How to Submit Blog Website in Google News and Get Approval

hello friends today we Google what is news And How to Submit Blog Website to Google News Will give complete information about this subject. Apart from this we will tell you that How to get Google News Approval,

by which you How to show blog or website in Google News Will know this.

as you know that each Blogger to increase traffic on your blog website That’s why he wants to bring organic and social traffic. But for this you will have to work harder on Google Search and social platforms.

Today we will tell you about Google News in detail, so that you will get organic traffic and social traffic.

How To Submit Blog Website In Google News And Get Approval – In Hindi

Because today every person has a smart phone and it has Google pre-installed which will help you to get traffic of lakhs easily. All you have to do is submit your blog or website to Google News and get Google News approval.

If your blog starts showing more in Google News then visitors will come to your blog and if they find the information correct then they can share that article on social media platforms like – WhatsApp, Facebook And Koo Will share etc.

So let’s know without delay What is Google News,

What is Google News

Google News There is such a news platform in which millions of news articles are published in every language. All these articles are not written by Google, but written by countless Google News Publishers which are verified by Google News.

The Google News platform is a great news source for both the reader and the publisher. Here the reader gets reliable and accurate news quickly. The publisher also gets millions of traffic from here which comes from Google News Feed.

How to make your website in Google News

You do not have to create a website on Google News, but you have to make your blog website on any other CMS platform – like Blogger and WordPress, If you want to show your website in Google News, then you have to get Google News publisher approval of your website.

Google News Approval Website

  • news website
  • local news website
  • Micro Niche Blog
  • Agriculture website or blog
  • technology website
  • architecture website
  • art blog
  • automotive website
  • business Finance
  • crafts and hobbies
  • design
  • Entertainment
  • planning
  • fashion style
  • food drink website
  • sports website
  • health and fitness website
  • home and Garden
  • Local language and information blog
  • men’s lifestyle
  • News and Politics
  • parenting and children
  • domestic animal
  • photography blog
  • real estate website
  • science technology website
  • shopping website
  • special interest blog
  • travel blog
  • Woman Lifestyle

You can submit Google News to many blog websites etc.

If you want to submit the website to Google News, then it is very important for you to know the things to pay attention to Google News Publisher.

Things to keep in mind when submitting a blog to Google News

Whenever you submit your blog to Google News, it is important to take care of the main things. With which you will get the approval of Google News easily.

If you do not take care of these things while submitting your blog to Google News Publisher, then your Google News account will be disapproved.

How to Submit a Website to Google News

  • Note that the domain name is correct. A good buy domain name,
  • Buy a good web hosting like – Cloudways, BlueHost, A2 Hosting,
  • of website Theme Light weight should be more correct.
  • on blog website Google Adsense Must have approval.
  • Create necessary pages on the website like – About us, Contact Us etc.
  • Blog website should be AMP.
  • Publish only your original content on the website.
  • Keep the navigation section of the website correct.
  • Blog Website Loading Speed If it’s right, that’s great.
  • Website Write articles SEO friendly,
  • Write at least 3 articles daily.
  • Install AMP ADS on blog website only in AMP.
  • Write each article at least more than 700 words.
  • Keep the permalink of the news article SEO friendly.
  • Do not make grammar mistakes on the blog website.
  • Be sure to add the image and video to the news website.
  • Do not put Spam, Adult and other unnecessary content.
  • on news website Yoast SEO Setup Do it correctly.
  • On creating news website on other CMS”Google News Sitemap” Must come.

If you take care of all these things then you will get Google News approval.

Can google news hindi blog be found?

Yes, Google News Approval News website and Hindi blog are easily available. You just have to follow Google News Publisher Policy and Guidelines.

How to Submit Blog Website to Google News

It is easy to submit a blog website to Google News, but if you do not submit Google News properly, then you may have trouble getting its approval.

Step #01 : First of all visit Google News Publisher Center

Click this link :// to submit to Google News and visit Google News Publisher Center.

Step #02 : After that login to Google News Publisher Center with Email ID

When you go to the Google News Publisher Center, you have to log in with your email.

Here you have to pay attention that your own Email ID Log in to your Google Search Console and Google Adsense Approval have taken.

Step #03 : Now Click on Add Publication

Click on Add Publication, but you will see a pop up box in which you have to write the name of your news blog which you have to show in Google News.

Google News New Publication

Step #04 : Fill all the basic information of the General tab

Google News Basic Information

As you can see in the image that you have to fill the basic information in the general section.

  • Here first of all you have to write the name of your blog website in Publication Name.
  • After this, an intro has to be given about your blog website in the description, which should be short and correct.
  • Now you have to select the right bottom of your website in the category.
Google News General Setting
  • After this you have to choose the language of your news website in the primary language.
  • In this option, you have to enable it by clicking on Allow Automatic Translation so that your news blog can be easily translated into any language.
Google News Website property URL
  • Now you have to verify your blog website with Google Search Console in Website Property.
Google News Location
  • After this, you have to make your own choice in the distribution options like – Country and Google Properties. In the country, click on Allow All properties in worldwide and Google properties.
Google News Distribution Option
  • In tracking, you have to enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID and put it next.

Step #05 : Enter Sections, Content Label and Verify URL Ownership in the Content option

Google News Sections
  • In the content, you have to select anyone in the web location and visibility of your news website.
  • Here you can select Feed, Web Location, Video and Personalized Feed by clicking on New Section.
Google News Content Labels
  • In Content Label, you have to choose the labels by entering the URL of the news site which is appropriate for your blog.
Google News Veirfy URL ownership
  • Now you have to verify by submitting your News Website or Blog to Verify URL Ownership.

Step #06: Add Square logo and Wide logo in place of Image

  • As mentioned in the image – you have to submit Square Logo and Wide Logo in the right size and color in the image option only by following Google News Image Guidelines.
Google News Image Logo

Step #07: Now Confirm Google Adsense Publisher Id in Ads

  • If you take the news approval from the email on which you have got the approval of Google Adsense, then you will get
  • You have to choose your Google Adsense Publisher ID correctly in the Earnings section in the Ads option.
Google News Adsense Publisher ID

Step #08: Join Other Access Groups With Advance Option

  • If you want to give access to the Google News website to any other person, then you can do it easily by going to the option access group of Advance.
  • In this, you have to enter the name of the group and the email ID of the user.

Step #09: Finally submit the website to Google News by clicking on Review & Publish

  • After completing all the information, you should review your website yourself and submit it to Google News.
Google News Review & Publish

Approval takes place in how many days after submission in Google News?

You can get Google News approval between at least 15 days to 2 months after applying in Google News. It all depends when Google News Manager reviews your application.

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Got Google News Approval How to know?

When you get website approval in Google News, you do not get email, you have to check whether the blog website has got Google News Approval or not. So you see Application Status in Google News Publisher account, here you will see Pending or Live.

Meaning of Google News Pending – Your blog news application is currently in review.

Meaning of Live – Your Google News has been approved. You can also see this information by going to Google Search Console. Where you will see the option of Google News in the dashboard.

How to enter news on google?

To enter any news on Google News, you must have the approval of Google News on the blog website. Which you can get with the help of Google News Publisher Center. Similarly, you can get your news on Google.

What to do to get your news running in Google?

To give your news in Google, you should give your article on that blog website which is Google News Approved. With this, your article ie news can appear in Google News.

Conclusion – How to Submit Website to Google News

that way you can easily Google News approval for website will get.

for this you Blog website has to be submitted properly in Google News,

If you have got help in getting the approval of Google News with the help of this article, then you must tell in the comment box below and if you have any question then ask it too.

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