How To Earn Money With Cashboss App – Free Mobile Recharge Wala App 2022

How to earn money from CashBoss App – We will introduce you to our blog from time to time. online money earning apps We keep on giving information about it, moving forward in this episode, today we are going to tell you about CashBoos App.

In this article we are going to tell you that CashBoss App what IsCashBoss App To How download doCashBoss App Feather account How makeCashBoss App From Pennies How earnCashBoss App Feather earn You are going to get all this information through this article on how to use the money.

If you also mobile recharge from CashBoss App, pocket money If you want to earn Paytm cash for etc., then definitely read this article till the end, so let’s start.

CashBoss App Review

main point description
Application Name CashBoss: Earn Cash, Free Recharge: Complete tasks
Category Mobile Recharge and Earn Money App
play store rating 4.0 / 5 Star
total downloads more than 10 lakh
play store launch date 10 March 2015
Minimum Withdrawal Rs 100
CashBoss App Hindi

What is CashBoss App

CashBoss App is an Earning Mobile Application where you can earn money for your mobile recharge by completing some simple tasks. By downloading the app on CashBoss App, you can refer with friends, game And by playing quiz And earn money by spin, In this way you can earn money for mobile recharge on CashBoss App.

How To Earn Money With Cashboss App – Free Mobile Recharge App

CashBoss App was launched on 10th March 2015, today CashBoss App has been downloaded by more than 10 lakh people on play store and its rating is 4.0 stars on play store which is rated by more than 50 thousand people .

How to Download CashBoss App

CashBoss App to you play store You can easily download from it, for this you have to search CashBoss App on Play Store, you will get this application on the first number itself. After that the application has to be installed. Now you can earn money by creating an account on CashBoss App.

How to Create Account on CashBoss App

After installing CashBoss App from Play Store, you can create an account by following some easy steps given below-

Step 1- After installing CashBoss App, you have to open it, after that you have to accept the Terms and Condition of CashBoss App.

Step 2- After this, you have to register your mobile number and click on the button of Verify Number (If you have a friend’s referral code, then you can fill it here.

cashboss app in hindi

Step 3- After this, an OTP will come on your registered mobile number within 2 minutes, after entering it, your account will be verified.

Step 4 Now you will reach the home screen of CashBoss App. Now to complete your profile here, by clicking on the option of My Profile, you have to fill in the details of your date of birth, gender and what you do. And click on the button with Update Profile.

cashboss app profile

How To Earn Money With CashBoss App – CashBoss App Se Kaise kamaye

With CashBoss App, you can earn money in the following five ways-

1 – Earn money from CashBoos App by installing other applications

If you install any application on CashBoss App and fulfill the conditions of CashBoss App then you get money. In CashBoos, you are given different tasks to install each application, which you get paid for completing.

2 – Earn money from CashBoos App through Refer And Earn program

If you refer CashBoss App with any of your friend and your friend creates account with your referral code then you get 5 rupees for completing a task by your friend. Similarly, you can earn good money by referring CashBoss App to your friends.

3 – Earn Money by Spinning with CashBoos App

You get one spin per day on CashBoss App, from which you can earn up to Rs.0-20. In this fun game there is a wheel in which there is a small needle, when you tap the wheel, this needle spins around and the point where the needle stops coming and the prize money written on that point will come to your CashBoss Wallet. Is.

4 – Earn Money With CashBoos App By Playing Quiz

On CashBoss App you can play quiz on any topic like Cricket, IPL, Bollywood, History, GK, Science etc. And you can earn money by winning the quiz. Isn’t it funny? Along with increasing your knowledge, you are also earning money. You will really enjoy playing quizzes because on CashBoss App you can play quiz on your favorite topic.

#5 – Earn money by playing games with CashBoos App

On CashBoos App you get more than 250 free games that you can win Coin by playing. You can also earn money by playing games for your entertainment in free time through CashBoos App.

How to use the money earned from CashBoss App

With the money earned through CashBoss App, you can recharge your mobile and along with this you can also transfer the earned amount to your Paytm Wallet.

Mobile Recharge – You can recharge any of your mobiles by downloading the application on CashBoss App or with the money earned by referral.

Transfer to Paytm Wallet- You can also transfer the money earned from CashBoss App directly to your Paytmwallet. Here you can transfer at least Rs 100.

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Frequently asked questions about CashBoss App

How much money can I earn by spin on CashBoss App?

You can earn from 0 to 20 rupees per day by spinning on CashBoss App.

What is the minimum amount that can be transferred to Paytm on CashBoss App?

You can transfer at least Rs 100 to Paytm on CashBoss App.

Conclusion: How To Earn Money With CashBoss App In Hindi

After reading this article about CashBoss App, you must have understood that How to earn money with CashBoss AppIf you also want to earn money for your mobile recharge sitting at home, then you can also download CashBoss App. If you liked the information about CashBoss App, then do not forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

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