How to Write the First Blog Post That Ranks on Google

Blog Post Kaise Likhe In Hindi : every one today blogger thinks so and like google search engine But explores how to write the first blog post on your website. That’s why we are going to tell you in this article that How to write article for blog and what to write in blog.

An SEO Friendly Blog Post You have to be very careful in writing Hindi Blog The post ranks easily in Google. that’s why how to write a blog It is very important for you to know this.

For your information, let me tell you that Blog Writing is an art that you can learn blog writing easily but not at once.

One Content Writing SEO Tips This is what every new blogger does these days that they start writing articles on their blog without SEO tools and keyword research, but you do not have to do this.

How To Write The First Blog Post That Ranks On Google - Complete Information In Hindi

That’s why we have told in the last blog post that How to do blogging from the beginning and for blogging Which CMS to choose between Blogger and WordPress, We recommend you to create your blog on WordPress because WordPress is best for blogging.

if you blog writing But if you do not have a blog, then we have told in the previous article that “how to make blog and earn money, So let us tell you Blog Kaise Likhte Hai?

how to write a blog Before we know this we will tell you What is Blog?

What is Blog – What is Blog in Hindi

blog There is a website that is like a digital book for people and the blogger who writes on the blog is called Blogger, who shares his experience, his thoughts and information with people through online blog with text, image, video etc. share as.

For your information, let us tell you that the blog was called weblog in the early days. If you want to create a blog, then you can create a blog for free.

What is Blog Post – What is Blog Post

blog After creating the content written on it i.e. Article Blog Post is called. Who writes a blogger.

For example the article you are reading is a Blog Post is and it The blog is written on and it is a Hindi blog.

How to do Blog Post – Blog Post Kaise Kare

To do a blog post, you first have to create a blog, after that you can design this blog properly and easily post a blog on it.

To create a blog, you can easily create a blog on Blogger. It does not cost money to make a blog on blogger, If you want to make your blog on WordPress How to make a blog on wordpress,

if you To make a successful blogger so you create your blog on wordpress,

What to do before writing a blog – Blog Likhne Se Pahle Kya kare

What to do before writing a blog this we you Step By Step We tell and follow these things before writing a blog.

Choose the right topic

Before writing a blog, you should decide on which Niche or Topic you want to write. If you have knowledge of that topic, then you can easily write on the same topic.

Do not choose the topic of your article by looking at others. If you do not have enough knowledge in that subject, then you can start writing by choosing some other topic for yourself.

You can take the help of Google to select the topic.

Do Keyword Research

to write any blog Keyword Research It is very important to do because without keywords you can do your own thing. Blog post You can rank on Google anytime.

To do keyword research, first of all you have to decide on which topic you want to write your article. After this you can find the keyword for the topic.

You can use free tools for keyword research like – Keyword PlannerGoogle Adwords etc.

We you Semrush tool recommend the use of. Semrush shows you the right way to easily find the right topic and Bit the competitor.

Create Image for Blog Post

Now before writing the topic on which you want to write, make a good image. You can use the image for thumbnail and inside the blog. You can make blog posts more attractive by using photos inside the blog.

After creating the image, make sure to optimize it. To optimize image in wordpress we will give you ShortPixel Plugin We recommend what we use on this blog.

If you have not created your own blog then you can create your own for free. make a blogTo make a blog, definitely read this –

How to write first post on Blogspot blog? – Blogspot Blog Par Post Kaise Likhe

How to write your first post on blogger I am going to tell you about this step by step with details in this article, so in this article “how to write a blogYou must read it completely. that you Can Write an SEO Friendly Blog Post,

  • first you Go on, after that open the blog you have created
  • On the dashboard of Blogger, you will see the option of New Post, you have to click on it.
write first blog post in hindi
  • As soon as you click on Create New Post, you will get write blog posts A new page will be opened for this.
Write the headline in the title on which you are writing the blog post.
  • Now you have to write the headline of your post in the title – as mentioned in the image.
  • Here Headline is H1 which shows the subject of your blog post, in which subject your blog is written.
  • After this you have to start writing paragraph, you have to tell about your article in 2 to 3 paragraphs, in which topic it will be written and what will be the benefit to the user by reading it etc.
Use H2 in blog post
  • If your paragraph is complete, then you should write Headline which should be H2.
blog post me Internal linking jarur kare
  • While writing a blog, it is important to keep in mind that internal linking must be done in the blog post.
Blog post me Label ya category add karen
  • After writing a blog, you must add its category i.e. Label. With which you can use to write on different topics.
Blog post ke permalink ko shi karen ya customize karen
  • Before publishing the blog post, customize the permalink properly so that there will be no problem if the url is indexed in google.
  • You must use Image in blog post, after that finally publish your blog.

What to write in blog? – Blog Me Kya Likhe

Note – If you want to write a great blog post which will rank on other search engine like Google then watch this video completely. Very useful video of Amit ji.

Content Writing Tips For Blogger – How To Write Blog

what to write in blog You have to know this yourself. Because according to what you write your blog and how much knowledge you have about blogging, it depends on you.

If you are associated with blogging for the first time in the beginning, then you need to do a lot of research.

Before you start blogging Niche ie Topic Select the one on which you want to write the blog.

You can do Blogging, Seo, Internet, cooking, News, Notes, Earn Money Online etc.

You can easily write on many subjects if you have knowledge of it.

There is a lot to write in a blog, you just have to find out on which topic you like to write and well. can blog so that your Blog to rank in Google,

How long to write a post? – Blog Post kitni Lambi Likhe

Blog post should always be written at least 1000 words so that you can easily use important keywords related to the blog in it.

Make sure to use the required Heading and SubHeading in the post

By writing long blog posts, you can easily answer more and more questions in your blog.

Which can prove to be a great increase factor in Google ranking.

so whenever youwriting a blog So write your blog step by step with complete honesty with details.

How to write a blog? – Blog kaise likhte hai

You must have a blog to write a blog

which you blogger and wordpress Can be made easily with the help of

This is essential for writing a blog.

  • While writing a blog, first you must do keyword research.
  • Create attractive thumbnail for blog writing
  • Choosing the Right Title for the Blog
  • Writing short and catchy paragraphs
  • H2, H3, H4 should be used correctly in Blog Post
  • Do at least 3 internal linking on the related topic in the blog
  • Make Parmalink Correct and Seo Friendly as soon as you write the blog
  • Adding a Category or Label
  • Finally publishing the blog

how to write a blog You already know this, now we tell you that

What are the precautions to be taken while writing Blog

What to keep in mind while writing a blog

  • While writing the blog, you should use simple Hindi and spoken language.
  • When writing a blog post, keep in mind that it should not be Copy-Paste nor do you ever have to copy.
  • Write the blog article with complete details in which the user can get answers to all his questions.
  • Instead of explaining to the search engine, better tell the complete information to the users, write the same in every blog post.
  • Publish at least 2 high quality articles in your blog a week.
  • Update the old articles of the blog and add new information to them.
  • Be sure to do Internal Linking to the article related to Blog Post.
  • Make sure to use Alt Tag on the image of the blog article.
  • Keep writing on the blog, never leave it.
  • Blog Post must be written Seo Friendly and Search Engine Friendly.

How to Write a Good Blog Post – Blog Kaise Likhe

How to write a good blog post in Hindi This question must be in your mind

That’s why we are going to answer all your questions in this Hindi blogspot.

Learn how to write a blog ,

  • To write a good blog, first write attractive H1 Heading
  • So that users like your article from Google search itself.
  • Write the intro of the blog post correctly and funny.
  • Share correct information in short paragraphs.
  • Write Blog Article Step by Step and Heading Wise
  • So that the readers of the blog can understand easily.
  • Make sure to use Photo and Video in Blog Post.

What to do after writing a blog

after blogging You have to follow the following things.

  • After writing a blog, share on social media like -whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram etc.
  • for blog articles High Quality Backlinks Create.
  • On the other blog post you have written, do Internal Linking to that blog which you have written.
  • Manually index posts in Google Search Console.
  • Update Blogspot Post from time to time.

How to write a second post on a blog?

Writing a second blog post is very easy, just like the first post, use attractive title, meta description and keywords in the article properly.

The second blog article should be written related to the first post so that it is related to the previous post.

Articles can be interlinked. All the next posts should be written with similar details.

Learned in article – How to write blog post in Hindi

If you are doing the first blog post, then we have told you with the help of this writing that How to Write a Blog That Ranks Easily on Google,

If you give the right time to the blog then blog traffic It will increase immediately.

If you like our article Blog Kaise Likhte It is understood that the complete information in Hindi is understood and liked.

So please share it with your friends and Hindi blog Keep reading.

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