How to earn money from URL Shortener (Best URL Sortener Website Hindi)

How to make money from URL shortener There are many ways to earn money through internet, some of which are easy and in some you have to work hard.

URL Shortener is also a way of earning money online through which you can earn good money. The great thing about URL Shortener is that here you can earn money without investing money, which is very beneficial for the student.

To get complete information about how to earn money from URL Shortener, read this article till the end. by url shortening how to earn money Before knowing it is necessary to know that What is URL Shortener?

What is URL Shortener

Internet as many as exist on webpage Or there are documents, they all have a unique address which URL Or say Link. and gin Website Or the URL is shortened by the tool, they are called URL Shortener.

URL Shortener Se Paise Kaise Kamaye (Best URL Sorter Website Hindi)

Through URL Shortener, the link of any website, image or document can be shortened so that they are User Friendly. And sharing short URLs also looks good.

Whenever the user clicks on the URL shortened by URL Shortener, first he goes to the website by which the URL was shortened and then it is redirected to the main website.

How to earn money by URL shortening in Hindi

Till now you must have understood what is URL Shortener, now know how to earn money through URL Shortener.

Whenever you shorten the URL of any website by URL Shortener and share it on the social media platform and when the user clicks on that link, first he sees an Ad for a few seconds, after that the user is redirected to the Main Website. goes. URL Shortener website gives you money to see this Ad.

To earn money from URL Shortener, first you have to create your account on URL Shortener website. After that you will get the option to shorten the URL in which you can shorten the URL of the website by entering it.

Then you share the Short URL on various Social Media Platforms and the more people click on your link, the more you will earn.

You can see the earnings made by URL Shortener in the Dashboard of URL Shortener Website and by going to the Withdrawal option, you can transfer the earned money to your bank account Can transfer in.

To earn money through URL Shortener, you can share the short link in the following platforms –

1 – Earn money from URL Shortener by creating a Facebook page

Facebook Page URL Shortener is a great way to earn money. You can grow a Facebook page with a good strategy and then share Short Link in them. From Facebook page you can earn good money through URL Shortener.

2 – Earn money through URL Shortener through Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp Group is another great way to earn money from URL Shortener. if you Android If you use mobile then in your mobile WhatsApp Surely it will happen. You can join many groups in Whatsapp and share the shortened links through URL Shortener and earn money.

3 – Earn money from URL Shortener by sharing on Telegram

You Telegram Channel You can earn money from URL Shortener even by creating it. You can earn money by creating Telegram Channel on any one category and sharing Short Link in it.

Apart from these, you can earn a lot through URL Shortener by creating an account on other social media platforms.

Best URL Shortener Website

There are many websites on the Internet for URL Shortener, through which you can shorten any URL and earn money. some of which Top Best URL Shortener website We have suggested you below –

1 – Adfly (Adfly)

Adfly URL Shortener Is one of the most trusted websites where you can earn good money by shortening and sharing the URL. This website gives you good money along with giving you money on time. You can easily create an account on this website and shorten the URL.

AdFly earn proof

2 – (ZA.GL) URL Shortener There is also a popular and trusted URL Shortener website. This website also gives you good money.

3 – Bitly URL Shortener is also a popular URL Shortener website which is used by many people to shorten URLs.

4 – (OUO) URL Shortener is another URL Shortener website through which you can earn money online. This is one of the world’s 3 popular website to shorten URL.

5 – ( URL Shortener is also a reliable URL Shortener website, which apart from shortening the URL, also pays you to refer. This website also pays well. This website pays you 5 to 10 dollars on 1000 views.

Apart from all these, there are many URL Shortener websites on the Internet through which you can earn well without investing money.

read them and earn money

FAQ For URL Shortener Website

How much money can be earned from URL shortener?

If you use URL shortener by making a strategy, then you can earn 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees a month and even more.

What is a URL shortener website?

Websites by which the URL (link) of any webpage or document is shortened are URL Shortener websites.

Conclusion: How to earn money by shortening URL

So friends after reading this article you must have got an idea that What is URL Shortener website And how can you earn money through URL Shortener. If you work by making a good strategy, then through URL Shortener, your earnings can also be in lakhs. Hope you must have liked this article written by us. Share this with your friends also and help them to earn money without investment.

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