How to earn money from what is Google Pay (Google Pay Kya Hai In Hindi)

Google Pay Kya Hai In Hindi: friends, have you ever Google Pay Must have done online payment using Google Pay is a trusted and popular application for making online payments in India. Almost all Indians who use digital payment must have heard the name of Google Pay.

but do you know Huh Google Pay what is, Google on Of Features, Google on of use How do, Google on Feather account How make And Google on From Pennies How earn, If you do not have all this information about Google Pay, then you have come to the right blog.

Because in today’s blog post we are going to give you all the information about Google Pay and also you will get to know in this article what precautions you should take while using Google Pay. So let’s start without taking much of your time, know more about this article What is on Google in Hindi.

Google Pay Review

Application Name Google Pay (Tez)
Application category digital payment
establishment year 18 September 2017
operated by Google
google pay download Google Pay App Click
total downloads 50 Crores+
star rating 4.0+ ratings
Sign-up Bonus Free ₹150
Payment Options Bank Transfer, UPI
Google Pay Review

What is Google Pay (What is Google Pay in Hindi)

Google Pay one UPI Based digital payment application which has been specially designed for India only. This app was launched in India on 18 September 2017 as Tez, however on 28 August 2018, Google changed the name of Tez to Google Pay.

How to earn money from what is Google Pay (Google Pay Kya Hai In Hindi)

Google Pay was inaugurated by Arun Jaitley, former Finance Minister of India. With the help of Google Pay app, users can make many types of payments, Google Pay is considered to be the fastest and most secure digital payment application as compared to other applications.

To use Google Pay, you have to bank account have to link. At present, Google Pay supports seven languages ​​of India apart from English, which are Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. It is believed that in the future, Google Pay will support some other languages ​​as well.

The feature of digital wallet is not given in Google Pay. On payment, the money goes directly to the user. Bank Deducted from the account, and even after receiving the money, it comes to the bank account itself. Users can transfer up to 1 lakh rupees in a day through Google Pay, apart from this, money can be transferred only 10 times in a day from Google Pay.

Features of Google Pay

You can make many types of digital payments with Google Pay, some of the key features of Google Pay are as follows –

#1 , money Of transactions You can easily receive and send payment. Google Pay is fast as compared to other digital payment applications.

#2 , Different payment alternative You get many payment options on Google Pay. You can make payment through QR code, UPI, mobile number, bank account etc.

#3 , payment Demand You can request to take money from your friends.

#4 , bills of payment You can pay different types of bills like Electricity, Gas, Mobile, DTH etc.

#5 – transactions History – You can check the history of all your transactions, so that you will know when you paid to whom.

#6 – Self Transfer – If you have more than one bank account added to Google Pay, then you can transfer funds self.

#7 , Free use The user does not have to pay any extra money to use Google Pay. According to Google, in order to transfer funds up to 50 thousand, the user does not have to pay any Transaction Charge Pay.

#8 – No Wallet There is no Wallet of Google Pay, money comes directly to your bank account and is deducted from the bank account itself. This gets rid of the hassle of getting money stuck in a digital wallet.

#9 , Bank Google Pay supports more than 55 popular banks in India.

#10 , Language – Google Pay supports 8 languages, which makes it easy for people to use.

#11 , balance see You can check the balance of all the bank accounts you have added on Google Pay through the app itself.

#12 – bounty – You can win rewards on various payments on Google Pay.

#13 – Digital Gold – from google pay digital gold can invest in.

#14 – Trustworthy The biggest feature of Google Pay is that it is a secure digital payment service. Being a product of Google, everyone trusts Google Pay and Google Pay has also lived up to the trust of the people.

how to download google pay

if you android If you are a phone user then you can easily download Google Pay from Google Play Store and if you are an iPhone user then you can download Google Pay from your App Store.

how to create google pay account

The process of creating an account in Google Pay is very easy, but to create an account on Google Pay, you need the following things.

If you have all the above basic things then you can create your account in Google Pay as follows.

  • After downloading the Google Pay app, open the app and enter your mobile number that is linked to your bank account.
  • After this, on the mobile number entered by you, a OTP It will come, get you verified by entering the OTP.
  • After the OTP is verified, enter your Gmail ID.
  • Screen Lock to secure Google Pay and mPIN Select Lock.
  • Now your Google Pay account has been created, you can link your bank account with Google Pay by clicking on Add Bank.

In this way you can link the bank by creating your account on Google Pay.

how to pay with google pay

As we have told you above, you can pay through various means through Google Pay. like QR code By scanning, by phone number, by UPI ID or by bank transfer.

To pay with Google Pay, first of all, select the method by which you want to make payment. You will find all the options on the homepage itself.

Suppose you want to make payment by mobile number, then select the mobile number and enter the Google Pay mobile number of the recipient.

After this, enter the amount of money you want to transfer. Finally, complete the payment process by entering your PIN.

So in this way you can pay to any person through Google Pay.

Things to keep in mind when using Google Pay

If you are a Google Pay user, then you should keep the following things in mind for safety while using Google Pay.

  • Do not tell the UPI Pin of Google Pay to any person, leave it to yourself.
  • UPI PIN to be used only on trusted apps Website do on. Do not share your UPI PIN on any form, link, application or website that is not trusted.
  • For any kind of assistance related to Google Pay, use only the Google Pay app. Frauds happen on the numbers shown on the internet.
  • If someone asks you for UPI PIN to transfer money to you, then do not share it with him even by mistake, because UPI PIN is not required to receive money. UPI PIN is required only while making payment.

How to earn money from Google Pay (Google Pay Se Paise Kaise Kamaye)

On Google Pay, you can earn money in addition to various types of digital payments. Following are some popular ways to earn money on Google Pay –

#1 – Earn money by Refer and Earn

You can earn well from Google Pay’s Refer and Earn program, Google Pay gives 201 rupees for a successful referral. On the homescreen of Google Pay, you will get the option of Referral from where you can share the Google Pay app on platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. You can also invite direct people through message.

When any person installs Google Pay from the link shared by you and makes the first transaction, then you get a referral bonus of Rs 201 and that person gets a cashback of Rs 21.

#2 – Earn Money by Scratch

You can win cashback up to Rs.1000 from scratch on Google Pay. Whenever you do a transaction of 50 rupees or more on Google Pay, then you will get a scratch You get a card, on which you get some reward when you scratch it. This reward can also be a voucher with cashback.

FAQ: What is Google Pay?

How much money can I send with Google Pay?

You can send a maximum of 1 lakh rupees in a day through Google Pay, because Google Pay has a bank limit in addition to its own limit.

How to transfer money from one account to another?

You can transfer money from one of your bank accounts to another bank account through the Self Transfer feature of Google Pay.

How to get rewards on Google Pay?

If you do a transaction of 50 rupees or more with Google Pay, then you get some reward from Google Pay.

Where is google pay company?

Google Pay is an American company owned by Google itself.

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Conclusion: Information about Google Pay in Hindi

In today’s article, we learned what Google Pay is, how to use Google Pay and what are the features of Google Pay. Apart from this, we have told you about the ways to earn money from Google Pay. We have tried our best to make you understand all the information related to Google Pay in easy words. If still any information is left then you can tell us in the comment box.

That’s all in this article, hope you liked this information about Google Pay. Share this information with your friends on social media and also tell them about Google Pay.

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