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Informal letter writing is asked in almost all the class exams. Writing a good letter is also an art according to which marks are given in the examination. All the important rules, formats and some samples related to informal letter in Hindi have been given in this blog so that you get full marks in this topic in the exam.

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letter type

There are two types of letters, such as –

  • informal letterInformal letters are written to people with whom there is a personal relationship. In this type of letters, people write the things of their mind, feelings, happiness and sorrow etc. Hence these letters are also called ‘personal letters’. There is a hint of informality in the language style of these letters.
  • formal letter– These letters are written in formal contexts. with people like this correspondence We do not have a personal relationship with them. Due to the formal atmosphere, facts and information are given more importance in these types of letters.

What are informal letters?

Informal letter is written for your parents, acquaintances, friends or relatives. These letters are completely private or personal. In such letters, individuals send their feelings, thoughts and information to their loved ones. The language in these letters is very simple and easy. Informal letters are written to inquire or send an invitation to them, to thank or to give some important information. At the same time, the number of words in such letters depends on the person writing.

types of informal letters

The types of Informal letter in hindi (informal letter) are given below-

  1. congratulation letter
  2. Greeting card
  3. request letter
  4. condolences / sympathy / condolences
  5. displeasure/apology letter
  6. letter of information/description
  7. Invitation letter
  8. letter of thanks
  9. permission letter
  10. suggestion/advice paper
  11. letter of apology and assurance

informal correspondence

Correct way of writing Informal letter in Hindi (Informal letter) Letters are written in Hindi also according to English letters. The letter has the following parts-

letter writer’s address

The letter writer should write his/her address at the top left of the letter. If students are instructed to write letters in the ‘Examination Hall’, they should not write their address but write ‘Examination Building’ and the name of the city where the examination is being held. Students should not give any such sign, so that any information about them can be found by anyone. Like- Examination Building, New Delhi


The letter writer should write the date of that day immediately after writing the address i.e. date: 15 April, 20xx or 15-04-20xx


Informal letter in hindi (informal letters) has special importance of ‘address’ because the reader of the letter reads it first. Through these addresses the letter writer expresses his feelings towards the reader. By looking at the addresses, it can be inferred whether the letter has been written to the younger or the elder and how much love or respect has been expressed. Some samples of speeches are as follows:

  1. revered Father / Mother / Guruji etc.
  2. Respected Uncle ji / uncle ji / brother sahib / didi / sister-in-law etc.
  3. revered Uncle/Guruvar etc.
  4. Dear Brother/Friend etc.
  5. Etiquette phrases / words of greeting – Sentences of courtesy or salutation depend on the type of address, some of the words of etiquette are as follows- Stepsparsh, Salutation, Namaskar, Vande, Sasneh / Saprem Namaste, Be happy, Be Chiranjeevi etc.
  6. Content or theme After the words of etiquette comes the basic content of the letter. This is also called the text of the letter. Under this, the author expresses all those things, ideas etc., which he wants to communicate to the reader. From this, the expressive ability of the writer, language, way of presenting the story etc. is known.
  7. Completion instruction or self-direction- After the end of the text comes the turn of the letter. Before the closing of the letter, a feeling of inquiry, respect, respect etc. is expressed about the soulmates. In the end, relative words are used on the basis of the relationship between the letter writer and the reader under self-direction; Like- your… your own… your own affectionate desire…etc.
  8. Name of the letter writer Below ‘self-direction’ the letter writer should write his/her name. While writing the letter in the examination hall, you can write ‘ABC/ABS’ etc. in place of the name.

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informal letter format

The format of Informal Letter in Hindi is given below-

Informal letter in hindi
  • Know- The name and address of the sender (sender of the letter) are written on the top left.
  • Date- The date on which the letter is being written.
  • Subject- (Only in formal letters, subject is not used in informal letters.
  • Exhortation- Address is used according to the relationship with the recipient (the person to whom the letter is being written). (For example, the words of revered, revered, respected etc. are used for elders and dear, dear, affectionate etc. are used for younger ones.)
  • Greeting- According to the relation with the one to whom the letter is being written, such as Regards, Charan Sparsh, Namaste, Namaskar, Sweet Love etc.
  • Top topics- The main topic should be divided mainly into three paragraphs. The first paragraph should start with something like “We/I am well here, I hope you are also well there.”

Things to keep in mind when writing an informal letter

The things to keep in mind while writing Informal Letter are as follows-

  • The language should be simple and clear.
  • The age, qualification, position etc. of the letter writer and receiver should be taken care of.
  • What is written in the letter should be brief.
  • The beginning and end of the letter should be effective.
  • Language and spelling (Grammar) should be accurate and writing should be clean.
  • The address of the sender and receiver of the letter should be clearly and clearly written.
  • While writing the letter from class/examination building, you should write K.B.C in place of your name and class/examination building in place of address.
  • After writing your address and date, leave one line and write it next.
  • The letter should not be truncated.

examples of informal letters

Examples of informal letters are given below-

congratulation letter , Letter to a friend congratulating the friend’s elder brother in the happiness of getting a job.

examination hall
New Delhi
Date : 15th April, 20XX

dear mukesh

Hello hello!

how are you friend? You didn’t inform me but your uncle came to my house one day. He had work in Delhi yesterday. They even stayed at my house one night. Perhaps he would have told you after returning. He informed that your elder brother Amit Bhaiya has got a job in a big company in Mumbai. Very glad to know this. Amit Bhaiya was hardworking and promising from the very beginning. After getting their job, now the financial condition of your family will be better and you will not have difficulty in continuing your studies. Congratulations to Amit Bhaiya on my behalf and on behalf of my parents.

Everything else is normal. Offering my obeisances to your mother and sister. waiting for an answer.

your own
k b c

Invitation letter , Letter to your friend inviting elder brother’s wedding.

examination hall

Date: October 18, 20xx

dear sumit
Hello dear!

You will be happy to know that the marriage of my elder brother is fixed on 16th November 20xX. I have already told you this in my last letter that my elder brother had completed the course of ‘Computer Engineering’ last year and since then he was working in an IT company in Bangalore. My future sister-in-law is a lecturer in a college in Bangalore.

You and all your family members must attend this marriage. My parents are also requesting that you all must attend the wedding. Tell your parents on my behalf to make a reservation from now, so that there is no difficulty at that time. You already know that this is the first marriage in our house. A lot of work will be done on the occasion of marriage. I hope you will come a day or two in advance and help me with the work. Everything else is bliss. Awaiting reply to the letter.

your friend
k b c

Greeting card , Your elder brother wants to become a doctor. They are busy preparing for ‘Medical Entrance Exam’, they are wishing that they pass the exam, a letter to them.

examination hall

Date : 15th April, 20xx

dear big brother

Hope you are healthy and fully engaged in your preparation for medical entrance exam these days.

Big brother, you yourself are wise, what should I write to you? But still you know that the hopes of mother and father are attached to you. These days you will be alone in your hostel and engaged in studies. Father was saying that you should take admission in some good coaching center. They prepare well for entrance exams.

I believe that God will surely give you success and you will get admission in a good ‘medical college’. Hope you will accept your younger brother’s wishes and return home after taking admission for a few days.

with best wishes.

your little brother
k b c

letter of thanks , Mohsin has sent your lost bag through his elder brother. A letter showing gratitude in this regard.

examination hall
New Delhi
Date : 15th January, 20xx

dear mohsin

love hello!

Although I haven’t met you yet, looking at your honesty, I can imagine what kind of child you will be. Where in today’s world does anyone take so much trouble for someone? I was very upset about the fact that my bag was left in the bus. My mother scolded me a lot. I was deeply saddened by my own carelessness. It’s good that you got the bag. You took out my diary from it, traced my address and sent it to my house at the hands of your elder brother. In what words should I thank you. Now my heart is restless to meet you. My phone number is xxxxxxxxxx. As soon as you get the letter, you tell me on the phone, where and when I can come to meet you.

In the end, I express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your elder brother and assure you that if I ever come across a similar situation, I will leave no stone unturned to help others.

Many thanks again.

your new friend
k b c

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What is a formal letter and an informal letter?

A letter is called a formal letter, which is written in a professional language, with a prescribed format for a formal purpose, whereas an informal letter is a letter written to a person whose Together we have an informal relationship.

What is another name for informal letter?

Informal is also called family letter because through them we express our condolences, gratitude, gratitude etc.

What is an informal letter?

Informal letters are written to persons with whom the letter writer has a personal or personal relationship. Letters written to your friends, parents, other relatives etc. come under informal-letters. There is a sense of intimacy in informal letters and personal things are also mentioned.

What are the types of informal letter?

The types of informal letters are: Congratulation letter, Greeting letter, Request letter, Condolence/sympathy/Condolence letter, Displeasure/Sorry, Information/Description letter, Invitation letter, Gratitude letter, Permission letter, Suggestion/advice letter Letter of apology and assurance.

What is written first in an informal letter?

While writing an informal letter in Hindi, first of all, your own full address is written in the top.

Hope you have got important information about informal letter in Hindi. If you want to study abroad, then today our Leverage Edu from the experts of 1800 572 000 Call on to book a free 30-minute session.

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