Huge increase in the number of full-time visa students at Atlantic Canadian universities

A new survey by the Association of Atlantic Universities (AAU) showed that universities across Atlantic Canada saw an increase in the number of full-time visa students during the 2022/23 academic year.

Preliminary findings for 2022/23 showed that the total enrollment of full-time visa students increased by 15.5 percent, or about 3,000, during the new academic year.

According to a report, there has been an increase of 3 percent in the enrollment of undergraduates and graduates. Furthermore, a survey found that there has been an annual increase of 5.7 percent in full-time graduate students.

President and Vice Chancellor of St. Thomas University, Prof. Don Russell said the steady increase in enrollment is a result of Atlantic University’s commitment to programs, policies, and corporations, which make students an important part of each university’s association as members.

Don Russell also states that “The message that Atlantic Canadian campuses are safe and secure is spreading internationally, nationally and regionally, and the increasing internationalization of our campuses and communities underpins the strong link between our universities and successful regional and provincial population growth strategies.” It shows.”

A data showed that

In addition, in this academic year 2022/2023, ten institutions in Nova Scotia experienced a 14.5 percent increase in the international student population.

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