How to earn money from Telegram

How to earn money from Telegram : In today’s time, instead of doing a job, people prefer to do such work by which they can earn money sitting at home. By the way, there are many ways to earn money sitting at home. One of these apps is Telegram. which one best money earning app is also.

If you have only one Smart Phone then you can earn money online sitting at home. For this you will need to install an app.

In a previous article we told you that what is telegramand in this article we will tell you How to earn money from telegram app.

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How to earn money from Telegram - Complete information on how to earn money from Telegram

Let’s come back to our topic and know How to earn money by creating a channel on Telegram.

how to create channel on telegram

Telegram To earn money from the app, first you have to Telegram Channel But you have to create your account. Install Telegram to create an account. And create an account with your mobile number.

When your account is created then you have to create a channel only then you can earn money. To create a channel, some steps mentioned below have to be followed, through which you can easily create a channel on Telegram.

Step 1 , Telegram Account After it is done, click on the icon with this pencil.

how to earn money from telegram channel

Step 2 After this click on New Channel.

telegram new channel create kare

Step 3 Then by writing the name of your channel and a short description about your channel, click on the tick icon above.

Telegram Channel Name and Description

Step 4 Now 2 options will come in front of you one of Public Channel and one of Privet Channel. Before proceeding further it is necessary to know what is the difference between Public Channel and Privet Channel.

public channel they There are channels, which one can easily get by searching in Telegram. You can also get this channel by searching the Internet.

If you want to create such a channel in which you have the maximum number of subscribers, then you should create a public channel only.

Private Channel They are channels that you cannot find by searching. These types of channels are not open to all. You can join these channels only when the Channel Owner will add you himself or if you will receive an Invite Link.

If you have a course and you want to sell it on Telegram, then you can create a private channel.

Step 5 If you create a Public Channel, then you have to set a Permalink. And if you want to create a Privet Channel, then Telegram generates the link itself.

Telegram Public Channel

While creating a Public Channel, such a Permalink has to be created which will be available.

Telegram Public Channel Permalink

Step 6 Now you can add your friends to your channel and do Next. in this way you can easily You can create a Channel in Telegram and start earning money.

How To Earn Money From Telegram – Telegram App Se Paise Kaise kamaye

now know that how to earn money by making telegram channel, We will tell you 8 such ways through which you Earn money from Telegram.

#1 Earn money from Telegram through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing By which you can earn good money from your Telegram Channel. When there will be some subscriptions in your Telegram Channel, then you can Promote the Product according to the Topic of your Channel. And if someone buys some product from your Affiliate Link, then you will get its commission.

But keep in mind that promote the product according to the topic of your channel. Like your channel is on Blogging, then you can affiliate Hosting, Theme, Plugin. Or if your channel is on Fashion then you Amazon or Flipkart Can promote the product of.

Link Shorter The best way to earn money from Telegram Channel. There are many such websites which shorten the link. You have to create an account in those websites. And then by shortening the link of any site, you have to share it in your Telegram Channel.

The more clicks you get on that link, the more you earn.

#3 Earn money from Telegram through Blog or Channel Promotion

When there are thousands of Subscriber on your Telegram Channel, then many more. youtuber And Blog Owner will contact you for promotion of your blog or channel. And in return you will get good money.

Whenever an app is launched in the market, they contact YouTube as well as Telegram Channel Owner for promotion so that more and more people download their app.

When you will have thousands of Subscribers in Telegram, then you can also share the download link of that App on your Channel by telling about the App in your Channel. In return they will give you good money.

#5 Earn money by selling courses

You can also earn money by selling courses in Telegram. Like you are a blogger, you can sell Blogging, SEO courses in your Telegram Channel.

Similarly, if you have Telegram related to Fitness, then you can sell courses like Diet Chart, Fitness Training. You will earn better than this.

#6 Earn money from Telegram by Refer and Earn App

Google Play Store There are many Earning Apps in which you refer, then you get money in return for that. You can refer to your Telegram Channel by downloading such an app.

Whenever any of your Subscriber downloads the App from your Refer link, you get some money in return.

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FAQ For Telegram Se Paise Kaise kamaye

What is the difference between a Telegram Group and Telegram Channel?

We usually create Telegram Group to share any message with our family, friends or a small team. While Telegram Channel is such a medium through which we can reach our message to Unlimited people.

Is it illegal to share Movie Downloading Link in Telegram Channel?

Yes, sharing Movie Downloading Link on Telegram Channel is Illegal. But even then many earn money by sharing Telegram Channel Movie Downloading Link. Our suggestion is that you should not share any type of Movie Downloading Link in your Telegram Channel.

Conclusion – How to earn money from Telegram in Hindi

So friends through this article we came to know that How to earn money from Telegram, But friends, I want to tell you one thing that if you are thinking that I have created a channel today and can start earning from tomorrow, then it is not possible.

To earn money you need to continue your Telegram Channel But you have to work, only then you will start earning money by going ahead.

Hope you must have liked this article and maybe you too have taken a telegram channel would have made. Share this article as much as possible so that your friends can also know how to use Telegram properly.

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