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Slogan writing is an integral part of Hindi Grammar. Slogan writing has been an integral part of human life for many years not only in Hindi grammar. It has been used to express one’s point of view. It is also very effective and revolutionary. All the important information about Slogan Writing in Hindi is given below with their examples. Let us know in detail about what is Slogan Writing in Hindi.

What is slogan writing?

In Hindi, slogans are also called idioms, policy words, propaganda sentences, invocation sentences, principle sentences. Words in a loud voice, in a loud voice, a collective or single voice raised, are called slogans. In practical introduction, it is a masculine and a noun.

What is a slogan in slogan writing?

Slogans related to various subjects, established, meaningful, short and inspirational sentences that establish the characteristics of an object of society are called slogans or slogans. It is a sentence or word that gets on the tongue of the group of people and has the ability to inspire people. There is a power in every word of this which has an unmistakable effect on the mind, due to which the public mind is engulfed in the heart of man.

Who is Slogan Writing?

Slogans are written or spoken in order to attract people. In slogan writing, any subtle principle element is written to connect the general public by making it very simple and easy. Slogan writing affects both negatively and positively. Memorable and motto, slogan writing are used to express political, religious, or purpose equally by speech.

slogan writing questions for class 9th

Slogan writing is mostly a question asked in 9th class along with this slogan writing is asked in many competitive exams and asked on writing which are given below-

  1. Slogan writing question is asked in the writing section.
  2. Slogan writing question is asked for 5 marks.
  3. In this question you are given a choice and you have to choose any one option of your choice and write slogan writing.
  4. In slogan writing, the word limit is limited, in which only 20-30 words can be mentioned.

On what topics can you write slogans?

There are many types of slogans, which can be written, such as-

  • Social
  • Religious
  • political
  • encouraging
  • professional spiritual
  • motivational slogans
  • environment
  • pollution
  • corona virus
  • starvation
  • poverty
  • Unemployment

types of slogans

Slogans are asked on different topics in slogan writing, some of the types of slogans are as given below-

  • Social
  • Religious
  • festival giver
  • political
  • Spiritual
  • commercial
  • inspirational

Different slogans are written in different regions for different purposes.

Characteristics of slogan/slogan

The characteristics of Slogan Writing in Hindi are given below-

  • The slogan should be common enough that it can directly engage people.
  • Slogans are very effective if written with rhyme and rhythm.
  • Slogans should use simple, popular words. Due to which people understand the slogan properly.
  • The slogan or slogan should be very concise and effective. Because the more concise and effective the slogan, the more famous it will be.
  • The slogan should have serious meaning.
  • The word limit of the slogan should be maximum 10-12 words.
  • The description of the subject feature in the slogans should be accurate.
  • The slogan should always have an ideal message, which can inspire and awaken the people.
  • Originality, creativity and catchy words should be used. It helps in making the slogan effective.
  • While writing slogans, proper selection of words and mutual coordination is necessary.
  • Synonyms can be used while writing slogans.
  • The slogan can be one to two lines.

Important role of slogans during freedom movement

The slogan is not new anywhere in the world including India. Slogans have a complete history in India, slogans are used in various fields since ancient times. Slogans are written and spoken for different purposes in all countries of the world to have the ability to inspire people. . At the time of independence, many slogans were prevalent in our country, which had a deep impact among the people of Indians. like-

slogans told by
do or die Mahatma Gandhi
you give me blood i will give you freedom Subhash Chandra Bose
Vande Matram Bakim Chandra Chatterjee
Jai Hind Subhash Chandra Bose
Swaraj is my birthright and I will have it Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Inquilab Zindabad Bhagat Singh
Our hearts are filled with the passion to sacrifice Ram Prasad Bismil
Not allowed to rest Jawaharlal Nehru
Jai jawan jai kisan Lal Bahadur Shastri

Many similar slogans were made history during the freedom movement. These slogans struck more fiercely than the weapon.

purpose of slogan writing

The following sentences given below can be the purpose of slogan writing-

  • Slogan writing is written to attract the attention of people of a person, social, political organization or other campaign.
  • Slogan writing is written to give an ideal message to the society.
  • Slogan writing is written to motivate people to do any work.
  • Slogan writing is written to reveal social expression.
  • Slogan writing is written to inspire or awaken the people of the society.


  • water is life!
  • Save daughter, educate daughter!
  • Self reliant India, capable India!
  • Plant trees, save trees!
  • Save the earth by planting trees!
  • Save the environment by planting trees!

In this blog of Slogan Writing in Hindi, this slogan has been written for the purpose to save water and to make people aware.

slogan writing formats

Slogan writing formats are given below-

  • The slogan should be such that it goes straight into the hearts of human beings.
  • To make the slogan look good, it should always be written in tuk wah rhythm.
  • The slogan should always be written in simple, popular and popular words.
  • The words of the slogan should be simple so that it comes to the people’s tongue quickly.
  • The slogan should be very effective and concise.
  • Slogan should have a limit of 12-14 words.
  • The aim of the slogan should be to inspire and awaken the people and to spread the message of order.
  • The description of the subject’s specialty in the slogan should be precise.
  • Attractive, creative originality and catchy words should be used.
  • It is very important to have harmony and proper selection of words.
  • Synonyms can be used in slogan writing.
  • The slogan should be one or two lines!


  • if there is water there is life!
  • If water is there, there is future!


  • “Don’t destroy nature,
    Let’s save the environment together
  • ,To move the country forward
    The illiterate has to be made literate.

benefits of slogan writing

The benefits of Slogan Writing in Hindi are given below-

  • The power of slogan writing is infallible which directly affects the lives of human beings.
  • Slogan writing inspires people and is repeated aloud over and over again, which has an instant effect on the mind and heart of the people.
  • The medium of slogan writing is written in very few words, so that it can reach the masses.
  • Slogan writing has the potential to change society and have a very rapid impact.
  • We can use the slogans written in slogan writing as a weapon.
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slogan writing on corona virus

Ideas for writing slogans on corona virus are as follows:

  • this is the slogan of life
    May our family be full of security
  • safety at work
    then our security will be
  • Yes, if life on earth increases
    So follow the safety rules
  • Safe work is our duty
    Our family is associated with a safe life

slogan writing on time

Timely slogan writing are given below-

  1. With the passage of time, even a friend becomes an enemy.
  2. Time is big, make strong and good wrestlers!
  3. He who does not know time, he has never known himself!
  4. Time and tide wait for none!
  5. The mirror of time never lies!
  6. Time is respected by all, one is poor then one is great!
  7. Respect time, respect your life!
  8. Time has always been a friend of those who work hard
  9. Time gone by never comes back!
  10. The devotee changes slowly but surely!
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slogan on environment

Slogans on environment are given below-

  • “Don’t destroy nature, let’s save the environment.
  • Take care of the environment, only then the country will become great.
  • “Protecting the environment is our duty, and this is our only slogan.
  • Make our environment clean together, let’s plant all trees.
  • “Plant trees for the environment, save the country, save the world.
  • There should be protection of the environment, which is not more than penance.
  • “Now the bird will say cast-dali, first spread greenery all around.
  • When pollution will be controlled, then only our environment will survive.
  • “Protect the environment, this education to the children first.
  • School-schools should teach this lesson, protect the environment.
  • “People have to be sensitized now, we have to save the environment now.
  • Whoever respects the environment, he is a true human being.


How many words should the slogan have a time limit?

The time limit of the slogan should be maximum 10-12 words.

What is the slogan?

Slogan is collective voice voice. Slogan is a collective voice raised repeatedly to bring more attention to a demand or to express happiness and enthusiasm.

What to keep in mind while writing a slogan?

Lyrical words should be used while writing slogans. The choice of rhythmic and rhyming words is able to make slogan writing effective and attractive.

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