How to learn what is jQuery (What Is jQuery In Hindi)

What is jQuery In today’s article we will give you coding And Javascript Will tell about the most popular library of jQuery. jQuery is the most commonly used JavaScript library which is used to create web applications.

Through today’s what is jquery, history of jquery, features of jquery, difference between javascript and jquery, how to download jquery and how to learn jquery Will give complete information which is very useful for a web developer.

So stay with us in this article till the end and know from the beginning- What is jquery.

What is jQuery

jQuery is the most commonly used JavaScript library with the help of which web developers can develop their Website I can easily use Javascript.

What is jQuery full information (What Is jQuery In Hindi)

To do the work which requires hundreds of lines of coding in JavaScript, the same work can be done by writing only a few codes in jQuery.

jQuery is Open Source, it can be used absolutely free. Since some time ago jQuery has emerged as a popular JavaScript library which is used by most of the people in Web Development.

Using jQuery, the website can be given an attractive look. jQuery is used today by the world’s biggest companies such as – Google, Microsoft, IBM, amazon e.t.c.

jQuery aims to write less and do more.

History of jQuery

jQuery was released in 2006 by Jhon Resing at Bar Camp NYC. by Jhon Resing JavaScript To HTML Wanted to separate the code so that it would be easier to understand, so they started working on a JavaScript library and jQuery was created.

Currently jQuery is managed by a team of developers led by Timmy Wilson.

From time to time, new versions of jQuery are launched. jQuery currently has the latest version 3.6.0 which was launched in March 2021.

Version of jQuery

The list of the released version of jQuery so far is given below, in which the jQuery version and their release year have been told –

jQuery Version Release Year
jQuery 1.0 August 2006
jQuery 1.1 January 2007
jQuery 1.2 September 2007
jQuery 1.3 January 2009
jQuery 1.4 January 2010
jQuery 1.5 January 2011
jQuery 1.6 May 2011
jQuery 1.7 October 2011
jQuery 1.8 August 2012
jQuery 1.9 January 2013
jQuery 1.10 May 2013
jQuery 1.11 January 2014
jQuery 1.12 January 2016
jQuery 2.0 April 2013
jQuery 2.1 January 2014
jQuery 2.2 January 2016
jQuery 3.0 June 2016
jQuery 3.1 June 2016
jQuery 3.2 October 2017
jQuery 3.3 January 2018
jQuery 3.4 April 2019
jQuery 3.5 March 2020
jQuery 3.6 June 2021
jquery version

Features of .jQuery

jQuery has the following features that make this language special –

  • Simple and Easy Using jQuery, any task can be easily done in JavaScript. And it’s easy to learn too.
  • Lightweight jQuery is a very lightweight library of JavaScript. Its size is approximately between 19KB to 90KB.
  • Open Source – jQuery is an Open Source Library that can be used absolutely free.
  • Speed ​​– Due to being lightweight, the speed of jQuery is very fast.
  • Cross Browser Support – jquery all types web browser supports.
  • Large Library – jQuery has a large library that is capable of performing more tasks than other JavaScript libraries.
  • Ajax Support – jQuery supports Ajax, with the help of which you can use the Ajax feature in jQuery.
  • HTML and CSS Manipulation – in jquery CSS And the code of HTML can be manipulated.
  • Built-in Animation Animations are already built in jQuery, you do not have to create them manually.

Difference between JavaScript and jQuery

Following are the differences between jQuery and JavaScript –

  • JavaScript is a scripting language whereas jQuery is a library or framework of JavaScript.
  • jQuery was created to help simplify the coding of JavaScript.
  • jQuery is written using JavaScript only.
  • You cannot learn jQuery without learning JavaScript.

How to use jQuery

jQuery is a very popular JavaScript library in today’s time, which is mostly used by web developers. You can use jQuery in two ways –

  • local path – Local Path means you can add jQuery to your computer Can be downloaded and used in . You can go to the official website of jQuery and download the library from there and use it on your PC.
  • CDN Path – jQuery Library in CDNPath instead of one on your computer servers But it happens. of that library to use it cdn Path is given which is online on a server. You need internet to use jQuery in CDN Path.

Uses of jQuery

Since jQuery is a library for JavaScript, jQuery is designed to make coding JavaScript easier. jQuery is used by Web Developer. jQuery is mainly used to make web applications attractive.

Advantages of jQuery

There are many advantages of using jQuery such as –

  • With the help of jQuery, it is easy to learn the coding of JavaScript.
  • You can get the job done faster with jQuery because it requires less code to write than JavaScript.
  • jQuery is easy to use as compared to other JavaScript libraries.
  • You can use jQuery absolutely free.
  • The speed of jQuery is very fast.
  • In jQuery, apart from the coding library, you get many plugins, with the help of which you can use more features of jQuery.
  • jQuery simplifies Ajax calls and DOM manipulation.

Disadvantage of jQuery

While on one hand there are many advantages of jQuery, on the other hand it also has some disadvantages such as –

  • JQuery JavaScript File is required to run jQuery Command.
  • jQuery’s functionality may be limited.

How to learn jQuery (Learn jQuery in Hindi)

how to learn jquery Before knowing, it is necessary to know which language should be known to learn jQuery. Friends, to learn jQuery, you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, then come to jQuery.

You can easily learn jQuery through the internet. You will find many tutorials in Google and YouTube from where you can learn jQuery.

To learn jQuery, we have suggested some popular websites below –

FAQ For jQuery

Why was jQuery created?

jQuery is a library of JavaScript designed to make it easier to code in JavaScript.

Where is jQuery used?

jQuery is mainly used to create web applications.

Who created jQuery?

jQuery was created in 2006 by Jhon Resing at Bar Camp NYC.

What is the latest version of jQuery now?

The latest version of jQuery right now is 3.6.0 which was released in March 2021.

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Conclusion – What is jQuery in Hindi

Through today’s article, we have shared with you jquery What’s up And shared a lot of information related to jQuery which must have proved useful for you.

Learning jQuery will prove beneficial for you to become a Professional Web Developer. Learning jQuery will make your work a bit easier in Web Development.

so this article What is jquery in hindi That’s all, I hope you have liked this article written by us, do share this article with your Web Developer friends as well.

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