How to Study at Drew University

Drew University is a private university in Madison, New Jersey. Drew University is also known as ‘University in Forest’. It is one of the top ranked universities in the United States of America. As an arts and science college, it offers more than 60 courses of UG, PG and doctorate in variety of options. This university is known for its excellent students and the education imparted in its 3 dedicated colleges. For students who want to spend more time in the city, the university offers a variety of programs, including the Wall Street semester and the United Nations semester.

University name Drew University
university type private university
Student Faculty Ratio 12:1
number of international students >20%
annual acceptance rate 73%
Approved Exams IELTS, TOEFLDET, ACT, SATetc.
size of campus 186 acre

Why choose Drew University?

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To answer the question why a candidate should apply to Drew University, some points are mentioned below-

  • Drew University enrolls students from more than 18 countries, and according to international students taking UG courses, Drew University is ranked #15 among US universities. It means that the candidates are satisfied by studying from this university.
  • Students passing out from Drew University get high placements in reputed companies like Apple, Ralph Lauren, Google, IBM, Pfizer, Samsung etc. The average starting salary of alumni can be around USD 50,700.
  • More than 85% of Drew University students receive scholarships and grants from the university.
  • Drew University provides best option in classroom facilities and quality education to each of its students, thus making them highly trended and skilled professionals in their respective fields.
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Drew University Rankings

Here is the ranking of Drew University:

  • According to the Times Higher Education Rankings 2023, Drew University is ranked 320 in the US rankings.
  • Ranked 111th according to the US News & World Report Liberal Arts Ranking 2022.
  • According to US News & World Report 2022, the 32nd place is based on the performance of social mobility.
  • The National Liberal Arts College is ranked 117th according to US News & World Report 2022.
  • According to the Center of World University Rankings, Drew University is ranked 282nd.
Drew University
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Drew University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Drew University is between 69%-73%. Drew University accepts admission during the Fall and Spring. Every year the university receives more than 3800+ applications. The acceptance rate being between 69%-73% means that the chances of the candidates getting admission are high. Candidates ensure their place by applying with their good qualification and correct documents.

Drew University Required Dates

program Application Deadline annual fee (USD)
MA History and Culture Fall (1 February 2022) 21,600 (₹16 lakh)
MS Data Analytics -fall (1 June 2022)
-Spring (1 December 2022)
39,360 (₹29.2 lakh)
BBA Business Fall (1 February 2022) 38,668 (₹28.7 lakh)
BA Management Public Health Fall (1 February 2022) 38,668 (₹28.7 lakh)

Drew University Top Courses

The list of top Drew University courses is given below-

courses First Year Fee (USD)
MS 21,880 (₹16.41 lakh)
mlM 21,880 (₹16.41 lakh)
BE / B.Tech 39,173 (₹29.38 lakh)
BBA 39,173 (₹29.38 lakh)
B.Sc, 39,173 (₹29.38 lakh)
BS in Computer Science 39,173 (₹29.38 lakh)
Master of Science in Finance 21,880 (₹16.41 lakh)
Bachelor of Arts (BA) 40,000 (₹30 lakh)
Bachelor Archaeology (BArch) 40,000 (₹30 lakh)

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cost of living

The cost of living in the US depends on the lifestyle of the students, below are the common cost of living-

Expense On Campus (USD) Off Campus (USD)
room and board 14,723 (INR 11.04 Lakh) 14,723 (₹11.04 lakh)
other living expenses 1,982 (INR 1.48 Lakh) 4,542 (₹3.42 lakh)
book and supply 1,200 (INR 90,000) 1,200 (₹90,000)
total 17,905 (INR 13.42 Lakh) 20,465 (₹15.34 lakh)

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Drew University Admission Qualification

There are certain qualifications required to apply to Drew University, which are mentioned below-

for UG course

  • Must have completed 12th from a recognized school.
  • Must have secured minimum 50% marks in 12th.
  • ACT,SAT, GMAT,GRE should have points.
  • IELTS, TOEFL As should be the marks of English Proficiency Test.

for PG course

  • Must have obtained Dangerous degree.
  • International students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • The average GPA of students enrolled in Drew University is 3.54.
  • of students applying SAT And ACT The scores should be 1235 and 28 respectively.

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Application process for Drew University

Drew University applications can be made twice a year in the fall and spring-

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  • The candidate has to first register himself on the university portal for which he has to use his email id and phone number.
  • Once the candidates register themselves, they get a login ID and password.
  • Using which they login, then the application form opens in front of them.
  • The candidate has to fill all the important information being asked in the application form and then submit the required documents.
  • When all the documents are submitted, finally the form is submitted after the fee submission.
  • Candidates can also track their application.

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Required Documents

Some of the documents required to apply to Drew University are mentioned below-

  • High School Transcript with Minimum CPA 3.0/4.0 Scale
  • personal statement
  • letter of recommendation (LOR,
  • certificate of finance
  • English language proficiency proof
  • Passport
  • UK Visa
  • ACT,SAT Alternative
  • GRE,GMAT (only for graduate)
  • Interview (Only for Graduates)

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Scholarship at Drew University

Drew University offers The Francis Asbury Scholarship, The Presidential Scholarship and The Dean’s Scholarship to its first year students. These scholarships are awarded at the time of admission, do not require a separate application and are based on the applicant’s past academic achievement. The annual scholarship amount ranges from $10,000-25,000 (INR 7.5-18.75 Lakh). The list of some more such scholarships that the school provides to its students is given below-

  • Narotam Sekhsaria’s Scholarships
  • Hani Zeini Scholarship
  • Harvey Fellowship
  • Inlaks Scholarships (University Courses)

Placements at Drew University

The Center for Internship and Professional Development is an important part of Drew University. Pass out students are offered fancy annual packages by majors such as Americorps, Apple, Bloomberg, Coca-Cola, Deloitte etc. Drew University prepares students for their professional lives by providing a number of services, such as:

  • career counseling
  • resume preparation
  • full time employment searcher
  • on campus employment
  • interview preparation
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Notable alumni

Some of the notable alumni of Drew University are as follows:

Notable alumni profession
James van der Beekie american actor
soon-yi prewin american actress
Eileen Quinn american actress
William Barber II American politician and social activist
Peter Dunov Bulgarian philosopher
Jeff Smith tv show host
Robert M. Price American Author and editor
Clint Bollick american judge
del peck American novelist
Henry Appenzeller Methodist Missionary


How much does it cost to live while majoring in Drew University, USA?

The total cost of living during major studies at Drew University, USA is approximately USD 60,000 per year.

Is it mandatory to submit ACT/SAT scores for UG admission in Drew University?

There is no obligation to submit ACT/SAT scores for admission to Drew University, but good scores on these tests can increase your chances of admission because they show a strong academic background.

What is the scope of extracurricular activities at Drew University?

From beautiful campus to sports facilities, from numerous clubs to theaters and music studios, Drew University has every facility to make college life memorable. Drew University focuses on regular extracurricular activities to enhance the personality development of the students which helps them in their career and future as well.

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