How to earn money from website (Earn Money From Website In Hindi)

Website se Paise Kaise kamaye :- We know you Google want to know with the help of from website how to earn money, If you know how to make a website or you want to earn money from your website, then in this article we are going to tell you about 20 such ways by which you can earn lakhs of rupees a month from your website.

All these methods are Genuine. Many website owners are also earning good money by using these methods.

It does take some time to earn money from the website, but when money starts coming online, then you can earn lakhs of rupees every month from your website. You just have to work with some patience.

So let’s start our Hindi blog post without delay – Website se Paise Kaise Kamaye In Hindi.

How To Earn Money From Website - How To Earn Money From Website In Hindi

How to earn money from website – 20 ways in Hindi

Now we will know about 20 ways by which you can earn good money from the website. Let us know about those methods from the beginning –

1 – Earn money through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing The best way to earn money from a website. Owners of many websites earn millions of rupees a month from their website through Affiliate Marketing.

You will find many Affiliate Programs related to the topic on which your website is on, which you can join and earn good money.

To start Affiliate Marketing, you must first join the Affiliate Program of a company. Then he will provide you a link. When your visitors buy some goods by clicking on that link, then you also get some commission for it.

Affiliate Marketing Website is considered the best way to monetize.

2 – You can earn money through Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is the most popular and easiest way to monetize the website. in your website Google AdSense Ads have to be shown and if someone clicks on Visitor Ads, then you get paid for it.

If you have good traffic on your website, then you can earn millions from your website through Google Ads. Many websites earn a lot from their website through Google Ads.

3 – Earn money by writing reviews on the website

your website which Niche But you can earn money from your website by writing a Paid Review of the product related to that Niche.

You can write a review of the product on your website according to the interest of your visitor. You can contact the company yourself to write a Paid Review.

When a company asks you to sponsor their product and you tell about their product on your website, then it is called Sponsored Post. In return, the company pays you good money.

When your website becomes popular, you will get many company offers to write Sponsored Post. You can earn good money from the website even by writing a sponsored post.

5 – Earn money from the website by placing ads from other ad networks

Google AdSense Approval Apart from this, there are many such Ad Networks whose ads you can earn money by running on your website.

There are many Ad Networks in the market, whose approval you will get easily. You can earn good money by showing their ads on your website.

6 – Earn money by selling E-Book on the website

The full form of e-book is Electronic Book. this one Digital There is a book, which is read on mobile or computer.

You can create an e-book of your content and then sell it. You can earn a lot of money from the website even by selling e-book.

7 – Earn money by selling online courses on the website

You can sell related online courses in whichever topic you are expert. If you are an expert in blogging then you BloggingYou can sell by making online courses like SEO.

Many people like to learn things online, so even by selling online courses, you can earn good money from the website.

8 – Websites can earn by giving their own service

You can also earn money by giving your service to other people. like you are blogger then you By writing content, Website DesignYou can also earn money by getting AdSense Approval to SEO or other new blogger.

9 – Earn money from website by working on Freelancer

If you are an expert in your niche, then you can earn well by working on Freelancer. You can work in Freelancer on the skills related to your Niche. And you can earn good money.

10 – Earn money by accepting guest post

Many Bloggers Related to their Niche on the Website with High DA PA Guest Post Pay to do. Because by posting guest, traffic will come to their blog and their popularity will also increase.

if your Website Authority If it is high then you can earn money from your website by accepting Guest Post.

You can add other website to your website backlink You can also earn money by giving. To sell backlinks, your website should be a High Authority website, only then the owner of the other website will contact you to get the backlink.

12 – Earn money from the website by selling your own product

If you have a product of your own, then you can sell your product through your website. Many companies sell their products by creating their own website.

13 – By creating an online store earn money from website

You can create your own online store on WordPress through Woo Commerce Plugin. To create an online store, you must have your own products.

14 – Creating WordPress Plugin and Theme

If you are a developer then you can sell yourself by making WordPress Plugin and Theme. You can also sell them on your own website or you can also sell them on a website like Mojo Marketplace.

15 – You can earn by creating Private Forum

You can create a Private Forum. To join Private Forum, the user will have to pay some money. In the forum, any user can get the answer of every question from you. And can also get advice and help from other people associated with the Forum.

PrivateTo create a forum, you will have to become an expert in your niche, because you are taking money from the user, so every question asked by him will have to be answered accurately.

16 – Earn money by selling the website

If you know how to make a website, then you can earn money from it too. Many people do not have enough time to build a website, so they buy a ready-made website. You can sell such people by making a website.

website to sell you flippa Like you can use website.

17 – Selling Graphic (Image)

If you know Graphic Designing, then you can sell on your website by doing Graphic Design like Image, Logo.

18 – Selling Ad Space

You can sell your Ad Space to a company by not placing Ads from Google AdSense or any other Ad Network in your website. And for each Ad Space you can fix a price. Like Header Ad – 100 $ Per Month, you can also sell Sidebar Ad and Footer Ad space.

19 – Earn from the website by accepting donation from the visitor

in your website PayTm either PayPal Donate button can be put. If the Visitor likes your content very much, then they will definitely donate something.

You can use WpForms Plugin to put Donation Button.

20 – By Generating Lead for Other Company

Lead Generation is very important for the company. You can also earn money by generating leads for a company on your website. You can attract users through the content of your website, so that they can register on your website.

You can then sell that lead to the company. Then the company will convert that lead into a customer and will give you money in return for it.

conclusion , how to earn money from website

So friends, through this article, we told you that Website se Paise Kaise kamaye. You can earn good money from your website by using these 20 ways.

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