How to get admission in Fraser Valley University

To achieve success in today’s world, it is necessary to have ability and that is why every student keeps trying to make himself capable in some field or the other. In such a situation, students who have to choose a best field for higher education after 12th, then they definitely look for a higher university, out of many universities, Fraser Valley University is also a great option for students. Fraser Valley University is a government university that offers degree programs in a variety of disciplines, including Accounting, Education, Business and Technology. Read this blog in its entirety to know more about Fraser Valley University.

University name Fraser Valley University
type of university public
year of establishment 1974
No. of Campus 5
Residence for students on campus is present
average class I 25
acceptance rate 69%

Why choose Fraser Valley University?

The reasons why students chose Fraser Valley University are explained below-

  • Fraser Valley University offers more than 100 UG and PG as well as Diploma and Certificate courses.
  • Students planning to study at Fraser Valley University have to spend around 30,000 CAD for the first year of study which is 1 plus point for the students.
  • The university offers various scholarships to the students in Canada. Students with minimum 3 and 4 GPA (83%-86%) can avail fee waiver up to 10,000 CAD.
  • Students can earn an average salary package of 75,000 CAD after completing a Bachelor’s degree from Fraser Valley University. The highest paying post is that of Chief Information Officer with a salary package of up to 143,430 CAD.

Acceptance Rate at Fraser Valley University

Fraser Valley University offers an acceptance rate of 69% to its students. This acceptance rate of the university reflects the competition among the students. The student who will have high qualification and whose documents are perfect and proper will find it easier to apply to the university. They will also secure a place for themselves in the university on the basis of their qualifications and documents. That is to say that with this acceptance rate the candidate has to be very careful and apply on time so that they can get admission in the university.

Fraser Valley University Required Dates

Top Courses at Fraser Valley University

Eligibility for Fraser Valley University

The eligibility to apply for Fraser Valley University is mentioned below-

for UG course

  • Students should have completed 12th class from a recognized school.
  • Candidate must have secured minimum 55% marks in 12th.
  • english proficiency test like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo points are required.

for PG course

  • Must have Bachelor’s degree.
  • Must have work experience.
  • Must have English proficiency test marks.

Application Process for Fraser Valley University

International students are advised to apply at the earliest for better selection of the programme. University students from all over the world at Fraser Valley University quality education invites you to experience Note that the application portal for international students is different from that for domestic students. The application process to apply to Fraser Valley University is mentioned below-

  • To apply, candidates have to login to the official website of the college.
  • To login, the candidate must first be registered.
  • After logging in, all the necessary information asked in the application form has to be filled.
  • After filling the required information, the next page opens in front of the candidate in which the required documents have to be added.
  • Finally the form has to be submitted along with the fee.
  • This process can be a bit lengthy and cumbersome so students wishing to apply to Fraser Valley University to improve their profile and to simplify the application process Leverage Edu You can get help by calling our experts on 1800 572 000.

Required Documents

cost of living

type of expense Expense (CAD)
housing 9,900 (INR 58564)
living expense 4,000 (INR 236389)
book and supply 1,280 (INR 75644)

For information on living expenses while studying at Fraser Valley University Cost of Living Calculator use.


Students can apply for the scholarship 6-8 weeks before the start of the course studies. Fraser Valley University offers international students the option of student bursaries and financial aid to be exempt from additional fees. International students applying for admission to Fraser Valley University are considered eligible for these scholarships. The following scholarships are awarded each year to top international students at the University who demonstrate academic excellence:

  • International Entrance Excellence Scholarship – This scholarship worth 10,000 CAD is awarded to the top 5 international applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.5 out of 4.0.
  • International Regional Entrance Scholarship – The value of 5,000 CAD in this scholarship is awarded to the top 35 applicants with a minimum GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0.


Fraser Valley University has a career center through which they help their students find jobs in Canada. The university takes the help of CareerLink portal to connect its students with the employees and employers. This university organizes job fairs, workshops with the help of Career Center and teaches the skills related to employment to the students. They also provide personalized counseling and advice for them.

job profile and salary

After graduating from Fraser Valley University, students do some of the below mentioned jobs in which they get salary of some given figure. This salary can be more or less.

job Average Income (CAD)
Associate Professor, Postsecondary / Higher Education 95 thousand-1 lakh (INR 56-60 lakh)
marketing strategist 50-55 Thousand (INR 29-32 Lakh)
Chief Information Officer 1-1.5 Lakh (INR 60-88 Lakh)
instructional designer 55-60 thousand (INR 32-35 lakh)
President 1.5- 2 Lakh (INR 88 Lakh-1 Crore)

Notable alumni

Many notable former Fraser Valley University students who excel in their various areas of specialization. The names of some of them alumni are given below:

  • Mor Dhaliwal – Chief Strategist and Co-Founder of Skyrocket
  • Seamus Hefferman -Author
  • Deniz Petechaya – Marketing Assistant


What is the application fee of Fraser Valley University?

Answer – The university charges CAD 150 (INR 8864.61) as a non-refundable application fee.

Is there student housing on the campus of Fraser Valley University?

Answer – Yes, the student residence, Baker House, is available for accommodation since August 2007.

Can I work part-time while studying?

Answer – Yes, international students have many options to work in Canada. Students can work on campus under a work-study program, which allows students to balance their studies and work. Students can also apply for an off-campus work permit for off-campus employment.

How long will it take me to complete a course?

Answer – A certificate course generally takes two full time semesters (15 credits or more) to complete and a diploma takes four semesters. A bachelor’s degree consists of eight semesters, a subsequent certificate of the degree is one year or less, and a master’s degree is of two years.

I am currently studying in a college/university. Can I transfer my credits to Fraser Valley University?

Answer – Yes, Fraser Valley University accepts transfer credits from accredited post-secondary institutions. To evaluate your credentials, you must first submit an application to the university.

We have tried to give you many important information related to Fraser Valley University. If you want to study at Fraser Valley University then you Leverage Edu to take the help of experts 1800 572 000 And with the help of experts, you can complete your studies without any hassle by applying to the university.

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