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Video Viral Kaise Kare: you also want to know How To Make Youtube Video Viral So through this post I am going to tell you how to get more views on Youtube video. Some methods that we have also used and it really works. So let’s find out – How to make youtube video viral in hindi.

We do not say that you will make your video viral immediately with these methods, but by applying these methods, you can make the video more SEO and user friendly, so that youtube will start making your video viral.

So let’s start this article whose topic is – How to make youtube video viral in hindi.

To make Youtube videos viral or to get views on the video, we will focus on the smallest and most advanced things. In which you will have knowledge of some things, that is, you will know and nothing else.

YouTube Video Viral Kaise Kare - Youtube Video Viral Karne ka Tarika

If you are new in this field i.e. you have created your YouTube channel a few days back, then you need a lot of hard work. But if you follow the tips mentioned in the article, then your video will soon be viral.

how to make youtube video viral

To make youtube video viral, pay attention to the following things.

#1 Video Viral With Right Audio Quality

You have to keep the quality of your video good and in this you have to keep the sound of the video good and fast, keeping it fast means you will not have to improve your audio quality.

With this, if someone watches your video, then he does not have to put an air phone in his ear and if your voice is good, then he will be impressed by your voice, not the video. And users will listen to your complete video well, so that your video will be viral.

#2 Make YouTube video viral by improving VIDEO QUALITY

If you want to make your video viral then you need to improve your video quality. To you Video Full HD Record in the format and export it in Full HD format only.

If what you are telling in the video is also good and also the quality of the video then your Youtube Video will definitely be Viral.

#3 Make videos on trending topics

It is to be noted that the people who made your video are more search do or not. If you have made such a video, which no one searches, then your video will never go viral.

Make videos on a topic that is more searchable or trending and which regular people search. This will also bring views on your video and your video will be viral, which will also help in growing your channel.

If you want to do YOUTUBE VIDEO VIRAL then you should keep the video time at least 4 minutes or more.

#4 Make video viral with Audience Retention

If you are making a video of yours, then you can introduce yourself in the video for 10 seconds and after that you have to repeat all the questions on that topic till 1:30 pm, so that your time will be spent watching the video. As will turn out. You have to stop by attracting the user till the end of the video. Due to which the Audience Retention of your video will increase.

Apart from this, you should also put 10 minutes of videos, which will increase your voice time and if your channel is not monetized then your channel will also be monetized.

It is a matter to keep in mind that if you want to get a view on YouTube channel, then you do not have to use Duplicate / Copyright Content, this will not make your video viral, but you will get copyright strike. You have to use copyright free music and images.

You can take background music from Youtube library and use Pixabay or Pixel website for image.

If you really want to make your video viral, then you have never put someone else’s video like this.

Even if you make some changes in it, youtube comes to know that it is a copy video, so it does not send your video to anyone’s suggestion. That’s why you stay away from copyrighted things.

#6 Make Youtube Video Viral By Writing Correct Title

You to put the title right Keyword Research Do or choose the title with the help of any tool. For this you can take the help of Tubebuddy. The title of the video should be such that if anyone searches for that Youtube Video Title, then your video should come at the top.

Apart from Youtube Video Title, you also enter the description correctly. Meaning that you should mention the Youtube Video title in the description of Youtube Video as well as be related to the video with at least 150 words and definitely put it in the description of Youtube Video.

In the Tags of Youtube Video, you have to put the tags of that video with the help of Tubebuddy, you should not put more than 5 or 6 tags. Also you should put the name of your channel in the tags.

जरूरी बात - ऐसा नही है कि डिस्क्रिप्शन और Tags डालने से ही आपका वीडियो वायरल होगा.  youtube पर ऐसे बहुत सारे वीडियो है जीन पर ना तो Tags है और ना ही  Description फिर भी उन पर लाखो views है.

#7 Make Video Viral With Attractive Thumbnail

Attractive thumbnail This is absolutely correct statement. If the thumbnail of your video is made attractive so that more and more people click on your video, the chances of your YouTube video becoming viral increases.

right way to make video viral

You have made the video in such a way that people watch more than half of it i.e. if more than 50 percent of your video is seen then it will definitely go viral.

After uploading a video, it is in a state of virality within 24 to 48 hours if you can go to Video Analytics on YouTube Studio on mobile to see the search terms and change the title of the video.

how to make youtube video viral

If you have made the thumbnail of the video well and the video quality is also right, the audio quality of the video is also good. If the title, tags, and description are also written in their own right way, then your video will definitely go viral if not today or tomorrow.

If your video becomes viral, then you must put a link to any of your other videos in the description of your video, as well as you must add your other video in End Screen and i Card inside the video.

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Conclusion – How To Make Youtube Video Viral In Hindi

If you are creating a youtube channel in the beginning then you have to add at least 100 Subscribers. Also you must put at least 30 videos. After this your YouTube video will definitely be Viral.

We told you in this post how to make youtube video viral easy way If you have any other question in your mind then you can ask in comment box.

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