing. I have used this app myself so I would recommend it to you the most.

MPL App is Paytm Game App

Earn money with MPL App Just like Dream11.

This is a Fantasy Games contest app. You can easily earn money from Paytm by playing games from MPL too.

Conclusion – How to earn money with Paytm Cash in Hindi

friends we have you Paytm Se Paise Kaise Kamaye has been explained in detail about.

this article Paytm Se Unlimited Paise Kaise Kamaye If you have any question related to, then you can ask us. Out of the apps that we have told you above to earn Paytm Cash, which app did you find the best, definitely tell us.

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