How to start group discussion

Being one of the important steps in the selection and admission processes, especially university admissions in India, Group Discussion evaluates the candidates on the basis of their education, communication and overall personality. A core part of the MBA admission process, a Group Discussion is a topic based discussion activity involving multiple participants. Notably, starting the GD session early gets you extra kitty points to start with the discussion and improves your scorecard in front of the evaluators. You not only attract the attention of your fellow competitors but also seize the opportunity to show leadership skills. Moreover, having an exceptional set of skills in terms of articulate communication, memorizing and analytical ability will enable you to move effectively throughout the session. If you want to know how to start a Group Discussion in Hindi, read on now and make sure you follow all these points.

How to start group discussion?

After being given the role of initiator in a group discussion, you will definitely have an edge over others as you have a chance to grab everyone’s attention and make a great impression right from the start. But starting a group discussion is not as easy as it seems. It’s beneficial to start a group discussion but it’s also risky because it forces you to think on your feet and make an incredible start that can make an amazing impact. If you are given the role of starting a group discussion, here are the main steps you should follow.

introduce yourself first

As the initiator, it is important that you introduce yourself before telling everyone about the topic. Use a simple opening line like “Hi everyone, my name is ____” and then get to the topic. Be confident when introducing yourself. When you introduce the topic to start the group discussion, give a brief introduction to the topic and then pass the baton.

  • Hello everyone, I am _____ (name) and I would like to introduce the topic of this group discussion.
  • Hello everyone, my name is ____ and I will start the group discussion. I want to ask one question to all of you. [विषय से संबंधित प्रश्न यहां जोड़ें]
  • Mahatma Gandhi said, ________ [या कोई अन्य प्रासंगिक उद्धरण] And it matches with the topic of our Group Discussion today which is _____. I am _____ (name), the initiator of this group discussion and would like to ask all of you to present your opinion on this topic.
  • Good morning everyone, I am ______ and for today’s group discussion, we will discourage on the topic of _______.
  • Hi everyone, I’m _____ and this group discussion will focus on _____. First of all, let me give you a brief overview of the topic.

be clear and consistent

It is important that when introducing yourself and the subject, you should be fluent in your speech and not stutter or stutter. If you’re given a minute to prepare, try practicing your introduction line with someone or yourself, and remember that confidence is key.

Present the Topic With an Interesting Take

Another key factor to consider in finding the best way to start a group discussion is to present the topic in a unique way to interest everyone. Although it is purely a matter of spontaneity, practice as many group discussion topics as possible beforehand so that when given the opportunity to initiate, you make the most of it. The most interesting way to present any topic in GD is to add a quote, fact or question to it and appeal accordingly.

use your time efficiently

Time management is also an essential thing to keep in mind as your introduction is only the beginning of the discussion. Don’t exaggerate or exaggerate the topic, but be consistent and clear in your presentation.

Use Quotes and Questions to Get Started

The most thoughtful way to start a group discussion is by asking a question or adding a famous and relevant quote to the topic. You can just as an initiator grab everyone’s attention and thus lead a powerful group discussion by using a question on the topic.

For example, if the topic for the group discussion is “How has COVID-19 changed the education sector?” And then continue with starting the topic. Make sure that the question or quote remains neutral and does not really add to the pro or con side of the topic because as the initiator you must be fair in your introductory approach.

Effective Ways to Start Group Discussion

Below are some amazing tips and tricks to start a group discussion-

Understand Topic First

No one knows what could be the topic of group discussion. So it is also important that you keep yourself abreast with all the trending topics and current affairs going on in the world. After the GD Moderator announces the topics for discussion, take a pause and try to understand what exactly is meant by the topic and analyze the direction where the topic should be taken. Correct information and unclear information at the time of installation can prove to be a huge mess. Thereafter, in case of any kind of queries or ambiguity regarding the topic, ask immediately.

strategic gambling craft with a definition

Try to attract the attention of competitors and moderators by starting with the definition of keywords in the topic. For example, let’s say the topic for a given GD is about capital punishment relevant in today’s world. If you think you have a handle on capital punishment matters, start now by determining what ‘capital punishment’ is and then go ahead with it. Chances are some of your competitors won’t even know what the term means. This not only earns you some extra brownie points for starting the GD but also creates an impression in front of the moderators that you have at least basic knowledge about the subject matter.

Start with a famous but relevant quote or phrase

Starting by quoting a relevant phrase or quote from a famous person can help you show off your command over the English language and literature. Not only is quoting an efficient way to start the GD, but it also acts as a confidence booster. However, quoting just for the sake of it should be avoided as it may not work as expected.

Shock is the key to strategy

Added this point to the list of how to start a group discussion tips, because a shocking or eye-opening statement or statistic reflects positively on your in-depth knowledge of the topic as well as is a great way to . To grab the attention of all your competitors. Strategically deliver your shock statements so that GD is always on your side and you never lose focus. If handled well throughout GD, this can become a turning factor for you!

Put relevant stats and figures up front

Having accurate and up-to-date statistics is a powerful way to start a group discussion. Sharing some shocking statistics not only makes you a leader in the discussion but also increases your chances of getting selected. It gives the impression that you are well versed with the subject and keep yourself up-to-date. However, if maintaining statistics and statistics seems problematic, skip this step! Presenting a believable announcement is more important than a wild announcement.

with a story

When you are confused about starting a group discussion, mentioning anecdotes of not more than 4 to 5 lines can do wonders. A short excerpt from any famous story shows your presence and engages everyone listening to your story. Remember, the story should be somewhat related to the actual topic of the group discussion and should not be irrelevant in any way. Otherwise, you may lose your brownie points with the GD moderators.

Start with a Question and Answer Yourself

This is another effective method on how to start a group discussion. Keep a question in your mind and answer it yourself by stating relevant facts and details, instead of throwing questions at other candidates. This will help you lead the group discussion and help you set a tone for the rest of the GD session. Try to frame only relevant questions for which you have a reasonably detailed answer.

Starting Lines for a Group Discussion

While researching the best ways to start a group discussion, gearing up for some opening lines will always help you prepare for the situation. Since many competitive exams are often cracked by group discussions, it is important to gear up for this aspect of the selection process for your chosen course or job profile. Here are some useful phrases-cum-initiation lines for group discussions, which may come in handy if you are given a GST to start with-

  • “I would like to start by stating my perspective regarding this matter…”
  • “I would like to point out that…”
  • You might start with a quote: “As X once said…”
  • If you are giving a definition related to the topic: “______is defined as…”
  • I am sure some of you may agree with me while others may not, but I would like to say that…. ,

Important Tip: Focus and elaborate on the nouns, verbs and adjectives of the given topic that will come out for the best opening line for group discussion

Bonus Tips for Cracking a Group Discussion Like a Pro

Here are some bonus tips to crack GD-

  • Dress formally to create a long-lasting impression of professionalism.
  • Maintain eye contact with the moderator.
  • Avoid interrupting when your competitor is speaking. Everyone gets a fair chance to speak.
  • No irrelevant and unclear comments.
  • Try to avoid stuttering and stammering.
  • Keep your body straight and watch your body language.
  • Be polite with your counterparts, even if you do not agree with their views.

How to interrupt or enter GD when others speak?

Now that you know how to start a group discussion, let’s understand how you can enter a group discussion when you are having a group discussion or interrupt. Here are the best tips to enter the middle of Group Discussion in Hindi:

  • choose the right time
    Knowing the right time to enter in the middle of a group discussion is very important. You can either continue from the point where the last speaker presented a different point of view by speaking clearly.
  • be quick and concise
    In order to present your views in the middle of a group discussion, you should be quick to grab the right opportunity and put forth your views without giving space to anyone else without question. It also means that you must have a strong point or counter-argument to gain an extra point by entering a group discussion in between.
  • Continue from Views of the Last Speakers
    Another wonderful way to enter the middle of GD is by continuing from where the last speaker was speaking. You can add their ideas, put forth what you think and leave no room for others to question the logic.

How to end group discussion?

Ending a Group Discussion in Hindi can be as difficult as starting a GD. To summarize a group discussion, you need to be alert throughout the discussion, in order to remember all the key points as well as understand the discourse. Here is how you can do Group Discussion in Hindi:

  • Note down a broad summary on all the major points mentioned throughout the discussion and then summarize the discussion by presenting all the important and relevant points discussed.
  • Add Contextual Observations

You can also add relevant comments to the points of view presented during the conclusion of a group discussion as this will help you earn brownie points for providing analytical conclusions.

  • include a closing argument a

Once you’ve summarized the points discussed, provide a closing argument weighing both sides of the discourse.


What is the full form of GD?

The full form of GD is Group Discussion.

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